Gulf Health Care Center Texas City - Texas City, TX

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Customer Reviews

Good therapy

Came here for therapy on my shoulder. Could not lift my arm, now I have 100% range of motion. Nursing staff is friendly. Cnas are really helpful, especially Rose. I love the food. DON is caring and compassionate. Overall a positive experience!

Bad nursing home

My husband was here one month, the staff is not friendly at all. The staff is lazy all the do is huddle in the halls and talk and laugh. My husband would be soaked in the mornings all the way to his shoulder they would make him poop in his diaper to lazy to take him to the toilet. There would be days he would go without shower and shaved. I would complain they said it will get handle and it didnt. This place needs alot of help and new employees. I know this is a hard job but this place doesn't care about there residents. My husband is young I will not have him treated like this. It was sad to see him filthy all the time and dirty clothes on him. They would put dirty clothes back on him after a sponge bath instead of a shower, because to lazy to shower him. He got very rough because the way they made him use his diaper instead of taking him to shower.

No smell and excellent care

My father in law is here, he's had several strokes and now they say he isn't responding to any stimuli; they had him up and walking at one stage, but then he had another stroke. He's been going up and down and they have just been excellent. For the first week after he had a stroke, my mother in law was sort of staying there during the day and going home and they said they couldn't keep doing it because when we left and she stayed there she started wandering; so we didn't want them caring for her for free so we put her here too.
It's very, very clean, you don't have any smelly, urine smell or anything like that which we had come to associate with nursing places.