Hillside Nursing Ctr - Wake Forest, NC

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Customer Reviews

You will stop looking when you tour Hillside

My mother has lived in Assisted Living at Hillside since November 2015, and I would recommend this facility whole-heartedly.

Hillside is very clean. I am impressed that it does not smell like urine as do most nursing homes that I have visited.

The staff is extremely caring. They go out of their way to help their residents. For example, the make sure that Mom eats her meals when she does not want to go to the dining room at meal time. Quite often, they will later reheat her meal and allow her to eat in the dining room while checking on her often or they will take the meal to her room.

The staff is friendly and helpful. The residents are friendly towards each other, also. They have bright and spacious semi-private rooms, plus they offer a few private rooms.

Each Friday afternoon they have a "Social" with a special treat...strawberry shortcake, S'mores, pumpkin pie for example. And on the third Friday, they have birthday cake and ice cream to celebrate the residents who have a birthday that month.

After having parents in several other facilities, this one tops them all by far!

So Sad

Not so great. Visited a fellow church member recently. I just didn't get the positive, caring feeling one would expect from a facility in this industry. There was an odor that hit you as soon as pass through the beautiful lobby into the hallway where rooms are. The CNA that was taking care of my friend that day did not even speak to me when she came into the room. Does not seem like a place anyone would want to spend their last days.


Went to check out for my mother in law. I just wasn't impressed. Nothing was terribly bad, but nothing was great either. Did have a bit of odor in hallways. I noticed several
empty beds in rooms. Not at full capacity.


I work in the industry and was accompanying a friend to tour facility. Hillside has a great facade, but when you get deep into the depths of the hallways, etc. - not so good.
Strong urine odor, pieces of trash, dirty rubber gloves, etc on floors in some rooms. Did not get positive vibes as walked through halls. CNA's didn't appear to be overly friendly or happy with their jobs. I advised my friend to
look elsewhere.

Um..... not so good.

Looking for facility to place my mother. Front lounge area very nice but full care nursing areas had urine/feces odor and flies were in the couple of rooms we toured. Looks like all money and emphasis goes into the Rehab portion of this
nursing home. Also not very friendly. Not one staff member looked up to say hello in hallways. Hillside has made improvements but still has a long way to go. I will not
consider leaving any loved one at this facility.