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The staff was fine. Of course, he jus...

The staff was fine. Of course, he just hated everything. He hated the food, he hated everything about it. They were fine, they never mistreated him or anything that I know of, but I was always trying to find somewhere that would give him independence in case he could ever return home. They did allow it, in terms of wanting his door closed, they did try. They worked with him. He was able to come and go. He could get in his electric wheelchair and go to the store, and his roommate was out all the time walking up and down the street. He had a room that had had three beds, but had converted back to two. It was a big room. They've remodeled since then, so I don't know if they still have rooms that size.

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Residents find a full range of assisted living, skilled nursing and rehab services and a welcoming, amicable community at Manor Care Health Service. For seniors who cherish their independence but still need a helping hand with daily activities, an assisted living program is designed for exactly such a lifestyle. Come experience true freedom, but one with compassionate care always nearby! Assisted living communities have many benefits.