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Customer Reviews

I could not have made a better choice for my dad!! The staff take time to listen to your concerns. Although we had issues he and there, the staff address all the concerns immediately . I am so proud to have this facility in our community

Shut it down or Shake up the management

After 7 days, Director basically kicked Dad out because he was trying to escape (wheel chair bound and cannot stand on his own, let alone open the doors). She told my MIL it was the only choice to have him moved to a lock down facility 40 minutes away. Nursing staff is unresponsive. 1 to 2 hours wait time and no response after calling them. Overheard several of the elderly saying noone would help them. They leave them sitting, staring at walls, alone for hours with no interaction. I believe it must be State Inspection time, as they did not want Dad in the facility and made it clear that he was to be discharged. He was only suppose to stay here 2-3 weeks while we got some testing done for surgery. What a mess.

A good place for rehab

My dad spent a month doing rehab at Hollymead. He didn't want to go initially, as he always told me "don't you ever stick me in one of those homes". After realizing he was just there for therapy and to come back home, he had a good experience. The weekends were sometimes short staffed so sometimes it would take more time to get something. Staff was generally nice and cared for dad. Sometimes the night shift was a little loud when talking in the halls. The food was better than expected for a nursing home. The therapy team was great and they did an incredible job getting dad back up on his feet. Justin the administrator called us a couple weeks after we went home to see how dad was doing, which I thought was a nice courtesy. Overall dad had a good experience.

Kind and professional

My mother spent a few weeks here in July. Staff was kind to her and seemed to care about how she was doing. Sometimes the call lights took a little long to get answered but it was better than her previous stay at another facility in Lewisville last year. The food was usually good. The nurse that took care of her during the week (Max) was great and really nice.

Looks can be Deceiving!!!!

New and beautiful BUT the Hollymead Staff is by far the worse we've ever encountered over the last 4 years of my father's overall care. He was only there for 5 days but I would NEVER take him back. Since he is basically wheelchair bound since his stroke he needed help to get to the bathroom (my mother had to help) they never came. He was taken to the cafe to eat but left there afterwards to be sitting there by himself. (He pushed himself with one hand to try to get help at the "Nurse's station" but when he asked if they could help him the rest of the way, they acted like he wasn't even there) He came in on Monday and didn't have a bath until Thursday (Hospice care took care of this). He called for help on Thursday to get his urinal since they left it in the bathroom BUT they never came. Since he had no help so his last resort was to relive himself in his pillow. It broke my heart just how cruel they were to him. I hate to think what happens to the others that have no family to check on their care. On Friday after he was put into the ambulance to go back home, they came out to count his medication. When my mother went though all the medication that was since they were missing the "Morphine" that was never used since he was never in any physical pain! She called this in to Hospice Care!