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A concern for others

My parent was admitted to this hospital for rehab and after a few days, the entire hospital was without hot water for 4-5 days! In addition, on the day of our departure, our PT person did not show up and there was no backup so we had no therapy at all on our last day.

On our last visit, my parent was struggling with breathing and barely able to transfer from the bed to the chair without considerable effort. The hospital argued and insisted that criteria had been met and all was well enough to leave,.

My parent was wheeled to my car and sent us on our way.

Worst place I've been to

The servers is bellow par thay tryed to over charge my insurance l needed a new wheelchair i had chosen were i wanted toget my wheelchair only to have them choose one fore me i would not recommend kindred rehabilitation hospital to anyone

Steady Improvement

My elderly father (91) has been an inpatient here @ Clear Lake 3 times in the past 8 months. Our first experience here was not very good overall. He required very specialized and attentive medical care as he recovered from shoulder replacement surgery. He was quite helpless and very needy. I felt that there was very little communication from the medical staff with the family and sometimes I felt the tech staff treated him a little callously. We were never included in the decisions to administer medications or with regard to treatment even though there was ALWAYS a family member with him .... 24 hrs a day. With each admission his medical care got slightly better, tho I had learned that success requires very careful attention to each element in order to stay in the loop. Information does not come naturally. It must be pursued. The nursing staff's interpersonal skills improved every time. By the last visit they were friendly, kind and caring. The dietary staff was very involved and interested in making sure he was served meals he would eat, keeping him healthy and making his progress easier to manage. The case managers are always available for conversations about his care and any problems I may be having with the staff. Yet, the real stars of the facility are the physical and occupational therapists. Every admission has been exceptional. He was always treated with firm yet kind, supportive structure no matter how uncooperative he might try to be and, so, he made great progress. Each stay ended with very positive results, physically. His last visit included an outpatient portion and, so, he has been at the facility 3 times a week for 6 weeks. The outpatient staff is as exceptional as the inpatient group and I have been very pleased with his progress and care.

below avreage

Poor social support /social work services. poor communication to family. rehab services are OK. Nurses need to be watched and reminded of care. Overall not a pleasant experience


If you are in need of rehabilitation, you have found the best there is. The staff genuinely cares about everyone that seeks rehab care. They take the time to explain why you are doing a certain motion. They insure that you are doing things correctly. There is no belittling but true care. The nourishment is good and they take into consideration your needs as prescribed by you physician. The nurses and aides are first class! They make sure your needs are met. Once again, they explain why a certain medication is dispensed and if they don't have an answer, no guessing, they check with the pharmacy or physician. This is a first class rehabilitation hospital and it shows with the care each and every patient receives.

Good Communication

They were very good. I liked the staff. They were very good about returning phone calls and contacting me if there were problems. The therapists were very patient which is good because my aunt is pretty stubborn.