Lakewest Rehabilitation and Skilled Care - Dallas, TX

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Customer Reviews

Neglectful facility

If I could give 0 stars I would. This place will neglect your loved one, they will likely fall and sustain major damage just like my loved one. She hasn't been there 3 months yet and she's already taking her last breaths as I type this. No one there but maybe 1 person cares about their job. They let the patients cry and scream, the place smells of urine so bad it's inhumane. I hated going to this place to see my loved one. If you truly care and have compassion PLEASE DO NOT EVER PUT YOUR LOVED ONE AT THIS FACILITY!!

horrible facility

This facility is horrendous. Filthy, a zoo smells better. Do not place your family there. The resident dr could care less about his patients, treated our family horribly. Two staff members were fighting in the cafeteria in front of the residents. [Removed] to our dad, [Removed] care


If you are considering this place DO NOT take a family member to this place if you love them. They do not give them the care they need. I have a family member that passed away there and it was so unusual and when we started asking around and asking the room mate his room mate suddenly passed away as well. They cover up their mistakes