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go elsewhere

I was a patient of dwelling place for ~4months for a leg injury. they charge ~$3000/month which is very overpriced for the lack of service offered.
during my time there, I was discriminated against 2 times by both the managers (the male- [name removed]- accused me of being demented even though I was there for my physical injury- and proceeded to mock me physically; the female- [name removed]- constantly denied my diagnosed condition of autism, and when i was showing this diagnosis to my mother, [name removed] actually called me 'an autistic [language removed]'. twice)
they also keep their severely mentally ill patients (dementia, parkinsons disease, down syndrome, etc) mixed with the regular patients mostly (the demented ppl were caught breaking into rooms and stealing food off of other's plates- which the staff didnt do much to stop from happening) which is a risk due to the increased mental symptoms one would experience living in such an environment, especially due to the fact there are no psychiatrists on location, and the staff are grossly underqualified to run such an establishment (they only provided references for a local family doctor, but spend more time trying to convert the patients to christianity and or judaism with their constant flooding of religious propaganda seeking to replace valid psychiatry with this- the religious channel daystar is flooded constantly on the public television, and hearing the mentally disturbed patients lashing out and verbally abusing the staff is a very common occurance- a sign that the religious propaganda only serves to polish the delusions of the management- not to ease the suffering of the patients)
and they also have a known con artist [name removed] (look up that name, he has been to jail numerous times for fraud- preying upon the elderly, which is precisely who they have him preying upon posing as a pastor. the management considers him a "good friend"
if u are looking for somewhere to reside or for ur loved ones to reside. look elsewhere. u will be happy and so will ur finances.