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  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
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  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy
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Customer Reviews

Review of Beeghly Oaks Center

The nurses have been doing really well helping my loved one. They keep it pretty.

Review of Beeghly Oaks Center

One of the nurses is awesome! She smiles and makes sure I'm okay. Another one always brings my meds on time. One of the aides is awesome, and always checks up on me. The activities lady is fantastic! She always checks up on me and asks if I want to play something. When I first got here, it was a big disappointment. There were no pillows or chairs. They fixed it, though. It takes some nurses too long to come and answer my calls. I have to wait an hour for them to come, and another hour for them to get my pain medications. They don't clean on a daily basis. There are sometimes dirty towels on floor and garbage. The food tastes fine, but there's not a good variety of it. The hot stuff is not hot sometimes. The cold stuff is not cold.

Review of Beeghly Oaks Center

The nurses seem to be great. Everybody is treating my wife nicely. It looks clean in the areas I have seen, but there was trash to be emptied in her room and bathroom. I emptied the trash. Her room is not being cleaned in a timely manner.

Review of Beeghly Oaks Center

I am confused with why my loved one was having problems and by Monday was all taken care of. I wonder what happened over the weekend and wonder if he had his medication. They could not tell why that happened. The nurses are okay. It is pretty clean. At first, communication was really bad, but now it is quite good. I like the receptionist, who is pleasant and helpful. The administrator is very good and gets things moving.

Review of Beeghly Oaks Center

Everything is pretty good. Everybody here is doing a great job! They have all treated me well. If I ask for something, they help if they can.

Review of Beeghly Oaks Center

They come get me for physical therapy in the morning and occupational in the afternoon. They work me pretty good. So far, I'm pleased. The food isn't quite as good as it was when I was here before. I ordered ginger ale, and they sent me diet. I wrote "nothing diet" and "no French dressing," and I still get them. They've expanded the physical department and have a bike I really like. A couple nurses are very, very efficient. I don't have to remind them. I'm very pleased with them. There's only one time the aides made me wait 25 minutes. They come and give a snack at night, and bring the water around. Probably the only thing they need to do is at night, ask if they can help you with pajamas. They're friendly. Housekeeping runs the Swiffer, and they have good Lysol. They empty the wastebasket twice a day. They come and let me know there's Bingo. They do pass out a crossword puzzle every day. If my medicines change, they let me know. I see the doctor twice a week.

My mother was at this facility for rehab after her heart attack 2 month ago.
She did amazing she was walking and back to herself in know time.
The facility was clean , the staff was friendly and the nurses made her and myself feel like family.

My loved one said that they are very nice. The facility was very clean.

I like the staff, it's clean, and it smells good.

The people - the aides, the therapist, the nurses - are all great. They all seem to care. The meal portions were fine, but a lot of times we didn't know what we were getting even though we filled out the paper

The people that come in the room while I'm there are polite and efficient. The facility seems to be clean. I have been there while my loved one has his meals in the evening, and he eats them all. I've gotten calls to update me on his progress.

They are getting my loved one up and walking. She said the food is horrible, but they are doing okay other than that. The therapists are doing a good job with her. It's really clean. I've tasted the food and it's bad. If I was there, I'd be complaining about it, too

Great, no problems! My experience with the people here and what they're doing, they're great. There was a problem with my medication at first, but they have caught up with everything. The rehab is coming along pretty good, I have no complaints there. The nurses are good, sometimes they come a little late because they forget, but I had the same experience in the hospital. Most of them are exceptional. They say, "Anything you need, just call us." I was here once before, and the nurses remembered me. Everyone's friendly and smiling and it helps a lot. The cleanliness is good, they're in here cleaning, sweeping, mopping the bathroom every day, no complaints. I drop stuff on the floor and I can't reach down, they tell me not to worry about it and they'll get it. They change my sheets every day. The food was really bad when I was here before, but now it's great and on time, and if they forgot something they bring it in. They're pretty good at keeping me informed. When I ask a question it gets answered, but they don't just come up and give information. If I ask a question someone doesn't know, they get someone that does to explain it.

The staff have been just wonderful! They are very very good! The facilities are alright. They say they are making renovations, but the facility smells a bit.

I would recommend to a friend.

I would rate my overall experience a 5 out of 5.

Sometimes the meals are late but overall I'd recommend.

I'd recommend.

I would recommend Beeghly Oaks Center for Rehabilitation & Healing.

The nurses are a bit understaffed.

They treated my loved one wonderfully, did an excellent job. A couple of the aides were not very good, but on the whole a good experience. They definitely did a good job keeping me informed.

Wonderful experience! Very clean. The food could have been better, but it seems that is always the case in a hospital. They kept me very informed.

Sometimes I say I am tired, and the therapists encourage me and that is what I need. The nurses are amazing, too.

Sometimes they are late on bringing the medicine. If I ask them a question they answer.

The therapy is amazing; it is exactly what my mother needs. The nurses are sweet, they even ask me if I need some something when I am there visiting my mother.

The physical therapy department is really great! The nurses are great! The cleanliness is pretty average

Sometimes my loved one had to wait an awful long time, but other than that everything was okay. His lower dentures got lost by accident and he had to eat only certain things and they would sometimes not give him what we asked. They would, however, bring him replacements.

I would rate our experience at Beeghly Oaks a 4.

The only reason I give it a three is because my loved one is trying to do things for himself, so he doesn't require much help from the staff. The rehab he is receiving is good. The staff hasn’t been keeping him too clean. I am usually the one who has to bathe and shave him. I try to go there every day and the staff does let me know what's going on with him.

There have been a couple times I've gone and my father wasn't shaven. He CAN do it himself, but he needs encouragement and opportunity. They need to pay closer attention to him. He doesn't like the food, but a lot of people don't like nursing home meals.

This has been an awful experience for my mother. Her care has not been what we were told it would be from the beginning. Rehab is the only department that shows concern and care. They have been working to get my mother back on her feet. The nurses only come in to give my mother her meds; they do not bathe her on a regular basis, nor come when she calls for help getting to the restroom so that she does not fall. The front desk people are friendly; the people cleaning her room are nice. The place is very old; the rugs are dirty and stained. There has been a dust pile under my mother's cabinet since she has been there. My mother is on a very strict diet and that has never been followed. Everything is fried, loaded with salt, and does not even taste good. I have to ask and probe for answers on my mother's progress.

My loved one hated Beeghly Oaks. The only thing she liked was the therapy. The nurses and CNAs were kind of rude and not so nice.

I ended up taking my husband home and getting home care to come into my home when I found him saturated in urine, I'm pretty sure it was because they were very understaffed. One girl was really good until her shift ended; she went out of her way to clean up my husband and his area. And they have a great cook, my husband enjoyed the meals and so did I.

Hell Hole

This place is a total nightmare!! The staff clearly do not like their jobs! They are so understaffed and 80% are lazy. I agree with the others about the call button,no one ever responds to it. I removed my mother from this place. The quality of care is very poor!

We had no major complaints.

My mother was at Beighley Oaks for over 2 years. We found a variety of staffing from very good to not too good. There was a problem with another patient acting inappropriately towards my mother but the nursing home was on it immediately and took actions to protect my mother. The care was okay and the food was okay. Someone from the family was there everyday with my mother so we feel this helped in her overall care. As for that "nursing home smell" we didn't experience that as a concern as the greatest majority of the time the place was realitivly clean and odor free.

Don't Come Here..This Place Needs To Be Reported.

Don't come here. This place should be shut down. My fathers nurse call button was on for over 1 Hour and No One came to help him go to the bathroom. So that he wouldn't wet his self..he tried to grab his walker and fell on the bathroom floor and hurt his self real bad. I received a phone call when it happened. .they xrayed him but nothing was done otherwise. They're response time to nurse calls is 1 Hour to 1 Hour & 20 minutes. Sometimes 2 hours he waits. This is Horrendous and Ludicrous. and they didn't want to accept any blame. So I am recommending Not To Come To This Nightmare of a Place.

Don't Come Here..This Place Needs To Be Reported.

Don't come here. This place should be shut down. My mothers nurse call button was on for over 1 Hour and No One came to help her go to the bathroom. So that she wouldn't wet herself..she tried to grab her walker and fell on the bathroom floor and hurt herself real bad. I received a phone call when it happened. .they xray ed her but nothing was done otherwise. They're response time to nurse calls is 1 Hour to 1 Hour & 20 minutes. Sometimes 2 hours we wait. This is Horrendous and Ludicrous. I spoke to a few people like. Head of nursing and a lady concierge and they didn't want to accept any blame. So I am recommend in Not To Come To This Nightmare of a Place.

From the Community

Beeghly Oaks Center for Rehabilitation and Healing is the premier choice for recuperation and recovery following a hospital stay. We bridge high-end amenities and services with world class therapeutic care. The immersive rehabilitative experience allows our patients to recover physically and spiritually. Our luxurious facilities are catered to residents every need. Each patient receives a personal concierge who is always available to accommodate requests and alleviate the stress of the recovery process. Residents love our fine dining, beauty salon, housekeeping and laundry services