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Customer Reviews

Things fine until he got sick This is when he really needs a friend.

My brother has been at Joshuas Foundation for over a year but fell and had to have hip surgery then had a stroke. I am disappointed in Joshuas Foundation not taking any interest in him since has has been so sick. I have always tried to be kind to them and all I expect was for them to visit and bring him some of his T-shirts and comfortable clothing he had for PT. Am pretty disappointed at this time.

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Joshuas Place loves my Brother

I am so happy with the change in my brother since he is living at Joshua's Foundation. They are so good to him and he always tells me about what they had to eat, which is a good thing. He uses the phone there to call me almost every day and is always upbeat. I wish he was closer but would never consider moving him. Living there is more like home.He has made a lot of friends also. Knowing he is in such good hands has taken a burden off my heart. Thank you for being so good to my brother. If I could make one suggestion it would be to get a more up to date phone system. I have no number to get in touch with my brother is there was an emergency. The only phone they have is the one hooked up to the fax machine. I have to dial over and over to get through. Was told there is no other number I can call if there is a true emergency. Other than that love the facility.

A great small community place for my husbands mom.

Joshua's has great staff that is very friendly, kind and caring. It has been a very safe place for my mother in law and she has really nestling into the small community there. She requires a little extra care as she is a fall risk with her parkinsons and they have accommodated her very well.