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Customer Reviews

Such a shame to be this under staffed!!!

This place war horrible. When you walk in you can smell urine etc. My sister was there and I feel she could have been treated better. She was on a feeding tube and nothing allowed by mouth. They put someone in her room that could eat and ate her meals in her room. It was terrible that my sister had to smell the food and listen to them talk about what was on the tray. My sister hadn't eaten anything in over two months when she had her stroke. She was also left on the bed pan and forgotten about. When she rang for help they didn't always come right away. She was completely paralyzed on the left side and unable to help herself. One time they put her on the bed pan and didn't give her the call bell for the aid and or nurse. They left her on the bed pan for an hour. If they can do this to one patient just imagine the ones who can't speak for themselves and or have no family visiting. She also wasn't bathed as well as they could have done with her. She was in there over a month. They did clean her up really well before she was transferred. So thankful that her family was able to get her out of there. I do have to say my sister did say there were a couple of people who did take good care of her. I wish I knew their names. The staff would even comment that they were under staffed and doing their best.

The staff was alright, they just kept her in her bed or a wheelchair.

The staff was alright, they just kept her in her bed or a wheelchair. She couldn't move, she'd get wheeled everywhere she couldn't get up and walk. They can't get around if they don't let them get up and try. I would look around if she needed rehab again but I would use them. They were clean. They could use more staff. They are real good about giving us a call if something happened, the communication is good.