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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Aging in Place
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Podiatrist Available
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy Available
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Activities Offsite
  • Outdoor Common Areas
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • Hospice Available
  • Respite Available
  • Resident Parking Available
  • Nurse on Call
  • Dentist Available

Customer Reviews

Our elder...

If your elder needs hands on care, feeding, dressing, changing, moving, etc. this is not the place for you. Care staff very slow to respond to calls, and then they only marginally know what they are doing.

Our elder had to be removed in less than three days.

But it looks good on the outside.

It would be unfair to say customer service is bad because oswego place has very good managers that provide more then excellent customer service, But [name removed] the new manager has no Patience, looks mad all the time and hardly ever greets guest or family and to say the least her cell phone is her primary focus. caregivers are sweet and work very hard and the nurse and health director are very attentive and Hands on. Overall oswego is friendly, clean and a great option for your loved one care wise. but the face of the building “the receptionist” needs a complete attitude check.

Take a deeper look!

This facility looks great on first observation, but don't be fooled. The staff has little or no experience caring for our beloved seniors, they are paid at minimum wage and are given little training. The nursing and medical aide assistance is lacking in training and experience as well. The family must be onsite, on a daily basis, to adequately monitor the quality of care that is being administered.

Keep looking for a better equipped and more qualified assisted living center. Oswego Place would probably be fine for retirement level senior living.

Grandt Mansfield

Local Representative

Reviews are appreciated however we are very confused by yours. None of our Staff are paid minimum wage and are all given ample training to perform their duties to best serve our residents. The nursing and medical aide staff at Oswego Place are in fact so trained and experienced that other communities sent their Nursing and Medical Aide staff to them for training. The residents at Oswego place by Bonaventure are very well cared for and are our communities top priority.

Confusion between caregiver and staff

Since my Mother-In-Law has moved in, there seems to be some confusion between a personal caregiver, and the facility’s staff members. She is paying for the highest care level they offer but, she isn’t receiving all of the services she needs. I’m not sure if that’s because of the caregiver, or because my Mother-In-Law doesn’t allow the staff members to do those things. Also, whenever I am visiting her, the staff members seem to be pleasant. However, her caregiver doesn’t get along with any of them. Until things get sorted out, I cannot recommend them.

Bonaventure Senior Living

Local Representative

Thank you for sharing your feedback. Our goal is to always provide the absolute best service for each of our residents. Your input is very helpful. Our desire is to fulfill each resident’s expectations by developing a clear and concise service plan based on the requested needs of each new resident, along with the approval of their family members prior to moving in. It is always our pleasure to adjust those needs as requested. Please feel free to reach me any time to update service plans: Gashby (at) livebsl.com.

Satisfied With The Care Being Given

My friend is making very slow progress being here but slow is better than none. She is getting good care here and she is happy. She is doing a little socializing with the other residents but she has lots of company that comes to visit with her. She seems to like the food. They have different activities and events going on such as a therapy dog comes and visits the residents and they have live music on Fridays. The community has an outside courtyard with a sitting area that we can bring my cat and my friend can watch it play while being secured.

Bonaventure Senior Living

Local Representative

Thank you! We really appreciate it when somebody takes the time to share what they enjoyed most about one of our beautiful communities. We are so happy your friend is making progress, socializing, enjoying the delicious food and the fun activities!

Nice place, reasonable price for spacious unit with large bathroom and roll in shower. Refrigerator, microwave, utilities and cable TV included

Bonaventure Senior Living

Local Representative

Thank you for the feedback. We are so glad you appreciate our spacious rooms with all the amenities of home!

Unable To See The Stimulation

This is a small community with about 30 residents. It was like a country club for the assisted living. I didn't like it because my mom would want more stimulation and interaction.

Going well so far

My parents moved here recently and they are adjusting well. The staff is very friendly and able to answer all of our questions. They seem to really care about the residents. The one thing they could improve is the food and dining experience. They don't have enough servers, the food does not taste very good and the temperature is off. We chose Oswego Place because of the location and when we toured it was nice and clean and everyone was very friendly.

happy customer

The Staff that work for Oswego Place in all locations are some of the hardest working and caring individuals I have encountered. One would be so lucky to live in a community with staff like these guys and gals.
The food at Oswego Place is flavorful and cooked to order. When I inquired about moving my loved one here, the staff communicated with my Dr. about my specific dietary needs. I know that we are little more difficult and they have been great at educating my loved one at the monthly food forum or even on a one on one basis with the head chef.
Activities I cannot say enough great things about how much these ladies run and move throughout the day. They are constantly thinking of new ways to help us have a good time! Including going to different outings and musical entertainment. In fact they even went above and beyond for a beautiful Veteran's wall on Flag Day to honor the entire veteran's living in the community.
This place is like a resort or a cruise ship on land! I know that my loved one will no longer be stuck in her home depressed and without friends. She will be active and happy and surrounded by kindred spirits. All places will have problems and unhappy customers but I can tell you if you come here you will also be happy and you will make new friends to last you a lifetime.

Good place to have your love to live

What a change for the better. I moved my Parents into Oswego Place in January 2017. My parents loved their apartment and we were not sure how they would adjust to another move. I feel like the management in there now really handles issues timely and follows up like they say.
The Staff that work for Oswego Place are caring individuals, I have encountered. One would be so lucky to live in a community with staff like them.

Don't put someone you love here

My sister and I were excited to have a lovely location for our 94 year old, recently widowed mom to live; however, as soon as we moved her into Oswego Place, our excitement changed to disappointment, irritation and disbelief. If Bonaventure's service is indicative of "retirement perfected" as it says on their website, then they have no idea how to meet the needs of their clientele. It took us about 2 months to get a nameplate for Mom's apartment and that was after we asked numerous times for it. Although our mom was supposed to get showers twice a week, it took them several weeks of hit & miss to get them scheduled. Caregivers are supposed to check in on the residents frequently - that doesn't happen consistently. Activities are minimal and it's not unusual for them to cancel an activity. Although activity calendars are supposed to be given out each month, they are late or non-existent. The facility was on lockdown for at least 5 days to deal with Norovirus in July. We were given minimal info & the residents had to stay in their rooms all day, even to eat.
Turnover among management is high and trying to deal with the corporate office is impossible. They have never responded to my concerns even though I have contacted them. I'm so sorry for anyone who lives here, especially if they don't have someone advocating for them on a daily basis.

Bad Idea!

My mother has been there for a month or so. In that time, they have misplaced and not updated changes in her care plan three times. Had we not been there last night, we would not have realized she wasn't getting her evening tray. My mother has failed to thrive and progressively gotten worse since her admittance there. The sales manager was so nice before we moved her in. Now does not even acknowledge our presence. When asking my mother if she'd had dinner, the same woman hissed at me as she was walking by, that she had eaten. No hello. No acknowledgment. No anything. We feel we have made the worst decision placing her there. She is now in hospice and thus, will be receiving better care.
My mother is not a numbers game, or a sales notch. She is our precious family member. We would move her, but we do not want to stress her anymore.

I absolutely hate it and I can't believe I moved my loved one in there. They don't help her with her showers. They have lost multiple items. I feel there has been neglect, she has not been properly cared for.

Satisfactory Experience

The whole experience with the Oswego Place Assisted Living Community has just been satisfactory. My loved one has not been in there long, but so far I really do not have any complaints to make about the place.

really very nice.

Oswego Place Assisted Living Community is really very nice. All of the staff are excellent. The activities director is trying but she is a little too quiet and needs to have more fun. The last place dad was in was the same price and wasn't near as nice. It is pricey no matter what though. It's a little ridiculous. The staff are trying very hard and my dad is not an easy person to deal with. This facility have a lot of activities but dad complains about being bored. He just wants to talk to people but not participate. My one complaint about this facility is that it takes a long time for the dining staff to get your order and it takes a long time for the food to come. I am not sure if they don't have enough staff or what. The food I've had there is good it just takes too long. I think they could really hit a home run at this facility if they worked out a few kinks.

Welcoming Community

It is a very welcoming type community over at Oswego Place Assisted Living. The facility has beautiful grounds that are very well cared for. And it has just been a very pleasant place for my mother to live.

Improvement on the Food

I think they could improve the food. I know it is kind of hard to do when you have 70 or 80 other people, but it's not very exciting; probably bland and not enough variety. It seems to be the same kind of stuff all the time. Otherwise everything seems pretty standard.

We moved our Mother into Oswego Place about three years ago, and she is so happy! She often says, "My cup runith over..." The place is beautiful and my Mother enjoys all of the activities and all of her friends.
Mom is on the welcoming committee and she loves to meet people who are touring the place for the first time. She will be the first person to tell people that this is a great place.
The staff seemed to turn over a lot there for awhile, and Mom missed some of the employees who had become her friends, but they are definitely back on track again. Go see this place!


The staff that was there was warm and understanding,now with new members,we have been having some neglectful issues with my mother.They had a problem with"shower time",somehow she wasn't on the list a couple of times,which in turn,made a very bad impression.The current staff is not to my standards .They replaced the better ones,with staff that has no respect for the well being of my mother.Over all, when we first moved her in to the facility it was great! Now we want out!

Nice place overall

Things are going pretty well so far, we don't really have any complaints. Everything is pretty clean, and the staff is friendly. It's working out so far, we are happy with it. The facility itself is nice looking and clean.

Nice place, overall

Overall I think they do a good job at Oswego Place. The facility itself is nice looking and clean, the rooms are attractive and comfortable, and the price is comparable to other options in the area. I think that the care staff here is wonderful, they're all very friendly and professional. I do wish that they had the nurse booked for more hours during the week, she does a fantastic job. They went through a bit of a rough patch when there was a big turnover in their administrative staff, but things seem to be settling down. I do think the administrative changes could have been communicated better to the residents and their families, however.

Nice building. Uncomfortable with promises.

Wow. I was promised the moon by the marketer If I signed the contract that day. I could not believe my ears!! The verbal promises were not in the contract and could not be made in writing.
Oswego Place is a beautiful building, nice dining rooms, the residents seemed happy, there was a full activities calendar. Looked good.
It was the sales tactics used that sent me running out the door.

Nice place overall

So far things seem to be going well at Oswego Place. It has been a tough adjustment for her, but she says everyone at the community has been very friendly so far. The staff are all very caring and professional, and they were a big help during the move-in process. They've also been very accommodating making adjustments to our loved one's care to make sure we find what works best for her. If there's one thing they could improve on I'd say that the food could have more effort put into it.

Be careful with this facility.

I moved my brother here in March. Everything was going good until a new manager came to the facility June 1st.
He was taken to the hospital emergency room in May which they thought was a stroke, but was a UTI. He was in the hospital/rehab for 20 days.
After returning to Oswego Place the new manager decided that his care cost needed to be raised. She called me to say he would need a bed bath and that would be a little more.
When I received the July bill, the cost had gone up $2133 per month. This amount was never discussed with me.
This should not be allowed without prior notice. The contract I have says that 30 days notice will be given for increases. We have given 30 days notice that he will be moving.

Nice place until you move in.

Two years of improper billing, poor food, sporadic care. This place is a revolving door of employees and you can't form a working relationship with any staff member before they disappear. My parent has been here 2 1/2 years. When we moved them in I had a bad feeling. I'm really sorry I didn't act on my instincts. It has drained us emotionally and physically trying to stay on top of the problems with this facility. If all care centers are like this one I'm afraid for all of us...especially the folks who have no one to advocate for them. (Hide)

Nice Experience

When we arrived, the room was not cleaned. It was ready, but it just wasn't clean. Overall though, the facility was kept very clean. As for activities, I'm not sure, but I know that they did have them. The food, I would rate as a 4. I would recommend that they serve larger portions of the fruit. Other than that, the experience was very nice, and they were responsive to our needs.

Smaller facility, rob...

Smaller facility, robust activity calendar, menu looked excellent with multiple options, nice furnishings. No memory care unit, high pressure sales techniques.

Bonaventure Senior Living

Local Representative

Thank you so much for taking the time to review our community. We truly appreciate your feedback and will utilize it to better serve our customers. I would like to apologize to you if we came off as high pressure sales, we never want to pressure anyone into a decision. When you make the decision to move to assisted living we understand how hard that transition can be and we want to make sure each resident truly finds what they are looking for in a community. If you would like to stop by the community or give us a call I would be more than happy to talk to you and learn more about what it is that you are looking for and why you felt our team pressured you. Thanks again for coming in and writing a review for us. We look forward to assisting you with anything we can in the future!

Michael Ball
Executive Director

Great Overall

My mom was just there for respite for one week. The care was good and the activities were okay. I think they have some activities but it's a pretty sedate facility. I don't know how many people participate but it seemed like there are about 45 people there, there might be 4 that participate in any given activity so it's not a very lively group and by 6 o'clock everything shuts down. There is really nothing going on after dinner. That was too bad because my mom is kind of a night owl and really enjoys socializing after dinner. Besides that she really enjoyed it. It's a nice facility, fairly small. Overall I though it was great.

Mom is getting stronger and more involved

We really like it. They seem to be taking really good care of my mom and she seems to be doing really good. I'm not sure about the value. I know what the base price is but then there is stuff added on for the amount of care they have to do so I'm not sure what we'll end up paying.

My mom is starting to do some of the activities. Physically, she seems to be getting stronger with the care that they're giving here. It looks really promising.

Nice but I feel it is more of an assi...

Nice but I feel it is more of an assisted living then an independent facility.

From the Community

Lake Oswego Assisted Living Community is located Lake Oswego, OR near shopping and public transportation. Our community includes a two story building in a quiet setting, with outdoor decks and patios, complimentary laundry facilities and a large spacious dining room. Call for information about Oswego Place and reserve your apartment today! Nurses are always on call, and all units are emergency accessible. Speech, occupational, and physical therapies as well as podiatrist services are also provided. Socialization is encouraged with planned events, and the landscaped lawn is ideal for walks.

Oswego Place Assisted Living Community will open April 2006!