Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hospital - Aldie, VA

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Customer Reviews

Dishonest from the start

Great nurses, but dishonest management and doctors. I would not recommend this place on my worst enemy. Never could get a strait answer, left at least 10 messages with no call back. My issue was pushed to someone else every time I got to speak to someone. Was lied to from the start. It would have been nice if someone was up front with me from the start. What a waist of time.

Worst Case Manager I have had to deal with


They are all about profits and will only try and work with you if you are on Medicare. The Case manager is hopeless, prejudiced and thinks she knows what she is doing. blames everything on insurance and doesn't realize that's easy to figure out. We had a horrible experience dealing with the management including the directors. They lied and blamed everything to the insurance until we spoke to the insurance come to find out they had lied. This is a for-profit place, if you need the attention and if your health is important find another place to go. Here you are just a statistics and that is exactly how they deal with you. My relative had no dedicated OT the first week and was always pushed into group therapies. Or the therapist would come for 30 minutes instead of an hour. You literally have to quit your day job to monitor a loved one who is staying at this location otherwise nothing is done. You have to beg for them to give you baths etc. STAY AWAY if your health is important.

Highly recommend!

My experience there was excellent and included two different stays. After a traumatic fracture of my left femur and almost three weeks in a hospital, I was transferred to Healthsouth in Aldie, VA. I found the place extremely clean! The rooms are private with their own bathrooms and showers. The staff was mostly attentive! Unfortunately, hospital staffs (as I unfortunately found out in the number one trauma hospital in this area) can always vary. Most of the nursing staff here was wonderful. The support of the Occupation Therapy staff was great! The Physical Therapy staff was also wonderful. I had therapy almost every day. I was there for at least two weeks. Upon discharge, they arranged for me to have therapy at home and helped get a wheelchair for me.

A month or so after my first femur fracture, I was hospitalized for another surgery for a fracture of my right femur. Once again, I was transferred to Healthsouth. Again, except for one bad nurse, the staff was exceptional! The therapy staff was once again, very helpful and caring! After two weeks, I was discharged. They again arranged for me to have therapy at home and were available if I had any questions.

The food, although not restaurant quality, was way better than any hospital food that I have had before. They try to meet any nutritional needs.

Overall, I do not hesitate to recommend this facility to others. It is far better than any other places that my family looked at. My daughter and husband look at other facilities and were having nightmares about sending me to any of them.

Bad experience

My dad was admitted to the Aldie location after being discharged from the hospital. This was our first experience dealing with a rehab facility and it was a horrible one. It added stress and grief to an already bad situation.
He stayed there for one month and he developed a bed sore.
We, as concerned family members were constantly on his case worker because she seemed to not want to lift a finger to provide my with medical transport and or medical equipment for his appointments. The case worker there seemed to not want to help my dad and only did so upon our insistence.
The physical and occupational therapy teams were great. My dad showed great improvement in those areas.
The other complaint is that the medical staff seemed to be unavailable when we needed them. There is no schedule for rounds or anything like that. If want to speak to a doctor, prepare to wait. They were almost never around and needed to be paged in order for us to see them or talk to them.

Healthsouth fixed my mom!

My mother was transferred there after spending a month in the ICU from a brain aneurysm that caused a simultaneous stroke. She spent another month at Healthsouth. They did a fantastic job teaching her to walk, talk, as well as keeping her spirits up. The facility was very clean and new. Staff was always smiling and friendly.

Healthsouth was integral in her recovery. She's a miracle.

Aldie was easy to get in and out and easier to get to than the DC location. Also, easier for friends to visit her as well. Ample parking.

Only thing was the kitchen lunch closed at 1pm.

Highly recommend if you want your loved ones to get better sooner than later. :)

Left in worse shape than when she came in

They were recommended by the hospital that she was at and she was there over the holidays so that may have had something to do with it but it was not a good experience. They really didn't do anything with her, they just had her sitting in a chair the whole time but they really shouldn't have, they should have had her in a hospital bed. She was in worse shape by the time she left here and it was only for about a week.
It is a new facility, a very nice looking facility, but they just didn't pay much attention. She had problems with her lefs and they had these compression stockings. She was getting sores under there, she was in pretty bad shape when she went in but they just weren't paying any attention to her.

The care here was very good, I though...

The care here was very good, I thought it was very good. He was there not quite two weeks. It's beautiful, it's a very nice facility, the food's not great but it's better than the nursing home he was at before.