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Customer Reviews

Absolute Quality Care

When it became necessary for my 91 year old father to leave his independent living situation a social worker helped me find The Golden Swan Manor. I was extremely anxious about the move because we have absolutely no family in Arizona to check on my dad and he was coming from a high end retirement environment but he didn't want to come East at that point and needed total care. We were having difficulty with consistently satisfactory private care. Dad had some dementia but was otherwise "with it" but physically helpless and totally dependent for everything. As it is a group home there are only 10 residents. The staff consists of two full-time caregivers and additional personnel and providers who come and go throughout the day. My father received superior personal care. Physically he was cared for better than when we had private full time care for him at his previous retirement location which was extremely expensive. The owners of this home were very involved and always kept me informed. They oversaw all arrangements for his medical care and were very understanding about how stressful it was to be so far away and only Ben ble to visit every two months for a few days at a time. As there are only 10 residents most of whom obviously have medical issues and had strokes or some degree of dementia socializing isn't easy and it is a pretty quiet environment. Meals are eaten with 3 or 4 residents to a table and the menu is not decided by the residents. The food is fresh but not interesting or particularly good but if that and the too quiet atmosphere is all I could complain about we were lucky. My father was at The Golden Swan Manor for 19 months and died this past March. I am very grateful to the owner and her staff for taking care of my father and saving what sanity I had left! They really make the most of what is a very difficult situation for everyone.

Luxurious and Sterile

Absolutely gorgeous huge home and appears to be impeccably clean. Actually, it's a mansion. Multiple places for clients to relax. But the day I visited, there was not a resident in sight...where are they? Way too quiet here. Also, way too many rules for visitors. Cost is surprisingly comparable to much uglier, dirtier care homes. Probably a decent place if your loved one is accustomed to luxury surroundings; however, the lack of visible clients and the lack of any noise, even a TV, makes it seem sterile.