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Customer Reviews

We love the personal attention she gets here.

Going well

Things are going well at Life Quality Homes. So far, I do not have any complaints about the staff or the home. So far, things are good and we are having a good experience at this facility.

A very good alternative to care in a larger facility

Life Quality Care Home was a wonderful alternative to care in a larger facility. Although my aunt died in her first five weeks there, I think it was just her time to go. The staff cared for her well, made her comfortable and treated her with dignity during her last days.

Tried to keep my Aunt happy while she was there

My Aunt died in her first month there. The people took care of her well and did the best they could to keep her going and happy. I think it was just my Aunt's time.

Loma Linda house Life Quality Homes(LQH)

Originally I had my mother at a well known memory care facility. That was an ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE. Her doctor said that if I didn't get her out of there she would continue to decline and not live much longer. I found Life Quality Homes and immediately fell in love with the staff AND the residents. The owner, is such a truly wonderful person. He cares and it shows and will always take the time to address any concerns (which I really didn't have any) or just sit down and chat for a while when he's there. He's not fake like other places trying to show their charm to get your business. He's genuine. My mother told me how mean and disregarding most of the staff was at the other establishment but there were a few good ones that I truly loved. However, she had no complaints about any of the girls at Loma Linda. My mom began to thrive when she got there and even gained weight! Family is welcome anytime and to stay as long as they'd like to be with their loved one. That was perfect because I was there every single day with my mom for a couple hours a day. I was very upset because my mother only had enough money to live there for about a year. Then she would have hade to move to a government funded nursing home and I was sick with worry because my mom would have declined severely for lack one on one care. The two employees I mentioned above offered to volunteer their services and help me with a fund raiser to be able to keep my mom there as long as possible. They said, "we love Miss Shirley and never want to lose her." That was a tearful moment to put it mildly. I'm in no way implying that any of the employees would do that, it's simply because at the time I had mentioned to them what I was doing and they wanted to help in anyway they could.That has nothing to do with LQH. Although they worked there that was only to describe the type of wonderful people they are. I know a few of the staff are still at LQH's but I know of 3 who aren't. The others are also wonderful. The head CNA that was in charge of everything, was everything I could ever ask for. Whenever she went to the grocery store she always asked my mom if she wanted anything special. My mother worried about her working because she was pregnant. It caused a lot of anxiety for my mom to see that which sometimes caused her to panic and become difficult to handle. The head girl made a point not to do too much lifting or strenuous work if she was in view of my mom. Now who do you know that would do that? They took care of her the same as I did. Lots of love and compassion. As I said, I was with my mom everyday and one day brought chocolate milk shakes for both of us to drink together. I got her seated at the dining room table and went in the kitchen to get straws and she started to get up to come with me and got her foot hooked around the chair and fell to the ground about 15 feet in front of me. She had just finished her physical therapy right before that and felt great. Sadly she broke her hip. The head girl became so upset. She felt bad because she's responsible for every resident even though I told her it wasn't her fault. If this would have happened when I wasn't there I wouldn't have had a doubt in my mind that it would have been preventable and there would be absolutely no neglect involved. Not even for a second. She came to see mom in the hospital everyday just like she does for all the sick residents she's had. After surgery and a brief hospital stay, there was nothing they could do for my mom. After surgery she woke up and couldn't even form a sentence and gave up on life that quick. Anesthesia was too much for her brain to handle along with other factors. I asked the head girl if they would let me take her back to Loma Linda to die and right away she made all the phone calls and helped hospice come in and set up everything in her room. They allowed me to bring a sleeping bag and I stayed on the floor next to her bed for 5 days. I never left her side and they allowed me to use my mom's shower so I didn't have to leave her. On the 5th, night which was her last night, I got in her bed and held her until she died the next morning. They say we're all family so they make you feel so incredibly welcome. The girls always came in and checked on her and asked if I needed anything. All of the girls that worked there are angels and I love them so much and so did my mom and they loved her. They're the hardest working and patient people I know. The owner, John, he has the girls pull 2- 24 hour shifts in which they sleep there so the residents don't have a numerous amount of change in care givers which makes it easier and less confusing for the residents. They're very skilled at keeping them calm. There are a total of 8 residents and from 8am to 5pm there are 3 caregivers, one of them being the head girl that runs it all. Between the night hours when there's less care needed there are 2 girls that stay over night. Compare that to my mom's previous facility of 1 caregiver to 15 residents. I can't personally speak for any new staff currently employed at Loma Linda of course because my mom passed June 28th of last year so I don't know them. But if there's even a fraction of a reflection of the previous girls I can't recommend them highly enough. I'm sure they're wonderful because John would expect nothing less.

Extended family forever

A family emergency forced me to find a permanent care facility for my dad over a weekend. We had visited a couple years earlier, liked "the feel" of the family atmosphere but were still able to care for Dad at home. When my mom (primary caretaker) was hospitalized for a long while after emergent surgery, Doug went above and beyond making a place for Dad. The staff, especially Elenor were wonderful, kind people that Dad loved and I felt close to immediately. He has since passed away from ling cancer but I will forever feel blessed to have known Life Quality Homes .

I instantly liked this place. It tru...

I instantly liked this place. It truly is like being in a family home. The people seem to be content, the staff is very friendly and I think it is going to be very good for Dad. His needs, which are now hospice care, don't require all the frills of the other assisted living facilities. He will be kept comfortable, clean, well fed and cared for with compassion which is truly what I want for him at this time.

From the Community

Life Quality Homes #4 at Loma Linda in Colorado Springs, CO. We provide the best in assisted living because of our personal experience with our Mother who was diagnosed with early onset AlzheimerÆs at age 52. We proudly provide a safe and secure option for your family member or loved one in a residential type setting to ensure the best care possible for your specific needs. We have developed a unique approach to assisted living because we have been where you are and know how difficult the process can be when deciding on moving a loved one to a different environment. We strive to provide the best care for your loved one with AlzheimerÆs, dementia, or memory issues to keep the dignity and respect they deserve. We will provide a well-trained handpicked staff to ensure the quality of our care. Your loved one will be safe and secure living here even if their mental state is greatly compromised. Several things that set us apart from other facilities include a beautiful fenced in backyard for residents who wander, detailed attention to personal needs like bathing, grooming, and dressing, professional hair and foot care, music and aromatherapy, laundry and housekeeping services, assistance with moving in, and a locked in monthly rate that will not change. Life Quality Homes selects individual activities for each resident to ensure daily activities instead of just having specific activities that your loved one might not enjoy. Three well balanced meals and snacks are prepared for all residents to maintain a healthy lifestyle as possible.