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Customer Reviews

Needed your trust and care to be real.

First I like to say how nice everyone seemed. Our first interview with Greg was friendly and it kinda gave me hope that I could trust a person coming into our home caring for my husband or at least being there as a buddy system.
Then the day came for a "trail run" sorta speak, to see if your company could help by allowing me to do the things I needed to do without worrying about my husband safety. I thought I would be getting comfort knowing that I could leave for 3 hrs, but instead when I got back my husband mentioned the gentleman who was here, "Sterling" although very nice and pleasant man, fell asleep while watching a movie with my husband. This of course is my husband's opinion and I haven't called your company to confirm this because I'm so angry on "How could this be?"

All I know is I needed a DEPENDABLE person/company to help me have some time to myself so I don't go insane by being the only person taking care of him or time to do errands. My husband, Rob isn't at the point yet of total hospital care or home nursing. Just short term memory loss of forgetting the steps of making coffee, changing the t.v. channel, repeating stories and every day items sometimes in the wrong spot. He is still a caring, loving and good man who loves his home.

But I do need a person/ company I can trust and has my husband best interest in hand, most of all, be there for him! Even for a simple question or help in anyway. NOT make him worry if "waking up" the care taker is OK to do.
If this turns out to be maybe the care taker just wasn't paying attention to Rob, that too worries me and isn't acceptable.
By the way, has anyone contacted his insurance to see if Blue Shield covers home care? You did ask for the insurance information $66 for care isn't cheap when one has lost their job when caring for love ones.

We started with assistance ...

We started with assistance for 3 hours every am and have increased to am assistance and pm assistance. My father is very pleased with the service and we have found the individuals dependable and very flexible as to his needs.

They do a pretty good job, but they have trouble finding the same people everyday to come out.

They do a pretty good job, but they have trouble finding the same people everyday to come out. There is no consistency of caregivers. The caregivers seem pretty knowledgeable and friendly, and they do always have someone come out, just not always the same person.

Wasn't Happy

I wasn't happy after the whole thing. There was no follow up. The girl that came was really sweet and nice and all but I just wasn't pleased with it. I had to pay for it in advance with a credit card and then they sent me a bill saying I owed them money. I called and told them I already paid and the guy on the other end said they made a mistake but he wasn't caring or anything. It felt like they thought I'm an older person and I wouldn't remember paying or something. I wasn't happy.

From the Provider

We have been providing the highest quality in home care with qualified caregivers in Butte County since 1998 - serving Chico, Paradise, Magalia, Orland and Oroville. We are able to provide in home care in your loved ones home, families home, senior living community or assisted living facility. For families who wish to have one on one care for their elderly loved one in a hospital or skilled nursing setting, Interim HomeStyle Services of Chico can accommodate each situation.

Interim HomeStyle Services has a commitment to educating seniors and their families regarding in home care and their caregiving options. Education is key in making an informed decision; which will in turn make the entire experience a positive one.

We have earned the trust of our clients and families, and we continue to respect our seniors by helping them age in a way that offers the enriched quality of life they deserve. Because, above all else, we value the uniqueness of every individual.