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My horrible experience with gregston nursing home

My mother was placed in this nursing home. The only thing that was wrong with her was depression and pain pill addiction and she had stopped eating. The goal was to get her medicine regulated and her appetite back and then she could come home. I would go see her every day around lunch and eat with her and visit. I would also call her every day or she would call me. Everything was great for the first month and a half. She had gained 20 pounds was eating good and her medicine seem to be under control. Then one day I went to see her and right off I knew something was wrong. They had started giving her some kind of drug that turned her into a zombie. She had fell down the same day and hurt her wrist and hand. From April 2016 until now August 2016 all of these things have happened to her. She has fell down at least 9 times and has broken her hip her shoulder her arm and her elbow is shattered Beyond repair.. She also had a urinary tract infection that they didn't treat and it turned into sepsis and nearly killed her. She also became severely dehydrated and nearly died from that too. Every time she has been hospitalized the doctors at the hospital take her off of the antipsychotic medicine then the nursing home put her right back on them. They say she has dementia. If she has dementia you're not supposed to give a dementia patient Zyprexa Trileptal Haldol or and a lot of the other things they have done. I have reported these people to several different agencies and the authorities with very little results. In retaliation they have banned me from the nursing home and have continued to abuse my mother. I found out that the dr. Over the nursing home is [removed] and [removed] is the executive director of the nursing home. This is a violation of their own code of ethics as they are supposed to notify you of any relationship in this business. I will continue to fight for justice for my mother until I get it or until I'm dead.