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Customer Reviews

Needs much improvement.

My experience with this facility was very disappointing. It actually began the first day of our arrival. My mother was placed in the room and left alone. I was given several excuses why she was left alone. Not long after this we encounter many more problems and they always seem to grow larger in concern. Medicine was not DC when it was supposed to have been done. Unexplained bruises an when the staff was question that seem to pose a problem for them. This facility appears to be under staff and the staff they have lacks compassion. I would not recommend this facility.

Mom not acting right

My mother was @ MMRC after having a stoke losing the use of her left side and being confined to a wheelchair. If you have a loved one who can get to the bathroom and is mobile, then please disregard this information. On the other hand, if you need someone to help a loved one due to their immobility AND MMRC is still understaffed AND Frank M. still resides over the facility, I would listen to your loved one about their care and have someone routinely check on them to verify their treatment too. Otherwise, you may find out that your loved one could be mistreated as I did and spoke to Frank M. about the matter. I pray this is not the case today, however, we found out what was going on after a blood test at the hospital.