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Customer Reviews

Excellent rehab, but as far as long term they were understaffed.

As far as their rehab is concerned, it was excellent, but as far as long term they were understaffed. I could not give them a good report. He was there about a month and he worked very hard because he wanted to get home. The rehabilitation service is excellent, but the place is not. The first day I went there he wasn't eating, he didn't have a tray, when I went to check they said he asked him and he said he wasn't hungry. He couldn't remember whether he ate that day or not, they should have known what to do. We had to be there every day two or three times a day for a few hours to feed him. Half the time they gave him food he couldn't chew. They were short handed, and he would want to go to the bathroom and there was no one there to take him. he had gotten out of bed and fallen a few times so they put them in wheelchairs and sit him at the nurses station. I guess it was fairly clean, although one time when I visited I noticed that he was incontinent and he hadn't been changed and I was doing the laundry and the guy in his room had dropped some spaghetti on the floor and no one cleaned it up for two days. The month he was there people were complaining and one woman was threatening a law suit. They were understaffed and every one was nice but they weren't equipped to handle his needs.