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About Larry's Lake House 2 - Fulshear, TX

Larry's Lakehouse
Don't let the fun name of our facility fool you. While we do promote smiles, Larry's Lakehouse is quite serious about the business of personal care. Let us show you how our unique Assisted Living Facility in a beautiful high end residential home is your Solution.

We live in a time where the aging population is expanding faster than at any other time in recent history. Our active senior community faces increasing challenges to living safely and independently. These real challenges must be addressed in a measurable way if we are to avoid the known hazards facing our aging population:

Two of the most daunting are:
Preventable accidents and

To achieve this goal, we are focused on utilizing the best research driven methods and proven strategies known today. We welcome you to see for yourself this unique, research driven, personal care home in Katy, Texas and find out what we have to offer in the way of residential, luxury living.

The Economics:
Aging adults are struggling to stay in their own homes and avoid institutions, yet the price of this endeavor can compound quickly with unplanned trips to the hospital or doctors office for situations that could be avoided. Private in home care, transportation, increasing needs for personal assistance and the financial cost of maintaining a private home can become quite expensive.

Our goal is to provide a simple plan that will allow our residents to live independently, in a beautiful, safe and warm environment, allowing them to age with grace and dignity. Residents enjoy kind hearted companionship and personal assistance 24 hours a day. Daily routines that offer assistance with stimulating and personally designed care plans offer the difference between just getting by, and thriving with activities that nurture the soul.

The research based strategies adopted at Larry's Lakehouse, are proven to be the most effective model in the country today. Life Planning allows residents to live longer lives, enjoying better health and personal fulfillment than was before possible. Larry's Lakehouse Life Planning utilizes research based methods of care and individualized care plans to provide increased safety and wellbeing to our residents.

These models have been associated with the following outcomes:
38% greater autonomy
23% increase in quality of life
37% fewer hospitalizations
63% fewer unsafe occurrences
6 times greater medication compliance