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Customer Reviews

Unfortunately my mom passed away 5 days after her live in companion started. [name removed] was wonderful!

Does not do what they advertise

The agency’s aides do not preform all the advertised services like cooking, light housekeeping or laundry: all services I specifically asked about. When asked what does meal preparation mean, I was told “if you mom wants a roasted chicken, they will make her a roasted chicken.” To be direct and honest from my experience, you are lucky if they know even how to use a microwave. If you need someone to simply watch TV with your loved one or just talk to them, then they are okay. Sometimes there were miscommunications with scheduling and they have a poor procedure when aides call in sick. They also give the impression that they only want long term or patients needing a full week in of. care. When we started to cut days and hours it became even more difficult to get quality aides. One of the aide also lacked the professionalism and maturity I would expect for someone working with a family dealing with the challenge of trying to find quality care for their loved one. Finally, I had mentioned these issues to A place for mom and have not received any feedback.

Wonderful Care

The Caregivers my father-in-law had from Home Companion Services were wonderful. They were so patient and understanding of his needs.
Thank You

Absloutly Lovely

The people with Home Companion Services were absolutely lovely. The woman I spoke with on the phone was so nice, and the woman she sent to the house, [Removed], was incredible. She was so kind, extremely professional, and she did everything. She was there 24 hours a day, and she was so good keeping everything under control.

Great service!

The care that my loved one is receiving from Home Companion services is great! The staff is very friendly and they make sure to keep everything clean. What really stands out to me is the head of the company. She went above and beyond to make sure that my loved one was taken care of! She was wonderful!

Not a good fit!

The people here were very helpful and nice. The only thing is that mom was looking for services that can help her and help around the house. This company just basically provided companion care. Just did not work out.

Great Community with great care

This is a great services. They are very professional and the staff is outstanding in every area. The food is very good and a variety. They offer great activities. We would recommend this for other families wanting good care for a loved one.

Worst Care

Poor services, unable to contact them when an emergency this weekend April 30, 2016. I contacted them on behalf of my sister and her husband under whose care they were.
One of the aide yelled and screamed at the patient so loud I was scared hearing her, I happened to be on the phone with my sister at that time.
The voice message is of no use, there is no "Tone" to leave a message, and the voice mail saying a coordinator's phone # is unclear.

Companion is punctual, personable, experienced and conscientious. However, the company does not participate with Medicare or Medicaid.

Satisfied with services

I was very happy with the services and companionship my husband received while I was recovering from surgery. I would not hesitate to recommend Home Companion Services. The caregiver was very good and we had good clear and concise communication throughout the process.

Highly recommended for peace of mind while you work

I recently hired Home Companion Services to assist my mom during the weekdays 11-3 while I am at work. My mom 85, still lives alone in an apartment but needed assistance with meals and medication management during the day as she has become unable to continue doing it for herself. Since her home companion has been helping her, I see a big improvement in her when I visit her after work. It is a tremendous relief to me to know that she is eating well and taking her asthma medication on time . I had anticipated that mom would resist the idea of a home companion however the companion is so sweet, kind, and patient that mom LOVES her and looks forward to her visits each day. I am so glad I decided to hire Home Companion Services. I have been researching assisted living facilities and I know that may be in the future once mom can no longer be well cared for in her own place however for now this is a wonderful means of allowing her to remain in her own place with assistance. I would recommend this service highly !!!!!

We're quite happy with Home Companion...

We're quite happy with Home Companion Services. The caregiver they send out is great. Overall, we're very satisfied.

Thank you Home Companion Services and IC

I have used Home Companion Services for my dad for five weeks and everything is going great! My dad's companion is professional, on time, and very attentive to my dad. It is a relief to come home from work and know that my dad has been well taken care of and is happy. She keeps me well informed of the day's events. Dad's companion is very attentive to my needs as a caregiver too. She has been flexible if I need to work longer or run an errand. I am grateful to go to work with peace of mind and grateful to have the services of a compassionate, trustworthy companion.

Friendly and Helpful

They really do a good job. They are very friendly and helpful. They really make it feel like company rather then like we are paying for the service. We are very happy with them and would recommend them to anyone looking for these services.