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No so good start, unprofessional, under st

Was a patient here one time after being discharged from OSUH . I was on solid food and liquid drinks, and had a voice box at discharged. Was checked into this place , first spent 6 hours staged down in a dark hallway because no room was available at the time, but they knew I was coming.
Than they took me off solid foods and liquid drinks. When I did get a room night nurse came in and took my voice box and left my room with it and than lost it.
There had some staff that were very good, very polite, and very helpful. But most were very rude very unprofessional, I was bed riding, could not move and needed help doing everything. One day in particular, I needed to get up and use the bathroom, pushed the call button, no response, ended up filling my shorts, pushed call button to get cleaned up, no response, ended up in bed with full shorts for the entire day and well into the night. Most of first shift, all of second shift and half of third shift. Now I'm talking almost 16 hours in shorts that I pissed four times and [language removed] 3 times. Sadly I would not recommend this place at all.
At the end of my stay my insurance was ending and I was supposed to get a walker, a shower chair, a tool to help put my socks on, a tool for reaching. Now they knew my insurance was only good till the end of the month, after that into the next month I had no insurance and no money. Well they ended up keeping me on the schedule for therapy, and also knowing that friends were coming to pick me up. So at the time of check out into the next month, well no insurance, ment no Walker, no shower chair, no tools, and a $2,000's bill for 3 days into them month that I had no insurance and no money.

Not a good experience!

Mom stayed here first before we had to get her out of here. They were not properly staffed with the people to take care of my moms needs. They just did not care about the residents and the care they needed. This was the worst experience that we have had.

this place has been horrible

This place is absolutely HORRIBLE, and for the most part so is the care. My grandmother is in this facility and i have had nothing but problems. Came here on Monday room was unkept and she hadn't been bathed and it was going on the afternoon. Exposed wires on one of her controls and stains splattered all over her bedding and even privacy curtains. She's bed bound and her drawers had open half eaten snacks. Another drawer has random pills scattered in the drawer in which no one can or even tried to explain or dispose of. I have made severalvisits and complaints inthe last 3 days. Tuesday afternoon half of my concerns went ignored. My grandmother is unable to do anything for herself. I showed up today...Wednesday...not only is the same old water pitcher dated yesterday still sitting here but she's experiencing spasms that you could clearly see the discomfort in her face. I addressed my concerns to her assigned nurse who responded rudely. I sat waitibg only to go back out and find that she left for the day without following up. I again addressed my concerns. My patience has expired with this place. 2 hours down and non of the 3 staff members i have addressed have come to bring her a clean water pitcher. I am in this momment contacting other facilities. I have pictures that i wish i could upload. At this point i wouldn't recommend leaving your pet goldfish here.

Whetstone Assisted Living

Whetstone Gardens and Care Center is a wonderful facility! The recent renovations in the Assisted Living are absolutely amazing! If seeking placement for a family member or loved one definitely take the time to at least stop by and tour. The staff members do a great job working together and caring for the residents.


Toured lots of facilities before landed on this one. Perfect facility and large 2 room apartments. Lots of activity's and outings for my mom to do. The staff seems to have worked here a long time and appears to be recently renovated.

Excellent caring, staff.

I have found the staff to be very attentive and caring. I also enjoy their Bistro menu options. I would highly recommend this facility.

Never take a loved one here

This place is no good,they never look in on your loved ones till they see you coming,my father was in full rigamortis when I found my father,that means they did not,they never checked on hem four over 3 to 4 hours,but they told us they where in a half hour before I got there,my father was in bad pain one night,pushed call light to get he's Meds and pain meds they never came,I sat there for 3 hours trying to get help never came,if you love your family never take them here.

Leveled care; nurse on duty; many act...

Leveled care; nurse on duty; many activities; staff knows residents. Would cost about or over $4000 a month.

From the Community

If you or someone you love needs post-hospital rehabilitation and nursing services, you are looking for a provider you can trust. Skilled, experienced professionals who will care for you or your loved one with the kind of commitment, respect and dignity that you would. People with integrity. It is the difference you will find at Whetstone Garden & Care Center.