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My Uncle has been in this community for 2 years, i have seen many changes and would like to acknowledge my appreciation. The new management has changed many areas of the community, they are approachable and listen to our issues. To me It is feeling more like home, smells clean and has improved overall cleanliness. They still have room for more improvement but I am happy with what I have seen changed over the last view months.


The worst place you can send your loved one and the worst place you can work at! Turn over rate is extremely too high , staff & managers cuss and argue in front of senior citizens and to them as well, they have bedbugs, mice, and roaches in kitchen because staff are not clean AND they don't hardly keep the place in general clean. Staff are eatting before your loved ones and one actual spit in my grandfathers food because they didn't like him! This place is outrageous!!!!!!!!! Please don't send anyone u care about to work here or to live. If someone in higher authority is reading this PLEASE COME AND SHUT THIS PLACE DOWN and wipe all the staff clean even the head boss and start clean.

Don't send your enemy here!

Don't, don't, dont subject your love one to the [Removed] naughty trap. It is short staff, big turn over, not clean, mice infested and dirty. There is no need to label your love one clothes because your are 99.999999% guaranteed to get someone else's clothes. And the worst part of this is that they will put your love one in a top which is 2 times too small...
So, please read the other reviews. We are living proof and experience of Ivy Stone formally Bentley Senior Living. The name change does not made the place a better place for the love ones.

Please dont put your love one In this place its dirty and nasty they under staff and dont have the right medical supplies and treat patients nasty.

My mother died in this place. She had dementia, and because I had no other options, I had to find a facility to care for her. I picked Bentley because it was close to home and I could visit often, which I did. For about three years, I visited my mother at least 4 times a week and the longer she stayed in this place, the harder it was for me to come to grips with the reality of the situation.

The staff turnover was extremely high, and it was evident that the place wanted nurses and CNA's right out of school, after they put in their probation period, they left, likely they didn't get a raise, so the practice of looking for newly graduated staff was constantly in place.
Often, staff worked double shifts because of call outs or terminations of other staff. I inquired about this regularly.

When a company treats their employees like crap, what can you expect for patient care? I constantly complained about the lack of consistent care for my Mom, the bugs and general dirtiness of the facility and lack of concern from management. I wouldn't recommend this facility for anyone that cares about their loved ones. The State should shut this dump down and investigate their practices.

From the Community

Ivystone Senior Living is a state of the art assisted living and memory care community, offering a full compliment of amenities and supportive services designed to maximize independence and encourage a healthy, active lifestyle.

We are dedicated to maintaining our reputation as the best assisted living community for our residents and staff. Regarded as one of New Jersey’s premier assisted living communities, we are redefining excellence in elder care by ensuring that each one of our residents enjoys an independent lifestyle unparalleled in the industry. In addition to providing superior care for our residents, we also offer support and piece of mind for their families.