Orange Memories Care Home - East Rosetown, SK

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From the Community

Orange Memories Care Home advocates and is a Resident Directed Assisted Living Care Home.

We offer residents choices for the timing of their care. Empower the resident's, and nursing care assistance to be a team in developing care in a flexible positive manner.

Choice based lifestyle which includes when to get up and go to bed, when, where and what to eat. A care plan that is written in the "I" voice. Families or an advocate is the resident wishes to participant in the planning of care.

The opportunity to use private space for family events.

Regular staff to provide 24 hr. personal care, medication assistance, full laundry, housekeeping, maintenance, and dining.

Orange Memories Care Home will be recognized at all levels for our high standards of professionalism, service and quality of care provided in a safe and therapeutic environment.

We will nurture a working environment which will attract, motivate and retain the very best people in our sector.

We will be open, honest, fair and transparent in our dealings.

Provide Client Centred Care with personal safe support.

Care that protects the privacy and dignity of all residents.

Residents will also have the choice to serve on quality awareness committees.
Established in 2014.
Orange Memories Care Home was established in Rosetown, Saskatchewan to provide residents in the rural community a choice in assisted living within their own back yard!

This is a new path to resident directed care in a homey environment that promotes the best of client centred care. We provide choice for dinning, menus, timing for personal care, full laundry, housekeeping, medication assistance, and laundry all in house.

Reconfigured nursing services to include a whole team approach for empowerment.

Residents can serve on quality assessment awareness committees.
Please feel free to contact Colleen Stenhouse the Director of Care anytime for questions or information with regards to Orange Memories Care Home.