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Nannies For Grannies

This Company is not Absolutely there's no place like home. Its Nannies for Grannies in patchogue.
Let me tell you my experience- i had no nurse come to my home and do an assessment of my mother. I had an aide with experience who spoke no English. She was on her phone yelling at her children. She was not even legal to work without papers.She she told me that she never went to office and had no idea even where it was. she had no certificate . Here is the best -the Agency told her to make up a Care plan and send it to the office. WHAT!!!! this Agency says they are licensed. Well they shouldn't be. The staff on weekends dont even call back when i had and issue. If staff did they responded hours later with no back up plan. I give them no Stars. I was very unsatisfied and surelyl eft the Agency fast.

very professional

I thought that the agency was very professional. They had everything in writing, and the administration of things was really great.

We have only had a few days of experience, but based on that I would highly recommend them. They are very expensive, but then most services like this are and you get what you pay for.

No nursing--all homemaker a...

No nursing--all homemaker assistance; 24/7 phone line; at a distance from NY--unsure of staff supervision

Too early to tell

They are also known as "Nannies for Grannies" and "Nannys for Grannys" --- because of the time difference [being on opposite sides of the country] it has been difficult coordinating communications with them; which is not necessarily the fault of the staff. I have requested itemized invoices with the hours and work performed and am still waiting to receive them. It has only been a couple of weeks and my mom can sometimes be resistant to their care, but that may not be their fault. I met some of the applicants they seemed nice and hardworking. I have left messages on their emergency line's voicemail and it took over 48 hours to be returned. As I stated the time difference may be partially to blame, but it does not seem that the emergency phone number they provide is staffed or checked on weekends. All and all it is too early to give a detailed assessment, it has neither been a roaring success nor failure.