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Stay away

Brought my Mother to Manassas rehab after a medication adjustment that left her needing multiple therapies. She was a recent breast cancer survivor and had many other health issues for which she needed about 20 pills a day. She was there for two weeks- they discharged her on a Friday, without her current prescriptions and sick to her stomach. She had been in other rehab facilities before, and they ALWAYS had her medications squared away before she left. When I called to inquire I was told I could follow up w her doctor on Monday. Didn't matter- she was sick to her stomach because while she was in there she picked up a C. Diff infection and was dead in 2 days.


My husband is in there after having 2 heart attack in one month. The place is small the nursing staff ratio to patients is horrible. If a patient needs help to get into bed they have to wait their turn. The staff that is there is friendly but they can only do so much. First I couldn't find the place because the name of the facility can not be seen from the street. When you make a left you think you've made a wrong turn because all you see is this huge building for lease. The sign for the facility that is there is behind bushes. The main number doesn't offer directions and I could not talk to a operator or front desk person because every time I pressed 0 it told me that I pressed an invalid key...this was on July 2, 2016. I don't know how but I was able to speak with two ladies with a foreign accent who gave me wrong directions so I had to keep calling my sister to look at a enlarged map. She told me but all I saw was 8550 Rixlew la. I finally after going back and forth for over two hours turned into a residential street and found a gentleman mowing his lawn who told me to ignore what I see but to make that turn and if I keep going I'll see it. I almost turned around until I saw something hiding from behind the bushes and noticed the sign.
When I reached the door after more than 2 hours later a lady in a wheelchair trying to move herself by using her feet so I asked if I could help her, she said yes. As I was about to push the handicap button to open the door, there wasn't one. A gentleman opened the door for me and I pushed the wheelchair to her room. A poor old lady with dementia was sitting in a wheelchair and screaming "help" and my husband said that she's been doing that since he's been there which was around 2:30-3 pm and now it was 5:30 pm. Much later when she had calmed down I asked her if I could wheel her to her room, she said yes which turned out to be right across my husband room. I took her to her room, lowered the bed but she told me that someone will have to help get into bed. I left that beside the bed in her wheelchair and told one of these people that someone has to lift this lady and put her in her bed. I was told that her person (she used a word I don't remember right now) will help her. I said I already have her beside the bed and we wouldn't want her to start screaming again, the person said she has dementia, I told the person that I was aware of that. This person says to me that the woman has to wait her turn because it wouldn't be fair to the other patients if the person helped this poor woman out of turn first, so she has to wait her turn. I was so speechless that I just went into my husband's room and just went into a tirade. God help us to be so old and forgetful and lonely that I get on peoples nerves, that I'm ignored. Taking care of the elderly and people like my husband who thinks 5 minutes ago was actually an hour ago because when you're in pain or waiting for your breathing medicine and treatment, it actually feels that way, or even working in any capacity where you have to help people, you need patience. Not everyone can do this job and in my opinion if you don't have that, do not get into a trade where you have to help people. There shouldn't be a line like in supermarket that getting ahead of someone when you have just one item, when your cart is full is wrong. Of course in a supermarket you ask the person if it was okay to get in front of them with your one item. In the case of this elderly woman, I don't see why someone couldn't just come and help her into bed and explain that you will be back to help her get into her night clothes, turn on the tv to keep her entertained and go back to helping patients in the order they were in.
If you read the amenities, it says that each room comes equipped with a cable and telephone line. You just don't realize that there are no phones in patients room so if you wanted to call them or for them to call you is impossible. If you want to make a call, you let your concierge know and they will bring a cordless phone to you. I went in the kitchen to get some water and I saw trays stacked up. This place made me think that I was in a third world country care vs America. The place itself is tiny with no windows for natural light the kitchen (pantry) is tiny, not enough staff members and therefore there are bound to have mistakes happen. The gentleman who shares the room with my husband had some kind of a stroke and therefore his pills have to be crushed and given to him with a nectar or even apple sauce due to choking hazard. The first night my husband is there, they bring this gentleman his medication in a pill form to be taken with water. Because the gentleman gets confused he would have taken it if his daughters weren't there to stop the nurse.
The place has a feeling of maybe the 1940's with even the equipment from that era. I and my husband's roommate's family believe that if family members aren't there to watch over their loved ones care, the same care may not be given. I thought maybe this place was new and therefore they had to work out the kinks, but no according to one of the employees the place has been there for more than 10 years. There are no doctors on the facility and because my husband was transferred from the hospital in the afternoon, the nurse hadn't had time to go over his medication list. Once verified it needs to be faxed to a doctor for approval. Once the approval is sent back there is a chance that they don't have your medication on site because it's not an emergency medicine. So now the list has to be faxed to the pharmacist for approval and then they will send the patients medication the next afternoon. I told the nurse, because my husband has COPD his medication is emergency. When they were giving him his breathing treatment at 8 pm the albuterol was used with a machine that sounded like someone turned on the lawn mower and my husband said he didn't feel like enough of the medication came through. I didn't realize how many websites there were for this same place because I picked the first one I came across and when I clicked on testimonials, it said, to come, that's why I thought it was a brand new facility. My husband goes well maybe they don't have enough government grant money. I laughed and informed him that this is not a government run facility and that his insurance pays for it. I left him alone yesterday for his first full day to see how they were going to handle therapy. I know one thing that when my husband asked for ball device to breathe into to exercise his lungs, I was told that it had to be approved by the doctor first. I had it so I kissed my husband bye and left.
If you have a choice, please don't send your loved ones to this facility. I have to wait for Tuesday to call the insurance company to see if he can be moved to a better place.

Do not even try

This place is poorly run, there is no overall organization from nursing to cleanliness to daily care and feeding. A friend of a relative was so badly taken care of at this place that got an intestinal illness. She constantly had feeces under her fingernails which probably caused the infection. Her clothes were not washed and when washed they got lost. MH&RC is too small for the number of residents or the staff is not trained right to handle the residents.

They didn't change my mother, [removed] several UTI's. They do not take responsibility for their actions when things go wrong. They have given the wrong medication on several occasions. If you try to get management to take responsibility for their actions, they told us " if you don't like the care you are getting, go somewhere else."

High Care, High Fees

That was more of a nursing home and rehab than assisted living so they’ve got more of the severe cases. Because of that, the fees are really high.