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Say the name Arizona, and chances are the first thing you think of is the Grand Canyon. And while that iconic landmark is undoubtedly worthy of attention, it is far from the only reason why this state of some 6.7 million residents is worthy of attention. If anything, the state is a bit of a dichotomy in action. The metropolitan area that surrounds state capital Phoenix is a busting area, but there are plenty of sweeping open spaces that feature the kind of flora, fauna, and brilliantly colored rock formations that captures the romance of the southwest. It is dominated by desert, but it also features mountains where snowfall is not unexpected. These juxtapositions make the state a rather intriguing place to live, and this is especially the case for seniors, thanks in part to the bevy of senior living communities that exist throughout the state.

A Look at Arizona

Because Arizona is in a desert, the high temperatures that it frequently gets in its non-mountainous regions are to be expected. But so are mild winters, and this latter temperature metric has long made the state alluring to retired "snowbirds" that have the time to descend upon the state as a means to escape the harshness of winter in other parts of the country. To be sure, Arizona is ready for such visitation, as the state has cultivated a sterling reputation for being one of the more senior-friendly states in the union.

The state enjoys a rich tapestry of culture throughout its borders. The state's distinctive Southwestern aesthetic bears heavy influences from the Mexican and Native American cultures that occupied the land in the years before its official statehood in 1912. The Native American culture is particularly celebrated here, as there are plenty of museums and points of interest throughout the state that are devoted to highlighting their way of living. Plus, Native Americans still provide a heavy influence to modern-day Arizona, as roughly 25% of the state's landscape consists of Indian Reservations.

The diverse landscape that Arizona has is further highlighted by the state's own park system. Obviously, the major park in the state is the Grand Canyon National Park, but the state is also home to several national forests, national parks, and national monuments. Some of these parks include ski resorts that exist in the state's northern mountainous region.

And while Phoenix and its surroundings have become a bustling sports community all year round - it is one of the few metro areas that have teams in all four major pro sports leagues - it is also the home to one of sports' most sacred rights: spring training. Several of Major League Baseball's teams descend upon Arizona each year to warm up for the season, and their presence adds a touch of Americana to the arid surroundings.

Why Arizona's Senior Living Communities Matter

Arizona's senior living communities collectively operate under the desire to bring a terrific sense of liveliness into the lives of their residential golden agers. They achieve this noble goal by building up an environment that encourages the senior set to remain as self-reliant and independent as their mind and body will allow them to. Additionally, they strive to ensure that the social element that is so important to living a full life is as easy for them to pull off as possible. They more or less do this by establishing a daily slate of eclectic functions and activities that are built to enable seniors the opportunity to mix and mingle with fellow golden agers in a safe and secure peer-to-peer environment. These types of encounters are the kind of things that can ultimately allow for the creation of friendships and the forging of bonds to occur; these elements could ultimately lead to an increased desire to live a full life.

Living the Good Life in Arizona

There is so much more to Arizona than the Grand Canyon - even though the Grand Canyon is undoubtedly impressive. It is a state that is filled with the romance of the Old West as well as a rich culture that goes much longer than its statehood. And considering that it is arguably the best equipped state for the senior set, it goes without saying that Arizona is an ideal state for golden agers that want to enjoy the goodness of the Southwest to settle into. And thanks to the bevy of senior living communities that are located throughout the state, the idea of a golden ager moving here to live a lively life is even easier to consider.

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