Casa Bella Assisted Living - Las Cruces, NM

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Customer Reviews

Mom is settling in

Mom likes this place it is brand new and always clean. She is in the memory center it is well lit and warm. The food is good here and you have lots of options to choose from. The staff is really nice. They do physical therapy here by walking around the community. They will clean her room weekly and it smells clean. I would recommend this community.

I feel like I'm getting what I'm paying for

My mom is here right now and so far so good. I’m pretty pleased with everything and everything seems perfect. There’s only one area that I’m not pleased with but that’s being taken care of soon. When the main manager is there, she’s very good at helping my mom with things, but I feel like she should really make sure that the people that are working for her are doing their job. Other than that, I’m happy with everything else. I like the way they treat my mom, they’re really good with that. The facility is very clean and they keep up with everything there. The food is very good. They serve balanced, home cooked meals and she’s even eating more now that she’s there and that’s a positive. The things that matter, they’re really good. I definitely feel like I’m getting my money’s worth for the care that she’s getting and the aids are really nice.

A Place for Pop

When we first found Casa Bella, my dad’s condition had started deteriorating. He had a stage 3 bedsore from a previous facility and we couldn’t seem to get it under control. Whenever I was able to get my dad into Casa Bella, the next time I visited him it had been remedied. This facility is a blessing and I’ve already recommended it to friends. Their staff consists of nurse practitioners and they’re so easy to communicate with. They always seem to have the answer and if they don’t then they find it. The food is alright, it’s definitely nutritious and there’s plenty of it. Everything is always clean. They give baths 3 times a week, the trash is almost nonexistent, the laundry is done daily, and everyone gets the care they need when they need it. This place only holds 10 people so the cost can be a bit much but I’d rather my dad get the care he deserves. There’s plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained like coloring books, games, and other mental activities that stimulate the residents. Cable is even included! The director of this facility is simply wonderful and I couldn’t have chosen a better place for my dad to stay.

Good place for Pop

The director of Casa Bella was the main reason for choosing this place for my father. [Removed] is a terrific person.
The place is clean and staffed with friendly help. I do notice that when she is there it runs like a smooth sailing ship. When she is not the help tends to be slacking slightly. Just my observation.
I want to thank [Removed] for helping me find this home for pop. As he seems to be adjusting pretty well.

The staff was friendly and the clients seemed happy. The facility was nice.