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Be Careful

I waited nearly nine months to write this review as I wanted to make sure that my comments were not grief-driven rather than objective.My father passed away on November 23, 2014. My father was a resident of this facility in the Fall of 2014. His stay was little over a month and he was pretty miserable most of the time he was there. Some of the staff were decent people who cared. The management of the facility left much to be considered. Within a few days of my father's stay he was given a roommate. This was not unexpected. However, the roommate was totally incompatible with my father. My father had physical issues, not mental deficiencies. The roommate my father was assigned with had mental deficits and started the relationship by refusing to use the bathroom and urinating in the trash can. This was done on several occasions; twice in my presence. It took complaints to have my father moved to another room even though staff was aware of the problem. Eventually my father was moved to another room. Many of the nurses assigned to my father (less one) lacked compassion, smelled like stale cigarettes and appeared to be simply drawing a paycheck. Things really started to go south when my father's medicare (and direct payment was implicated). My father was unable to do the physical therapy. He was VERY sick. When this happened, the focus changed from making my father comfortable to figuring out how to discharge him. This was NOT the therapist's fault. He was a decent man. However, the people in the social work department were in a word PATHETIC. They knew little about my father's circumstances. We got conflicting information (when we got information). Once the direct money trail ended, it was all about business, not care. And understand, our family had some ability to pay. But the people in the social work department were so uncaring, so confused, so incompetent, our family removed our loved one from that facility. By the time we removed our loved one from this place, my father was not eating, had given up any desire to live and told me directly that he wanted to die immediately simply so he would not have to be in this place. To underscore this point, my father died peacefully about a month later at a place he loved and cared for by people who really cared about him. DO NOT PLACE YOUR LOVED ONE AT OAK SPRINGS. YOU WILL REGRET IT!