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Customer Reviews

Go somewhere else

This place is very unprofessional. The Sales director says one thing and turns around and says something else. Because of this, they cannot be trusted when dealing with families of potential residents. We met with the sales director about placing my husband at Magnolia Glen for a 2 week respite care. She met my husband and family when delivering us the required paperwork to be completed and informed me at that time there should not be any problems. When we went on that Tuesday, before admitting him that Friday, they did the assessment. Nothing was said to me about not taking him. As a matter of fact they took all the paperwork and tried to take the full payment but they couldn't as the person who took the payments were not available. I got a call on Wednesday from them telling me they cannot accept my husband as they felt they could not meet his needs. I tried to explain that his needs are low as he is very self sufficient. The things they were telling me had nothing to do with his needs but what was easiest for them. Even though they call themselves a locked memory care dementia unit, they do not take certain dementia patients. They said most of their patients have dementia from a stroke and since my husband didn't have a stroke and can care for himself they would not take him. They were afraid he would wander off. I guess their locked unit isnt very secure. There was no indication there were problems before the phone call. I would think twice before placing my loved one there.

Not the right fit!

We got to take a tour and we did not like it very much. It just did not feel right and like it was a good match for my husband. The people were nice and they answered all our questions and showed us around.

Decent Tour

My tour of this community was pretty decent. From what I saw the community looked well maintained. Everything was nice and clean. The staff was friendly and nice. There were many factors that played into where to place my husband. This was nice the place for him and his needs.

I can assure you these ratings are from people inside this facility. If you love and care about your loved one do not place them here. This place is not what it used to be. It smells, staff turnover is tremendous, and whomever said they had a family member fall and it was never reported; BELIEVE IT!! I have encountered the same thing. The new director will spin you like a top. You can never get a return phone call, most of the time they don't answer when you call. I am warning you do not place a family member that you love and care about in this facility. I have made several request to have them adheared to a few days and then back to normal if not worse, in the next few. Forget that we are changing the guard and it will get WON'T. I am in the process of finding a new facility as we speak. This place is to expensive for the quality of service it provides.

Poor Management and Care

Do not let the nice looking pictures fool you, this place has major problems! There is currently a Class Action Lawsuit against against Gabriel Manor and other Saber Health facilities.

They are on their fourth executive director in two years, staff turnover overall is ridiculously high, complaint by loved one that CNA spoke to her in a demeaning way, medication errors and failure to give meds, failure to notify family when loved one is sick or seen by the "doctor", BM odors in the hallway, inconsistent with ADL's, food and liquid spills on dining room floor two hours after a meal. Meals were great when there was an actual chef but even this has gone downhill in recent months. I have personally seen all this and more!

Hollie Bragg

Local Representative

I’m sorry you had a bad experience. we strive to create the best possible living experience for the community.Thank you for alerting us to this. I’m sorry that we didn’t meet your expectations. I hope you will give us another chance in the future.Please contact the Executive Director with your concerns.

Ask questions about restraints for protection

My father was recently in this facility. The staff were very nice there. My complaint is that my father fell there three times and the last fall resulted in his death. The residents suffer from dementia and require more care due to possible fall risks. I was told no restraints can be used on residents to protect them. Yet as my daddy lay dying at Hospice I was told the doctor could have ordered the use of protective measures so my father would have been in safer environments. My heart is saddened that I was not told this because they knew daddy was fall risk. Please if you are thinking of placing a loved one here make sure you talk to the staff Doctor regarding protecting your parent in this manner. Restraints are very good if they are used properly to protect residents from injuring themselves. A Geri chair could perhaps have saved my daddy from standing and falling.

Hollie Bragg

Local Representative

Patty, Thanks for alerting us to this. I’m sorry that we didn’t meet your expectations. We strive to create the best possible living experience for the community. Please reach out to our Executive Director so we can personally take care of your concerns.

So far so good

My husband is a new resident in this facility. So far I am quite pleased with the care he is receiving. He is no longer agitated and this is making the transition easier. The staff is very compassionate and caring.

You get what you pay for.

Moved Our mother here from a different facility. Room is much nicer, with its own shower, and the facility itself is much more pleasant to be in as a visitor. Care is about the same, both places did very well. Food is amazing and the chef is passionate about delivering the best food to the clients. Director is a no-nonsense, get it done right -right now, kind of person.
I cut 1/2 star for price. you cant just look at their room cost. other facilities give you a one price estimate. GM has room cost, plus med tech fees, plus nursing care fees. You must supply incontinence supplies. We went from a private room facility that cost total $[removed]/month, no move in fee, to GM semi private at $[removed]/month, plus a one time move in fee of $[removed] and I'm not certain that is refundable. $[removed] more / month. I think [removed]/month, no move in fee, is a fair price.
So, what do you get for the extra money?
1. Cleaner facility that doesn't smell like stench of death.
2. Newer facility.
3. A dining area that is like a restaurant instead of school cafeteria.
4. Better food than you can ever hope to cook at home.
5. Proximity to the hospital, literally 2 minutes away.
6. Mental satisfaction that you put your loved one into the nicest facility in the area.
7. You wont be totally grossed out seeing a "one flew over the cuckoos nest" image every time you visit.
8. You will feel better about you, and the power of attorney job you are doing.
9. You don't have to hear any of your siblings cry and cuss and moan about "Mama deserves the best", because this is the best. It doesn't get any better, [removed]
10. You wont have to be ashamed to tell people where they can visit your mom.
So that's 10 things you get for the extra money, but it is still about $20,000 a year more. The question is how much feeling better about yourself is worth? Because Mama doesn't really know the difference, she was happy where she was.
Ultimately I made the decision as if I was my Mother. If she had her right mind I know she would choose Gabriel Manor over the other facilities, so I chose Gabriel Manor. And it is worth the extra 20 K a year to tell all the complainers to shut [removed] up.
Wow that was satisfying and if you are the POA for your Mom and have resentful siblings, you know what I mean. Peace!

Excellent Care

I have to say that every time I go there, there is always a friendly face. There is someone pleasant who greets me and they are giving my mom the best care possible. I feel like the care is excellent, always a good experience.

very impressed

I don't have a whole lot of experiences with places like this, but I have been very impressed with Gabriel Manor. My experience with them has been very good. It is more affordable than other options we have looked at, and the staff has been very friendly and helpful. They explained some things about Alzheimers that I did not know and had not read anywhere.

It was just overall a very good experience.

Very pleased

Compared to other facilities, I am very pleased. My father has settled in well and considers this his home. They really try to do the best for him. What I like it is that the staff is very personable. The facility is always very clean. It has a homey atmosphere. Everyone has been very friendly and caring. My overall rating of this property is 4 stars. It is a very good community. I can't rate the activities. It is not applicable.

It is a overall great experience for my loved one. The other residents are nice and they have a few activities. The residents arent just stuck their with nothing to do. It feels like your at home. The food is good from what I heard.

Nice place

Gabriel Manor was the nicest dementia care facility we visited in the area. It doesn't smell like a lot of other ones do, and the people are usually friendly. There has been a bit of turnover in staff, but so far, so good. The meals they serve seem good, though I haven't eaten there.

I thought they were great, very helpful and accommodating.

We toured here. I thought they were great, they were very helpful and accommodating. It was very clean, and I thought the staff were extremely friendly, it seemed like they would do anything to help. I wasn't sure what to expect with the price, it's a bit pricey compared to where we are currently, but it's a whole different level of care. When I was there I saw some ladies getting their nails done, and they really seemed to be enjoying it.

Nice place overall, not a good fit for our loved one

Overall I think they do a good job at Gabriel Manor, although the facility did not end up being a great fit for my loved one. It is a new, nice looking, well kept facility, and overall I think the staff are friendly and caring. However I do not think it is an appropriate place for residents who need a high degree of mobility assistance, they just do not have the staff on hand to monitor that sort of care. I think it would be a very nice place for those with more independent or mobile loved ones, however.

very friendly

They did everything very well, all the way from admissions processing to care for my mom and getting her involved. The staff was very friendly and treated her very well. It was a very family oriented atmosphere.

I give them 100%!!

I give them 100%!! I have no complaints. They are just the friendliest most loving people I have ever met. They are awesome, and not just one person, it's everyone, they all just have the best personalities, they are all considerate and kind. They are very attentive. Everyone is very impressed.

Not having activities is really bringing things down.

We aren't real satisfied right now. They don't have a lot of activities, they don't have an activities director. It's really boring right now. They have assured me that they have a new activities director and they will change things. It's a very nice facility, and if you have a problem they are right there to address the issue, right away. It's a very clean place, and the staff is really friendly.

Friendly and accommodating staff!

I looked at quite a few communities before selecting Gabriel Manor, and so far they have done an excellent job! It's a beautiful community, and the staff have all been very friendly and very accommodating. They've been more than happy to work with me on any specific requests I've had regarding care and therapy for my loved one.

Very good Community

It was wonderful. The staff was five plus! I just want everyone to know how wonderful they were to do business with. There is plenty enough parking! The food was excellent. It’s just a wonderful community.

Nice place, overall

Overall our experience with Gabriel Manor has been a good one! It is a nice looking facility, and they do a good job keeping things clean and well kept. The staff are all very friendly, and we've been happy with the services they provide.

I liked that it was new and that we were able to get a private room.

We don't have a lot to compare it to. They keep the community clean. They are quick to respond to any needs or concerns. They seem to have a good variety of activities for all different kinds of interests. I liked that it was new and that we were able to get a private room.

Find the Best place for Mom!

Gabriel Manor is a great place for Mom. The staff are very nice , friendly and caring of Mom and our situation. We feel that " A Place For Mom" truly helped us find the perfect place for our mother.

We are very pleased with Gabriel Mano...

We are very pleased with Gabriel Manor so far! It's a newer facility, and was opened in June 2013, so it is very nice! The accomodations are great! I feel good about my father being there in such a nice environment. The staff are all very nice and I really don't have anything negetive to say about them!

Nice, new, pleasant place

Things are working out fine so far, it's a very nice place and it's a new facility, it's only been open since July I believe. So far we've had no complaints, so far it's been good. They do have a full time activities person and since she's so new there I'm not sure what she's able to particpate in since she's only been there a couple of days. They have a huge parlor room, it's like a big den with a fireplace and rocking chairs and lots of sofas and nice chairs and we have been told that she's already sitting there from time to time. They have called us 2 days out of the 3 to ask us how we think she's doing and if we have any questions and concerns and they have been very good with us. It's much more pleasant and it's just a whole different feeling. I'm sure when mother gets more adjusted to there it will be good. She has to be wondering a little more about where she is even though she can't put it together but the atmosphere is much more pleasant.