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Customer Reviews

A very good place.

It is unfortunate that the rating is low due to staffing issues.
However this 2018 and I believe that things have improved some what.

I have never seen staff just sitting and gossiping, they are working. Working very hard and are very pleasant and caring. Yes it does help if family can assist at meal times.
This facility is clean, fresh and safe! The fixed cost for BC nursing care is a LOT cheaper than Ontario.

I for one am grateful to all the staff who take care of my Mother. Credit where credit is due!

Thank you to each and every one of you.

lack of staff at hilltop house

My dad has lived at hilltop house for over 3 years now. The problem at hilltop house is lack of staff for the needs of the residents in care. Staff also phone in sick, and sometimes are not replaced, they run short. There are no licensing regulations for adult care in facilities and this needs changing. We have no choice as family members and watch our loved ones being left in soaking wet depends, inconsistent staffing, sometimes not taken to activities and just left in their room between meals. Most of the staff and nurses try their best and work hard, the problem is just not enough staff to do the job. I have personally seen one care aid trying to feed 6 residents at a time on night shifts. So unless a family member goes up and helps out, this is the type of care your loved one will receive.

poor staffing

Staffing is below adequate standard because most of the time we hear sorry we are short-handed from staff for poor philosophy of care, specially on swing shifts and weekends. [removed]
I call this [removed and [removed], It means residents can be left for hours in incontinence pads, risking dangerous skin and urinary tract infection, I seen my mother this way several time. If any one cares they can check the records.