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Customer Reviews

The Apartment Building From Hell.

I must amend my previous review in all honesty. I never saw a bed bug in all my life until moving into this tenement and they're an epidemic here. Most of the residents are hard core drug users (I found a crack pipe by the elevator last week) and/or alcoholics. All security systems have been shut down for nearly a year while they conduct their perpetual half-completed 6 to 8 construction projects that seem to languish for an eternity. The outside fire escape doors are unlocked and prove a convenient access to anyone from the street to come in. We have only one small elevator operating for 200 residents, many with physical mobility disabilities, and it's constantly breaking down,. The only other elevator has been shut down "for repairs" for over a year now. The management staff here is more interested in subjugating, harassing, and intimidating residents than meeting our needs. And because I've written the truth here, I can expect them to retaliate.

Good Deal

Of course no place is perfect, but since manager [name removed] took over more about two years ago, she and her staff have been working hard to affect many improvements. They've been addressing both the problems from the past and implementing quality of life enhancements.

A Dangerous & Dilapidated Quagmire

I moved in over five years ago, and the Archdiocese of Denver bought this facility a little over three years ago whereupon they held resident meetings giving us the "wine & roses" speech of how everything was going to greatly improve under their ownership. It did not. They brought in the most tyrannical manger who undertook mass evictions and imparted oppressive new house rules. In the meantime, everything lapsed into a state of neglect and disrepair. Currently we have one (of two) elevators shut down "for repairs," ad infinitum, but no one works on it. The other elevator works intermitently, and about a year ago, I had to call the fire department to rescue me while I was trapped inside. And this is only the elevators I'm speaking about! About a month ago, the management held another "wine & roses" meeting of empty promises to improve cosmetic appearances. Only this time, the workers started a project for two days and have completely disappeared. This has got to be the most dangerous and inhabitable apartment building in the state.