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Customer Reviews

Not the worst but definitely not the best

Pros are the location, the activities director, the community relations director, some of the staff who really care despite being overworked, and the fact that you aren't charged more for level of care services. Cons are everything else.

This facility is fine if you or your loved one just needs a place to stay where someone can make sure you/they don't wander off and that there are regular meals. If things are needed beyond that like bathing, nursing care, therapy, nutritionally-balanced meals, prevention of falls, or anything beyond a hot meal plus some socialization and a monitored "escape" route then this is not the place for them. And you still should visit often and have a camera installed if you cannot. Only take feedback from people who have actually lived there not just done a tour. Anything they sell you that states otherwise is just marketing. A facility is only as good as it's staff and the overall administration seems kind and likely means well but the daily duties fall by the wayside with disgruntled and disorganized care staff who are underpaid and overworked (according to them).

Elmcroft of Braeswood is a great place at a great value!

The staff at Elmcroft was extremely nice and caring starting with [name removed] at the top. The facility is nice and compared to other Assisted Living facilities in the area the fees were great.

Nightmare on Braeswood

Worst place I ever placed my mom. Do not think I will ever go by your recommendation again. Staff was rude and disrespectful. Care was totally disorganized. Many times ran out of gloves, supplies, etc. Right hand never know what left hand was doing. Poor communication. Staff disregarded rights of client and they dropped her and cut her leg and she wound up in the emergency room...twice at which time I moved out!! Total waste of time and money. Wasn’t a pleasant stay but nightmare.

Stay Away!!

Awlful!!! Stay away I was promised working call system my mom was with out a working system for three days emailed DON never answered ED is a liar big talker promises never kept ignores residents food cold wait is usually 30 mins STAY AWAY ED smokes with DON at least 6 times a day outside building more than inside

Don’t believe their lies.

My mother’s stay their was awful. Out of the 2 1/2 months she was there she spent almost a month of that time in hospitals and skilled nursing facilities for injuries incurred at the hands of her care givers. All documented. I was paying extra for 2 person assist and many of the caregivers ignored that and tried to transfer her alone and wound up dropping her. A lot of the staff were uncaring and rude. Many of the staff complained of the place being under staffed and not a good place to work. Response to call buttons sometimes took over an hour. Many times my mom sat in soiled diapers for over an hour waiting to be changed. It was a nightmare.

It sucks getting old!

Short staff in all areas from Administrator on down. No guarantee they will show up in timely manner once call button is pushed, 5 minutes to over an hour, very dangerous. Meals never on time, cold and since Chef fired not really good, lots of hamburgers and hotdogs. The Aids and Med Techs have to serve food, you don’t know where they have been, cleaning up after Residents in any and all manners and then serving food, kind of gross. No hydration cart twice a day like they touted.
NO SECURITY AT ALL, parking lot lights out!!
Can’t get maintenance to come when needed, waited over 2 months for light bulbs in bathroom, family could have bought but paying for all of this. I could go on and on, After 7 months I believe I have given them more than enough time to get their stuff together.
Feel foolish for believing they would do all they said and feel taken advantage of.

Stay away

Really lousy experience for my mother in law. She pays nearly $60k a year and gets lousy help. The call button for restroom help is ignored frequently. It’s really humiliating to soil yourself because the staff ignores a call button for thirty minutes to an hour. Bad staff and worse management

When we arrived, we found that the person we thought we had a tour scheduled with was no longer there. However, [name removed] made time for us and did a good job in telling us all about the facility and services. Our only issue was the size of the 1 bedroom, a little too small for my mom. We plan to go with another facility.

Glad to live here

I am glad that I choose to live here. I toured other facilities and this one is the one that was a best fit for me. The food, the entertainment, the facility its self, and etc. Just all is great. Can't complain on my decision any bit.

Partners in care

I work at one of the nearby hospitals, I we treat residents from this community, and we always here such great things from the residents about their home. Way to go Braeswood.

Direct Care

The physicians I represent have worked with this community for years, and in the last year this community has done a complete 180 with care. They have twice the nurse support of most assisted living, they have more certified staff than assisted living, and they provide more direct care staffing hours than any other community I work with. If you are looking for more direct care time, you should look at this community.


Finally, when I first saw Braeswood, I knew it was the right fit. I loved the activities when I arrived, the staff was warm and lovely. We have worked with them about 4 months getting to a place my Aunt was AL appropriate, the day has finally arrived for her move it. And we are both soooooo excited. Persistent has provided a big reward.

Home Away from Home

I live at Braeswood, I still drive, along with several other residents, and I love having my meals, my laundry, housekeeping, and assistance when I need it. I have the freedom to come and go, and am wrapped with service when I need them. My home here in the community is spacious, I have no complaints.

Happy husband and wife.

Husband enjoys the outings, especially the only men outings. Does he ever stop talking about them. I am happy with my decision of choosing this property to have my husband living in it. I know that he is in great hands as he is always just excited to tell me all the new things going on.

I work with a pharmaceutical company and provide medications as well as audits to this community and can truly attest that they are one of the more cautious and conscientious communities when it comes to medication management.

Mom has adapted well to being here

My mother lives at Elmcroft at Braeswood, and I can tell you from being here frequently, my mother is very happy and never complains about her services. She is very active, but still receives the care that she needs and in a very efficient and timely manner.

They listen

My grandmother lives here, and we were struggling financially after months of being there and I visited with the executive director, who shared with me many resources to help supplement financially and also to assist with her care needs.

Love it all!!!!

Community is marvelous. As soon as you enter the community you feel a warm welcome. The set up is very nice. Well maintained. Staff being helpful. Rooms well kept. A happy atmosphere. Just love it all.

Nice Community

I work at another community in the area, and I always enjoy visiting this community. There have been so many positive changes in the last year, the staff is consistent when you visit, the residents are always engaged, and I never smell an odor in the building.


I have toured this facility twice and it has done an amazing transition from the first time I toured it a bit over a year ago to now. The food looks amazing and you can see the residents enjoying it. Dining room is a restaurant style and looks amazing.


I work with a physician group that visits this community, and this group is very detailed when it comes to managing the charts and med records, they have a very attentive nurse and staff.

Getting back home

My mom lives in this community, she has been out in rehab for awhile, but I do not want to run the risk or losing her apartment, nor does she. She is anxious to get back to her home, her friends and the staff that she knows and loves.

Pleasant Community

I walk in to provide PT to my patients. I am greeted at the front door with a great attitude. As I head to my patients rooms I am greeted by other residents who are just very happy and welcoming. Residents and staff are happy to help anytime.

The Best

My wife and I live at this community, and after travelling for so many years and staying in many different places in our military life, I can tell you our administrator is one of the best, and is the best that we have had here since we moved in. All changes have been very positive, and we continue to gain more and more wonderful people on the staff.

Family tim

My mother in law moved here to be closer to the family and she loves the conveniences of having everything available to her, the staff are very accommodating, the building is well kept. All of the staff are so friendly and approachable, both the nurse and the Executive Director gave me their cell phone number in the event that we had concerns we could reach out to them. We have not had the need to do that though. My mother in law is still very active and attends many of the activities that are offered in the community.

Getting life back`

My sister recently moved to Elmcroft of Braeswood, I live states away, but we have a close group of support I town, who check on my sister often. It has been an amazing transformation. Anytime we call or come by, staff is readily available to answer our questions, my sister had been reclusive but is now enjoying many of the things that she had almost forgotten about. Thank you Elmcroft for giving her, her life back.

Pleased to live here

I am very pleased at the attention that has been given to me. You have made my transition a pleasant experience.

Excited about the move

My mom lives at another community and we will be moving her to Elmcroft at Braeswood. Having another community to compare it too, I found that the staff are very compassionate and genuinely care. The story of my mom, brought real tears to the eyes of the Executive Director, I found her as well as the nurse to be very warm and caring.

My mother is excited about the move.


Friendly community with wide range of activities. The executive director and staff continuously strive to meet or exceed expectations. Community is beautiful and well maintained. Courtyard is a nice large green area, well taken care of.

Helpful Residents!

My mother lives in the facility and is as happy as she can be. She moved in not too long ago and we are happy we made the decision on moving her there. Other residents have been happy to help her around the community as she is still learning her way around. Best decision we made for her.

Awesome Tour

I toured the facility. Everyone starting from the Executive Director to housekeeping were very polite and made me feel very welcomed. They made my decision making so much easier than I anticipated it being.


Love to see the associates engage in the provided activities with the residents. They always do it with a smile on their face, always making sure the residents feel a part of the activity.


I've seen such a transformation in the community in the last year with regard to the overall appearance and care in the community. I have worked with the community for about 5 years, they are now one of the best.

Nightmare at Elmcroft on Braeswood

They have Bed Bugs. Staff is horrible starting with the Executive Director [name removed] all the way Down to housekeeping. They lie about everything. The residents bully other residents. Always working short staff and over working the good staff. Staff don’t answer call pendants within 7 minutes more like 27 minutes. One staff member told my love one that the water was cold so she couldn’t give a shower. That went on for a week. They double brief my love one. You have to hire a sitter to make sure things are getting done properly. I called [name removed] (RSD) never calls back. [name removed] is rude as heck.

This place looks very nice, relatively new and well kept up. While I had no opportunity to taste the food, the available variety was nice. The rooms were well done and the common areas were light and airy. The price was less than one of the residential care homes I've visited.

We should have moved sooner

We looked at several places for my sister and settle on this community. I know it would have been the right choice, unfortunately my sister passed away before the move - to other people looking, don't wait to late. Working through my grief, but recommending this community to anyone looking.

You owe it to yourself or parents to review this one too

My parents live here, recently my dad has some health challenges, did a hospital, rehab at a community with multiple care levels, they of course wanted him to stay. I did consider it, but quickly realized home was at elmcroft, the food is better, the staff more attentive, and the community is cleaner. Not once during the time my folks have lived here has this community experienced any outbreaks as other communities they have lived before. Also, the past year, this team has made amazing changes in my parents lives with programs, staffing. Dining is amazing here, the food is far better than anywhere my parents have lived, they have two trained chefs on staff, plus cooks. Tiny but terrific, kudos to all staff, particularly chef for his good food.

Better and better

I live out of town and was so excited when the executive director facetimed my mom to me for my mom's birthday. To see my mom at the birthday party, to here her say, I am so happy meant the world to me, this is the type of personalized attention residents are receiving at this small community. My mom has live here for many, many years, but with this team, [name removed] the Programs director, [name removed] the BOC, there is a lot of changes, and they are so positive and so approachable. We tell everyone about mom's experience, yes like anyone, she had had some challenges, but one phone call and my concerns are addressed. As they continue making changes, we continue to become happier with mom's home.


Veterans have a great support network at this community - I could not believe my luck for my dad when the executive director shared in a care conference with me about the benefits of the veterans program. My dad had been here for years, yet no one had taken the time to recognize his needs or mine and the resources that may be available. This discovery has been life changing for my dad and I.

Thank you so from my dad and I.

Happy to be home

I had never heard of whole person wellness - we have lived here for a couple of years now and in the past year, this leadership team have brought the whole person wellness into full scope of life. Now I know, whole person wellness is, our program director and other staff members provide a full calendar of things to do and places to go each month. Emotional, how to cope effectively with life and create satisfying relationships
Environmental, good health by occupying pleasant, stimulating environments that support well-being
Financial, satisfaction with current and future financial situations, Intellectual, creative ways to expand knowledge and skills, Occupational—satisfaction and enrichment from one’s work - engagement, Physical, recognizing the need for physical activity, healthy foods, and sleep, Social, a sense of connection, belonging, and a well-developed support system, Spiritual, expanding a sense of purpose and meaning in life. Come join us and see and feel for yourself. So happy being home.

Right choice for grandmother

What has really surprised me about this little community is when they say individualized service plans, they really do mean it. I can at any time ask the executive director to review the service plan and my grandmothers level of care, and she is happy to do it. We review the services that have been provided, I am always amazed at how many times throughout the day and night that the staff is interacting with my grandmother. No community is perfect, but this one aims to please with a very open door policy. Thank you for keeping me and my brother in touch with our grandmother's care.

Memory care needed

We toured this community for our mom, there are six of us children, we all fell in love with the community. We felt that though this was the very best community that we looked at. The Executive Director was very involved, knowledgeable and passionate about the community and the residents. She did not want to mislead us on the best fit for mom, mom requires a lot of redirection, more than the assisted living could provide. If this community had a memory care there would have been no way we would have chose anywhere else.

So sad

My mom recently had to move due to her need for memory care, I hated to move her because the staff cared so deeply for her and her for them. But since there was not an option for advanced needs we moved her, but with the hopes of the community getting their own memory care, I asked that they stay in touch so I can move mom back.

So surprised by the attention to the details

My daughters and I looked at many places for my mom but we did not find any that compared to the small community friendliness and cleanliness that was offered here. On the day we were moving in, maintenance had decided to repaint the entire apartment, we were surprised as the apartment looked was a respite and was just fine, but he felt like once the art and furniture was moved out for our move in, that it did not fit the standards. So much to our surprise we got a bright fresh paint job for mom's new place. Thank you for going above and beyond.

Home again!

My mom lived here for about two years, she rehabbed and thought she was well enough to live alone again. I was skeptical but relinquished to her and allowed her to move back home, this lasted less than 3 months and mom was back in the hospital. After her hospital visit and her rehab stay, she returned. The community has stabilized staffing in the last year, the community has improved in appearance, activities and staffing. Mom is glad to be "home".

Mom loves her new home

This little community really does stand out from all the rest. It is a one story, small building with all of the same amenities as the larger more expensive communities. The pictures on here are not representative of the community. There are so many changes from the pictures, it was such a pleasant surprise, we could not be happier with this find. Our mom took to the community, residents and staff right away, we literally did not have one day of adjustment. Do't wait, go look today.

What a difference

I'm with a PT/OT company and have been calling on this community for years, and while I still do not have partnership built with the community, it has undergone a major transformation in the last 9 months. Staff is amazing, knowledgeable, considerate and attentive. and the overall appearance of the community is night and day.

Right choice for mom

We recently visited this community, and we were so impressed with the level of care, most of the staff is certified in their area. I was really surprised that this small of community, which works so much better for my mom, had so much more nurse support than other communities we looked at. All of the staff were super helpful and shared during our visit. I know we've made the right choice.

Rooms were nice but they used a lot of potpourri

I toured this facility while looking for a place for my Mother. The person who gave me the tour was very nice and seemed to be knowledgeable. Every question I asked her, she knew the answer to. The rooms were clean and the residents looked like they were doing fine. However, there was an odor kind of like they used a lot of potpourri. We didn’t pick this facility because I didn’t like the area and it was further away from me. Even though this facility wasn’t for my Mother, I would still recommend other families to tour.


As a frequent visitor (once or twice a week for the past year), I have found Elmcroft of Braeswood to be severely understaffed for long periods of time, leaving obvious gaps in housekeeping and personal hygiene assistance for scores of residents. There is a higher than usual turnover rate for staff and executive staff. At times, I wonder how this facility is passing state inspections or retaining such glowing ratings from [Removed] and possibly other senior living marketers.

It has taken me awhile to write this review because I like everything else about Elmcroft. It is a friendly and cordial environment but falls short of giving each resident the quality of individual care and attention they deserve and need and for which they are paying. On many occasions, I have visited my elderly relative (who requires assistance with bathing) and returned a week later only to find him lying filthy on the same bedsheets and in the same clothes and underwear he had on the week before.

Great community!

Elmcroft is wonderful for my parents! The staff is so attentive and caring that it almost feels like my parents are being taken care of by family. Because the facility is so small, I’ve been able to grow strong bonds with some of the staff members and that gives me a good peace of mind. They’re always willing to keep up with requests in a timely manner. I love this facility because, even though they aren’t a memory care unit, they’ve accepted my father and have been taking care of him just as they would with my mother, who shares the same apartment as he does. They charge one flat fee which helps keep costs low and you really get what you pay for. A lot of other places that I had looked at wouldn’t even consider taking both of my parents and letting them stay together because of their different needs, and they would try and nickel and dime everything. Elmcroft is just simply wonderful. Their food is great and there’s plenty of it. Everything is always SO clean! It never smells bad and the trash is emptied all day long. There’s bingo, movie nights, arts and crafts, and plenty of social events for everyone and everyone is so accommodating and friendly. I would absolutely recommend this home to anyone looking for a calm place for their parents.

Megan Strothman

Local Representative

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us! We are so happy to hear your parents are making Elmcroft their home. There is truly no greater honor than to be trusted with with your parents.

Great Job

Hurricane Harvey evacuation was great, but I lost my wheelchair and have not received it back, also some of my clothing was lost.

Megan Strothman

Local Representative

Thank you for your feedback! We are happy to have you at Elmcroft. I will pass this message along to make sure you receive your wheelchair.

Right choice

Very happy and impressed that my parents were evacuated. Very happy that we made the right choice moving them here.

Megan Strothman

Local Representative

Thank you for your kind words! We are happy to have your parents at Elmcroft.


Hurricane Harvey Evacuation, It was very successful and happy that Elmcroft not taking any chances. Very pleased it came out the way it did. Nobody hurt and everyone was well. Everyone worked hard and did what they were suppose to do.

Megan Strothman

Local Representative

Thank you for your kind review! One of our top priorities is making sure our residents are safe.

Very appropriate

Hurricane Harvey evacuation, we both agree, it was very appropriate, everyone did a good job.

Megan Strothman

Local Representative

Thank you for the compliment!

Very effectively

Evacuation for Hurricane Harvey was handled very effectively, food good have been better, but under the circumstances it was understandable. Would have appreciated more time to gather some things.


Evacuated during Hurricane Harvey, should have been notified with more time in advance, but still went ok.

Helpful Staff!!

I had recently taken a tour of this community for my father and I have no complaints of how things had went. The staff where on time to our appointment and made sure to answer any questions I had for them in detail. I liked the property and thought the staff did a great job with the overall presentation. They just did not have the memory care that my dad would have needed.

Megan Strothman

Local Representative

Thank you for your feedback! We are glad you enjoyed your tour and had a positive experience with us. Although this facility does not offer memory care, there are many other Elmcroft Communities that do. If you are still looking please go to www.elmcroft.com to see the communities near you that offer memory care.

Has Only Been Here A Short Time

My father in law has only been here a short time but he so far is doing well. He is making new friends. He is not one to join any groups but we have hopes that the staff will keep encouraging him to do so. The staff so far we have found to be wonderful very nice and accommodating very caring. I can't really say how the food is here I have not eaten here and when you ask my father in law he can't remember so I am guessing it is fine I haven't been told anything otherwise. I would recommend this community.

Megan Strothman

Local Representative

Thank you for the kind review! There is no greater honor than to be trusted with a very special member of your family.

Excellent facility and tour guide, 5 stars o the tour guide. The cost is reasonable with all services we would need included. Very clean and bright, well maintained. Again tour guide was wonderful.

Megan Strothman

Local Representative

Thank you for your kind review. We are glad you had a pleasant experience.

They Treated My Husband Like Their Best Friend

Sadly my husband was not in this community long before passing away. But I want to express my genuine gratitude towards all the staff. I appreciate all of you so much with the time and tenderness you showed my husband even after him being a difficult patient at times. The time and patience you showed is a shining result of the wonderful training you have had. While he was there and feeling good he was eating and enjoying the food. There was nothing ever out of place it was extremely clean and well kept. I have recommended this place to several people in the last few weeks

Megan Strothman

Local Representative

We are so sorry for your loss. Our residents are our top priority and we are glad your husband received the proper care. We will miss him! Thank you for your kind words.

So far so good

The staff are friendly and treat mom well. We are pleased with the service she is receiving. She complains about the food, however it is better than at other communities in the area. They do a good job of keeping the community clean. She likes her room and I would recommend this community.

Improvement for care

I like the care from this community. We like that the community is very clean inside and out. The staff is friendly. They need to work on communication skills. The level of care is not what we expected and some improvements are needed. We have noticed that a few things have not been attentended for my mom, like water and some personal care. We would hope that this community would work on some of the improvements. We would recommend that families tour this community for the care of a loved one on their own.

Megan Strothman

Local Representative

Thank you for your feedback. Our mission is dedicated to enriching the lives of the individuals who live and work with us. Our top priority is making sure the residents receive proper care. We do apologize.

Nice place, but limited amenities.

For the most part, I liked this facility. However, they did not offer all of the amenities that I would have liked. For example, I wanted a garage that was available for me to use and this was not offered by this facility. Other than this, it seemed to be quite a nice place.

My dad liked this facility the best of the ones we initially looked at because it was all one story. Everything is on one floor and it was not huge. The food was good and he enjoyed his lunch there. The only drawback for us was that it did not have a skilled nursing facility so if he suddenly requires skilled nursing, he would have to move to another facility.

Positive Environment!!

My aunt has recently moved into this community and so far we are very pleased with how things are going for her. The staff have all been wonderful and I am comfortable with the care that they are providing her. She has been really enjoying the dinning experience and cannot say enough great things about the meals they prepare them. Overall we are very pleased and would defiantly recommend it to anyone.

Megan Strothman

Local Representative

Thank you for your positive review! We are so glad to hear that your experiences have been pleasant. We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience and we want to let you know that we love having your aunt here.

Good so far!

I would recommend this community because things are going well for my uncle so far. The place is clean and everyone is very friendly to him. It is the right level of care that he needs. We visit him almost every day. It has ben a good experience.

Needs some improvements!

I have mixed feelings about this facility. They seem to have a lot of turnover and staffing issues. The main problem I have noticed is with the cleaning staff. When my loved one first moved in, the room was dirty. There were feces still on the toilet and the dining room reeks like urine. Everyone there is very nice, but they just need some major improvements.

Megan Strothman

Local Representative

We are sorry you to hear you feel this way. Our mission is dedicated to enriching the lives of the individuals who live and work with us, and we take this mission very seriously. We encourage you to call our Ethics Hotline at [removed] to discuss your concerns.

Outstanding Care and comfort

This is a nice community and we really like the staff that are very attentive and caring. The community is clean and well taken care of inside and out. The meals are very good and she is pleased with the menu. They do have activities that are offered. We would recommend the care and value for other families.

A good value

They offer plenty of activities at this community. The staff are friendly and answer our questions, however I do think the communication could be better. The food is ok. The community is well maintained and they are making improvements. I would recommend this community.

I have been very happy with them.

I have been very happy with them. I would give them a five out of five. I don't have any major complaints at this time.

Review of Elmcroft of Braeswood - Houston, TX

I toured your community. The marketer was not a nice person, but everyone else seems nice. Your ED is very nice, Sheri [removed]. Had a great talk with her and a better understanding of prices.

Review of Elmcroft of Braeswood - Houston, TX

We had an awesome time here. The outings are so much fun. Activity Director is the best ever here.

Doris is so great, we love her. She listens to all of our problems and takes good care of us.

Review of Elmcroft of Braeswood - Houston, TX

My father loves this place. It's small but a great place to live and everyone knows my name. My new roommate is so nice. Great!

Review of Elmcroft of Braeswood - Houston, TX

Came to tour and fell in love with the place and the activities. Gave my money for the deposit, Next month I move in and I can't wait.

Review of Elmcroft of Braeswood - Houston, TX

I am very pleased to have my dad happy about living. He seems at peace here and happy and has made a lot of friends.

Review of Elmcroft of Braeswood - Houston, TX

My mother felt a good vibe when we toured. Steven was our Marketing tour guide. He answered all our questions and helped us with all our needs. Thank you, Steven!

Review of Elmcroft of Braeswood - Houston, TX

I toured the community. Very clean and the staff is so nice what a nice atmosphere. The tour was okay, but everyone was so nice when I went around the building.

Review of Elmcroft of Braeswood - Houston, TX

I love everything; activities, food is great, staff is awesome, caregivers do their job.

Review of Elmcroft of Braeswood - Houston, TX

I have lived here a long time and everyone is so nice and helpful. We love Nat and his wife always helping us.

Review of Elmcroft of Braeswood - Houston, TX

My time living here has been so nice. The room is always clean, housekeeping is great. All the people here are nice and helpful. Make like worth living and love the new staff, awesome change.

Review of Elmcroft of Braeswood - Houston, TX

Place has a nice feel, plenty of rooms to choose from and great model rooms. Director Sheri was very nice and took us on a tour. We met everyone and they were so sweet. Wow. I will come back when my mom is out of the hospital.

Review of Elmcroft of Braeswood - Houston, TX

My dad lived here until the good lord took him. He told us his family that he was so happy at Elmcroft. Plus he loved to play cards with the maintenance man, Nate. He always made time to play cards with him even though he had a busy work day. Thanks, Nate!

Review of Elmcroft of Braeswood - Houston, TX

I came to live here last year, transferred to another facility, didn't like it and am glad to be back home at Elmcroft Braeswood and to see old friends.

Review of Elmcroft of Braeswood - Houston, TX

I got to stay and was invited to their port a call. Great spread of food and wine. Wow. Love their food. Wow awesome.

Review of Elmcroft of Braeswood - Houston, TX

We have great residents who love to be social, and love bingo, blackjack, price is right, love to play games and they have great outing to Kemph and Galveston.

Review of Elmcroft of Braeswood - Houston, TX

I have lived here for years and the new staff has really been on their toes. Chef Michael is awesome and Bianca the Activity Director is great.

Review of Elmcroft of Braeswood - Houston, TX

Our chef is awesome where I live. He always checks on me and if I want to eat something different right away he brings me what I want. Thanks Chef Michael.

Review of Elmcroft of Braeswood - Houston, TX

My mom was here for a short while until her passing. I trule love everyone and they truly listen to all my mom's needs. And family too. Thanks Elmcroft of Braeswood.

Review of Elmcroft of Braeswood - Houston, TX

I love our Activity Director, Bianca. She is always loving on us and helps us and is there when we need her. We love her Bingo games and Blackjack games.

Review of Elmcroft of Braeswood - Houston, TX

I truly love this community. They have a great Activity Director. We have so much fun here. Great place to live and do arts & crafts.

Review of Elmcroft of Braeswood - Houston, TX

I love the staff. When I was sick everyone remembered me. That made me feel great. Barbara the nurse came to visit me and that made me feel great. Thank You.

Review of Elmcroft of Braeswood - Houston, TX

My father lived here for a long time due to his passing. We all loved this community and came to love and know everyone. Thanks for all and their hard work.

Review of Elmcroft of Braeswood - Houston, TX

much smaller only about 60 residents staff very nice haven t had a meal there good location for [Removed] families

Wonderful Activities

My mother's move into Elmcroft has been good. So far we are very happy. The community looks nice and is well maintained with good housekeeping. Staff is great and helpful with anything you ask of them, and very kind. They offer really good activities here like field trips, Zoomba, and arts and craft projects. It is really nice to see her participating. She really enjoys the food, and seems to be really adjusting well. I would recommend this community to family and friends.

Friendly, outgoing staff

I thought they did a very good job overall at Elmcroft of Braeswood. The staff here is outgoing and courteous, and they keep the whole place looking very clean and well kept. They also do a very good job with the food, which is always a nice surprise. I would recommend them.

Very nice community!

I think they do a good job overall at Elmcroft of Braeswood. I am located out of state, which can make things difficult, but in general they do a good job keeping me up to date on how my loved one is doing. I really love that they'll send me pictures of what Mom is doing, so I know she is getting out and enjoying the activities. I have had a little trouble determining exactly who my contact person should be when I call to check on Mom, however. The facility itself feels bright and airy, and is on the smaller side, and is all on one level which I like. I would highly recommend this place, they do a great job!

Above and beyond efforts.

We were planning to move my mother into this facility until circumstances forced us to have to go with a higher level of care. I have to say that the staff of Elmcroft was fantastic, and went out of their way to help us quickly scramble to adapt to the change. They were very helpful and proactive and worked to help us even after it became clear my mother wouldn't be joining them. Their above and beyond efforts make me completely comfortable with putting a loved one in their hands. If you're looking for a place in the area, definitely give them a chance, I believe they genuinely care.

Sounds like a great place!

From what we've heard from our loved one things are going great at Elmcroft of Braeswood! Other than a few snags in the beginning, which were quickly resolved, everything here has been fantastic! The community has all sorts of activities going on, and it sounds like she has been participating in all of them and keeping very busy!

Jill was nice but I didn't ...

Jill was nice but I didn't care for this property but the reception area and hallway leading back to the resident apartments smelled of urine. Also, the bathroom in the model unit had a TERRIBLE sewer smell. The price is not in line with the aesthetics. The best feature of the property is how close it is to TMC.

Good overall

Elmcroft has been good for my mother so far. It is a one story community with an open layout. They have everything any of the residents could need when it comes to facilities and resources. The only issue that we've come across so far is that my mother always needs her medications on time, and this has not always been the case. Otherwise, it is a good community.

Very very nice, our second choice

Honestly I would have picked this one, but I had already signed papers for another by the time I happened to see this one and do a walk-in tour. It's a very nice place!
Everything looked great, the rooms were lovely, and the residents I saw in the dining hall looked happy. The staff are also very friendly. The marketing person I spoke with, Dominic, was more than happy to talk with me even though I was already committed to another location, and has stayed in touch.


The cleanliness is where I've had a little problem but I can't say it's Elmcroft's fault. My father isn't happy there so he doesn't want anyone coming in the room to clean it. The actual community is very clean - it's just my father's room that's not as clean as I would like.

It's expensive but apparently that's the going rate. They seem to be attentive to my father's needs. He's just not being cooperative right now. One of the reasons that we chose Elmcroft was that it was a little bit smaller, not as many residents.

Already recommended

It was recommended by A Place for Mom and when I went to visit the community I really liked it. It just seemed like it was the right fit for my loved one. I felt like they would take really good care of my loved one. They are very friendly and the community is very nice. I am very pleased with them and the job they have been doing so far. I would recommend them to anyone in fact I already have recommended them to people.

Of what I have seen up to this point,...

Of what I have seen up to this point, my preference. It is a smaller facility, one level, with beautiful garden area. More importantly, I think the overall environment is more conducive to my father's personality.

From the Community

Elmcroft of Braeswood is located in Southwest Houston. We offer a combination of daily living, customized service plans, and Our Vitality Club life enhancement program.
Our customized service plans ensures that we are prepared to meet the needs of each resident and focuses on keeping our residents as independent as long as possible. Each assessment takes into account the physical, social and cognitive needs of each individual and allows the community team to develop a customized service plan for each resident.
Our Vitality Club life enhancement program helps residents to meet their basic needs in several key areas. A unique wellness profile and individualized program of daily activities is created for each resident. Our staff encourages and supports healthy living, while honoring and respecting every individual.
Every day our residents enjoy a unique dining experience where original culinary creations, along with traditional dishes, provide a variety of meal options, and the social setting makes dining an event. Good friends, good food and excellent service create a truly enjoyable experience.
Elmcroft of Braeswood is a ergonomically designed community which houses a variety of apartment floor plans to accommodate the personal needs and habits of both our frail and our more active residents.
Our residents call Elmcroft of Braeswood their home. We love to nurture them through our holistic approach of caring for all resident needs - physical, emotional, social, and intellectual. Our residents enjoy Elmcroft for the clean, spacious apartments, affordability, social activities, and the safe secure residential environment. Come see why so many seniors call Elmcroft their home.