Park Villa - Palos Heights, IL

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Customer Reviews

Horrible place

Park Villa is not a 5 star facility. There is not enough staff for the patients there, my client sat in soiled diapers for 2 hours until they had time to change him. He was not sent home with the new medications he was prescribed, nursing staff said pharmacy will fill it in 15 mins, not 10 new prescriptions. He went a day and a half without meds because of them. Please don't let your friends or relatives stay there, it's a horrible place

Good health care

My experience was very pleasant From the time a got there until I left 10 days later when I left the first time . Whatever I need they met my needs... if I was not happy they tried to satisfy me... anytime I call for service they were there within minutes.. they always make you feel you are their priority... will and did recommend them to anyone who their services..... went back a second time the same treatment....The staff is off the chain. So caring. Ivory Haygood. Two time user

Do not go here

I would literally never take anyone to your Palos Heights location again. My family member was discharged yesterday after being at the facility for several months. The incompetence we experienced during this whole experience is disgusting. From nurses openly discussing patient care in derogatory ways in front of us, to it taking 1+ hours to answer a call light while staff stood around and chatted with one another. Her discharge was another awful experience. My grandmother is and has been on oxygen around the clock for 4+ years now. She was discharged yesterday with no oxygen. She was transported via medical car with no oxygen. By the time she arrived she was short of breath. Absolutely ridiculous. A wheelchair was supposed to be ordered for her, she arrived in a Park Villa owned wheelchair. Thankfully the transporter didn't feel comfortable leaving my mostly immobile grandmother without a wheelchair so she told her to keep it until she gets her own. Lastly, she arrived without any medication. Was not fed lunch before discharge. And was not given the vital test she needs to continue her nightly bipap machine therapy. Now we are scrambling to remedy all of these mistakes. I would highly recommend avoiding taking your loved one here.

I strongly agree that Park Villa is not what I would rate a "FIVE" star rehabilitation facility. My mother was there, in January 2015, after suffering a major stroke. Her care, medical needs, as well as therapy were sub-standard. We placed my mother at Park Villa for rehabilitation and NOT a vacation. Many days we would find mom in bed at 11am or 12pm even though her therapy schedule said she had therapy right after breakfast.

My mom had medical appointments scheduled outside the facility, which mom needed to be dressed and ready for. However, even though communication was made not only with the Director of Nursing and staff nurses, mom was found asleep in her night clothes and unprepared. This is truly unacceptable. Despite having what appeared to be adequate staff mom's call light often went unanswered.

Park Villa claims to offer a "Holistic" approach in caring for their clients, which is characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the physical symptoms of their illness. However, how can this be true when call lights go unanswered, clients remain in bed, and emotionally they feel defeated do to the lack of therapy.

Don't Do It!

Do not go here! There is a sign in the front of the building that says it is a five star facility...... I have no idea how that is possible!! Most of the staff does not care at all! My grandma would always complain that they would ignore her all night (even though there were people on the clock "working"). I am not even going to go into the mix up they were at fault for. I will put it this way, we should have sued them. Anyways, I would never go back or send a loved one here.

Nice Facility

My mom had a private room and it was very nice, it really was. The issue we had was that my mom is confined to a wheelchair and I didn't think they had enough people there to help the residents. I would go in and my mom had pushed her call button and you could see girls standing in the hallway talking and they're not responding because they know it's not an emergency. It's just having to go to the bathroom. That's the thing I find the most frustrating.

It's a nice facility, don't get me wrong. If you're there for rehab most of the rooms are private. My mom never complained about the food. I though she was well treated but when you're confined to a wheelchair and need help with every little thing it's just difficult.