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Customer Reviews

First 90 Days

Overall we are very satisfied with Grand Villa. Most recently there have been issues with the food service department because of staff departures. They are addressing it but it appears it will be a long process to get back to the quality level they provided during our initial visit and first few weeks of living there.

Review of Grand Villa


Review of Grand Villa

My parents & I visited Grand Villa while we were on vacation to find an independent living facility for my grandma. We arrived and immediately saw a fair number of residents interacting. The exterior of the community was vibrant and clean. The residents are lively and active. There were lots of events and activities available for residents. Everybody we saw spoke to us and [name removed], the staff member that guided us. This is a great sign that the staff are lived & residents are friendly. We visited a few other communities but suggested Grand Villa to grandma.


We have lived at Grand Villa since [date removed] During this time we have met many amazing and friendly people. They are older than us but you would not know it!
We have become involved in cards, mahjong, farkle, dominoes and Samba. We find the food to be very good, with great choices each day. We can have our hair cuts and my nails done without having to go elsewhere.
So after 7 1/2 months we truly love our Grand Villa lifestyle!

Comfort and safety

I moved to Grand Villa almost 2 years ago and have been very happy here! It truly does "Look like home and feel like family"! My apartment is bright , spacious and beautiful; the flavorful meals are served in a lovely restaurant style environment and the varied scheduled activities are quite enjoyable. Also, importantly, the management and staff are wonderful! They, along with many delightful residents, are what makes everyday here feel like you're living with family. Everyone employed at Grand Villa is attentive, compassionate and proactive. Its reassuring to know that along with their kindness and entertaining personalities, my comfort and safety are top priority at Grand Villa.

Content and happy

I am very happy with my living arrangements here at Grand Villa. I like that there are a lot of other residents to visit with. I enjoy all of the amenities. The new menu board in the lobby and other locations is a nice addition. The food options are very good and desirable. The bar and entertainment is very good too. The size of my condo is very nice for me, it has everything i need!
I have been very content and I like everything Grand Villa has to offer.

Happy Living!

I am so very happy living at Grand Villa!
1. The staff is wonderful, very helpful- [name removed], [name removed], [name removed] just to name a few.
2. I feel so very safe living here!
3. The food and selections are tastey and presented like in a good restaurant. [Name removed] and [name removed] always trying to help you and please you.
4. The apartments are Large and remodeled - a joy to live in.
5. My family and I always say I am living in a resort!


There are many varied activities for residents enjoyment. Having a washer and dryer in your apartment is really a great addition! Also management is a very sociable and caring bunch. The pool is A#1!

Having a great time

My moving to Grand Villa was the perfect move for me. All the staff are so helpful and fun to visit with. The residents have become good friends and have been so helpful to me when I needed help.
Having a washer and dryer in my apartment is a true bonus. I wouldn't want to live anywhere without it. Another bonus is being able to choose whom I sit with at lunch or dinner: The wait staff do their job well and I enjoy getting to know them. All in all, I am having a great time here!

Living it up

Great community in a convenient location. I love to visit the area. Every time I visit there are active people that are happy being apart of their homes activities. These people really know how to retire.


Greatest place to see. Lots of fun and awesome experiences.

Great location

Great location to visit. Beautiful community with happy residents. My daughter comes here for recitals. Everyone is so welcoming.

Home from home

Grand Villa feels very comfortable when you’re here. I was brought up in a very large house so space was a concern of mine but when my wife died and kids were grown I had to decide to regroup. My son chose grand Villa for me for the food and convenient location. He knows me so well, the friendliness of everyone here the help all know my name and everyone smiles every day and seems so happy with what they do here. I am very happy tremendously with the great group that we have here and we are also very close. I love the lunch Bunch every third Friday for men it’s a good thing I don’t drive anymore so the transportation provided is definitely a plus.

My home

When my husband died in 2017, I was so lonely even though I lived in a nice neighborhood with wonderful neighbors. I decided to look around for somewhere to live where I would not be so lonely, where I could bring my dog, and where I would also have a lovely place to live. I was happy when I discovered grand Villa. I was able to move in to grand Villa a month and a half later. My apartment has very spacious rooms which accommodate my large furniture. It also has new appliances and fixtures, and a washer and dryer. The large closets have room for lots of clothes plus many of my special treasures that I didn’t want to leave behind. The fine dining restaurant overlooks the pool. I enjoyed the food and the way that it is served. There are many activities to choose from, something for almost everyone’s preference. But most important of all are the great people that I have met from administrators and staff to the residence, many of whom have become very special friends.

Having your cake and eating it too!

To me living at Grand Villa is having your cake and eating it too! Grand Villa has all the comforts of home and away! There is entertainment, great meals, card games, billiards, library, movies, workout room, hair and nail salon, small grocery store, swimming pool and dancing!
You can mingle or be on your own. I came to Grand Villa just to have a "Look see", now I am here to stay.

Its for you

I lived in [removed] prior to moving to Grand Villa and we had a social membership for dinners and dancing. After my husband died and son came to move in my condo I decided to move to Grand Villa. I did visit other communities but chose Grand Villa for its location and convenience to my church and sons home. The staff here are for the residents. Its as simple as that.

Everything is here.

We visited many other communities before choosing Grand Villa. We chose Grand Villa due to its Location and convenience to everything in town. The location we have past for many years so the area was already very familiar to us. Food is very good here and we have everything we need.


This community is a great place to visit. I have been visiting this area for a good while now and its a nice relaxing environment to come to.

Love it here

After selling my condo I came to the Grand Villa. I had been Talking to the Marketing assistant and leasing coordinator for 6months. "The best thing I ever did!"


My husband and I moved to Grand Villa 4 months ago. We were very aprehensive about leaving our home on Fort Myers Beach, but to our delight found a wonderful home and community with Grand Villa of Fort Myers. The staff are all very warm, friendly and efficient. Our apt is bright, airy and beautiful with every need taken care of. There are plenty of activities each day to take advantage of or spend quiet time in the library or beautiful pool area. The dining room is beautiful and the food is very good. We love it here and very thankful we found this wonderful home.

Come join us!

I have been living at Grand Villa for 2 years enjoying good food, good friends, many activities and a wonderful feeling of being safe and secure.
All of the staff are very special people who work hard to make our lives richer.

Come join us!


I have been a tenant for 3 mo. this place is great because of its Convenience- Its convenient to banks, shopping, hospitals, drug stores, theaters and more it really is excellent! Housekeeping-Housekeeping is provided weekly for no additional charge. The Community overall is very nicely kept and renovated. The Restaurant- Very good food! nicely served, perfect proportions. Apartment size-My apartment is a great size and plenty of storage! I love how sound proof the apartments are. Security of building and parking lot, and employees, which is TOP on my LIST is Excellent! I go out playing cards 2 nights a week even returning home as late as 9:30, if i want assistance from the front desk- the service bell only takes 1 minute. Its Great! Every one that works here is very pleasant and helpful. Then there is [name removed]! What a girl! always a smile. I am home. With the quality of residents I have met so far., once again- I AM HOME!


I am a resident of Grand Villa and I am very happy here. Everything is very good!

No Complaints

Absolutely no complaints! Great location and place to live!

Life is good!

Life is good! No more grocery shopping! No more cooking! No more cleaning!!! :)
I just relax and order dinner from the menu. Maybe go to the movies in our own theater or go to happy hour and dance, swim in the pool, play a friendly game of bingo, or attend stitch class which is always a fun social time!
Oh Yes! Did I mention my own washer and dryer and three walk in closets in my 2BR apartment! What a way to grow old!!


Grand Villa is a pretty nice to live. From the friendly people to great atmosphere provided and maintained by all the staff. The restaurant is a lovely dining experience with tasty food. I really enjoy eating here every day. My favorite thing is being able to try new foods and I’m usually pleasantly surprised to like the new food items. They offer live entertainment every Friday night and it’s great fun and time spent with my friends.

Best place

Grand Villa truly is the best place to be at! The people here are truly great and really do care. We like to have fun every single day and the employees are just like our family. The restaurant and the food that is served here is great I enjoy eating all my meals here. Since day one things just keep getting better and better. I am so happy to have chosen a beautiful community such as this one.

Perfect Ten

I moved to Grand Villa last year after visiting every facility in Fort Myers that features independent living. My daughter came with me and I made the decision that day and chose grand Villa over all the others. Since becoming a widow 5 yrs ago and my daughter agrees with me, this was the smartest move. From the day I moved in I have felt at home with none of the responsibilities of maintaining a house and property. Mentioning names would be a waste of time since I feel the entire staff from management and maintenance is excellent ! Nothing is perfect but Grand Villa is as close as it comes !

Loving life

We live in Grandville and have so for the past three years. Since we got here things have just kept getting better and better. We are involved not in activities but in the card games in the Bible study they offer here. Our friends that live here are the best of neighbors and family. The apartments are spacious and we have a lot of fun here. Living maintenance free is great. All the staff are fast, client working in the home and very diligent. They really do a great job. We appreciate everything here. We just love our home!

See the difference

I will be a resident of Grand Villa for 2 years this Sept. I just love it here. Just like the motto says it feels just like family and feels comfortable just like home. Before coming to this community I’ve visited many other communities I got a tell ya if you go and visit other communities and then come and visit grand Villa you’ll see the difference and move here. I can’t say enough good things about this place I just I’m so happy to be here.

Truely feels like family

Thank you to the staff of the management company and grand Villa of Fort Myers for continuing to provide residence like me with services and amenities that make our lives more comfortable. It truly does feel like family. Having lived in this building for 14 years, I have experienced the transformations and the renovations. I am happy to say I am pleased with the end results.

A Great Place to Live

One of the best things about Grand Villa is location. It is central to shopping, drug stores, churches, banks, doctors and hospitals. Another plus for Grand Villa is the apartment size and having a washer/dryer in each unit. A one bedroom unit is larger than most with 785 square feet.
I have lived here for nearly three years and, while the staff and residents are wonderful and the activities are great, we are still going through some growing pains. All in all it is a great place to live.

Excellent place

My husband [name removed] and I left Lexington country club back in March 2003. We visited many lovely retirement homes throughout Florida. The best and only great retirement home at that time was at Myerlee manner, now called grand Villa of Fort Myers. I have been living here for 16 years and I still love it to this very day. They treat you like family and it feels like home. Excellent place to retire exclamat my husband [name removed] and I left Lexington country club back in March 2003. We visited many lovely retirement homes throughout Florida. The best and only great retirement home at that time was at Myerlee manner, now called grand Villa of Fort Myers. I have been living here for 16 years and I still love it to this very day. They treat you like family and it feels like home. Excellent place to retire!

Glad I made the leap

I have lived here 15 months and could not be happier. Staff is great and most helpful. The food gets better and better every day. I will soon be full sized at 6’4” and 240 lbs. I love the food here! They have a beautiful pool area and wonderful entertainment. We even have a new parking lot where the of seeing even if one does not visit inside the outside building is very appealing.

Best place

I am fast approaching my first anniversary of being a resident here at grand Villa of Fort Myers. I think back to how uneasy I felt moving in here. I had never lived alone before and before now I was going to live with many strangers. I quickly found out the strangers disappeared and I was making friends. Many activities are offered every day. Trips to grocery store are frequent and also shopping to stores. You don’t have to worry if you give up your car let the employed person here do the driving while you sit back and relax. All convenience appliances in the kitchen are provided. Best of all every apartment has their own washer and dryer such a big plus and very convenient. The grand Villa is truly the best home to have as your retirement home. Employee are always ready to help you when necessary. They are very pleasant and always have a smile on their faces.

Loving life

I have been a resident of Grand Villa for 14 going on 15 years. Everyone here is so nice and just like my family. My neighbors are friendly and good neighbors. All the employees are so wonderful. Each and every person I meet are good to me even if they are saying hello only. The activists are plenty. I recommend everyone rent here.

Living on a cruise ship

I really appreciate living in a senior community where everyone becomes a family to me. Caring and including me as a member of the total group. I can do as little or as much as I wish of the many activities they offer. I feel welcome to jorin groups here. Socializing in a wonderful dining room I like the space of my apartment. The washer and dryer are important to me. I like having walking closets for extra storage. My favorite is that they assist with all my cleaning and maintenance needs. They have a beautiful salon with full services. And a heated pool and hot tub that they are hosting water aerobics and exercises and that I love to join and be a part of. The staff are always available 24 seven with an open door for any problems I might have. I feel like I am living on the land cruiser with a large family. Free to go and come as I wish

Keeps getting better and better

We live in grand Villa and have so for the past 3 years. Since we got here things have just kept getting better and better. We’re involved not in activities but the card games and bible study. Our friends that live here are the best of neighbors and family. The apartments are spacious and we have a lot of fun here. living maintenance free is Great! All the staff are fast, quiet in the home, and diligent. They really do a great job. We appreciate everything here. We just the our home!

Lovely and comfortable

Community is lovely and comfortable it appeals to everyone and it caters to us older folks but also our families as well. This is a very active young community and I am a very active individual but not a big joiner so I am head of the sunshine committee and It’s been a plus to be social and even more so than before I started the committee. I love to swim and have a beautiful pool and it is heated. And as a previous cruise industry foodie I like to eat at least one meal a day in the restaurant and it’s only because I’m not an early bird. The biggest part of living here is the weather the weather just seems to be the best here and also with the well appointed nice people that work here makes a great environment. This place will make you feel comfortable in right at home immediately.

Great place

Great place to live. They have many activities. The food is wonderful I eat at the restaurant every day. They are like my family and they are very caring people.

My experience with Villa Grand

We find Villa Grand exceptional for our needs. It is lovely to look at; clean and shiny. The food is excellent. The staff is more than friendly and caring. There are so many activities that no one can be bored. Yet, your apartment is your home to stay or take part in activities, as you please. From what I know about other places, the value can't be beat. The staff cares about us, but does not interfere in our lives. If we need help they try to give it to us -- not medical help.

Review of Grand Villa of Fort Myers

This community was happy, clean and spotless and offered everything we could ask for

Review of Grand Villa of Fort Myers

We were both surprised at how lovely your establishment was. We enjoyed our visit and your representative. Thank you

Review of Grand Villa

[Name removed] was outstanding! He was friendly without being pushy. The tour was helpful and very thorough. We loved the configuration of the building, the size and the beauty. [Name removed] treated us to a delicious luncheon. The atrium is gorgeous. We couldn't have asked for a more wonderful experience. The residents we met were friendly and happy to reside there. Thank you [name removed]. We felt like Kind and Queen.

Review of Grand Villa of Fort Myers

I was very pleased with not only the physical campus, but with all the units as well. Additionally the people I met were impressive. The staff went above and beyond to make us welcome.

Review of Grand Villa of Fort Myers

#1 on my list. [Name removed] was great

Review of Grand Villa

I was impressed with the way it had been renovated. The staff was very friendly and answered all questions. It is a beautiful facility and one I would consider when and if I ever decide to sell my home.

Review of Grand Villa

This community thinks of everything!

Review of Grand Villa of Fort Myers

Excellent! I love it here. Exceptional staff - friendly and professional.
Very good food - attractively and courteously served.
Community kept in perfect condition.
Residents are kind, caring, and friendly and active.

Review of Grand Villa of Fort Myers

Very well thought out. Winner was excellent. The staff throughout very friendly and approachable. Rooms very livable and appealing.

great place> I give it a 9 out of 10. [name removed] showed me around answered all my questions. met some of the friendly staff and some of residents.

A little pricy for our budget but very nice. We are considering this place.

Our Other Tour

On our tour we got to see this community and they were much smaller than we had hoped for. This was the second choice but ended up picking something bigger.

So far it's a 5!

My In-laws are both in their 90's so they are not really joining in the social aspects of the community. I have shared a meal with them and the food is good. [Removed] was excellent during our tour and admissions process.

The Community Is Still Under Remodeling

Things could be better in dining room service. The community is looking or staff that are able to understand the residents. The facility is being remodeled and a little hard to get mail when walking trough it. Once completed it will be more fine for my friend. His living experience is going good so far and it is great for him. His apartment is convenient to the elevator and that is what he likes.

Feels Like Home

I have visited numerous communities in my search for a future home. All the times I have visited Grand Villa of Fort Myers I have felt "at home". It has a variety of apartments, plenty of activities, friendly residents and staff and, I feel, good value for the money. I will be moving to Grand Villa next month.

Very nice place!

We really like the place, the staff and amenities offered.

From the Community

Welcome to Grand Villa of Fort Myers. At Grand Villa we offer all-inclusive resort style retirement living. We offer 1 or 2 bedroom rental apartments and have no long-term leases or buy-ins. Call us today to see how you can live the Grand Life!