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  • Homecare Onsite
  • Activities Offsite
  • Availability of Professional Service Staff 24-hours per day
  • Meal Preparation
  • Medication Reminders
  • Respite care available
  • Safety Supervision
  • Home Health Aides

Customer Reviews

Highly Recommend Company

I would like to personally thank all the staff members that work for Peniston Personal Care Home. The employees were available to care for my mother during her time of needed. The upper management demonstrated great professional communicate and management skills of the business. The employees are all very professional and have caring attitudes and it really shows through their work. Keep Up The Great Work!!!!!!

Very Considerate & Understanding!

The atmosphere at Peniston Personal Care Home is awesome! The staff is very considerate and understanding to the client and family needs, especially in the form of communication. They were always clear, concise, and explained thoroughly what will occur in the home. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family!

Love Peniston Personal Care Home

The staff at Peniston Personal Care Home is great. When you receive care from this company you will receive the very best. I would highly recommend this company for taking care of anybody's love one's. The staff is very compassionate with their clients and family and you can since that all staff members really love their career. Thank You Peniston Personal Care Home!!!!

Than You Peniston Personal Care Home

I would like to personally thank Peniston Personal Care Home and their staff for taking care of my mother during her time of need. I would recommend their services to anybody who needs a personal care sitter. Their staff does an amazing job with communicating with their clients and most of all they love and treat their clients and family members with great respect. Thank You All

Not Recommend

My friend who I currently have power of attorney for, lived there for a few months. He was hungry all of the time. He was scolded once for sending me a picture of the sad lunch they had given him. He struggled to get them to set medical appointments up for him. He once had to go to the ER and they locked him out of the home and would not let him back when the ambulance returned him in the middle of the night, although the hospital staff had called to let them know he was enroute. They also had him pay for food, laundry detergent and other supplies that were used for the entire household, they used his credit card to pay for gas, one staffer asked him to pay for her $120 hair appointment. He felt he had no choice but to agree to it. I found their practices to be shady in that regard. I'm much happier he is in a place where they do not take advantage of his kindness and generosity.

Warm & Safe Environment

Peniston Personal Care Home does an amazing job creating a warm and safe environment for their residents. You can tell they care and want to answer your questions fully to put your mind at ease. The home is clean and they take compliance seriously, which is important when leaving a loved one. Thank you Peniston Personal Care Home team!

Wonderful Help

I am currently receiving fantastic services from Peniston Personal Care Home. This company has help me and my family to take care of my mother who's currently living at home. The companionship and personal care services are great. I highly recommend. Keep up the great work Peniston!!!

Very Reliable Services

Very Caring, Lovable Staff, Professional Work Ethics and Hard Working. This is the way that I would summarize Peniston Personal Care Home. I love this organization because it has been very helpful for me and taking care of my love one. I highly recommend Peniston Personal Care Home for Private Home Care services and for anyone who needs placement within a Personal Care Home.

Highly Recommend The Business

I love the Private Home Care services that I'm currently receiving from Peniston Personal Care Home. All services are great and the staff are very professional and caring. I highly recommend this company.

Great Personal Care Home

Peniston Personal Care Home is a great personal care home. I have been receiving services from them for about 2 years and I'm very happy with the services and with the home and staff. I would recommend this home.

Love Peniston Personal Care Home Services

Private Home Care is very needed for me and my family. I would like to take the opportunity to thank Peniston Personal Care Home for providing me and my family with such a relief. This company is very organized, professional, caring and loving and very willing to do their very best when it comes to their services and also satisfying their customers.

Very Satisfied With Services At Peniston PCH

I recently placed my mother at Peniston Personal Care Home. I wanted to state that the home is very clean and the staff members are very compassionate about their role as a caregiver. I would highly recommend the services to other families.

Very Helpful

The services that Peniston Personal Care Home affords is a great line of service. I have recently received companionship and personal care services for myself and husband and the staff was very great and had patience with us both. I want to personally thank Peniston Personal Care Home for helping me and my husband.

Great Private Home Care Services

I would like to thank Peniston Personal Care Home for stepping in and helping my family with the care of my mom. The Private Home Care services are wonderful and the staff is great. I would highly recommend Peniston Personal Care Home to others

Lovely Home

This is a very lovely home and the staff is great and really do care for the residents

From the Community

WELCOME TO PENISTON PCH SERVICES: Choosing a Personal Care Home or Private Home Care services for yourself or a loved one is an important task. We are a multifaceted organization located in Fairburn, Georgia providing services and support to those individuals that need assistance to remain in the community as long as possible, as an alternative to institutionalized care. We are a Medicaid, Source and CCSP subcontractor, additionally we accept uninsured, veterans, and long term care insurance.

OUR MISSION: Is to strive for excellence, while promoting the “best practices” in the provision of health care for our residents along with assisting residents with quality of care while promoting independent living.