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  • Skilled Nursing
  • Short Term Rehab
  • Respiratory Therapist

Customer Reviews

Top Notch Customer Service.

As a professional in a community assisted living Healthcare setting, I am in skilled nursing facilities on a daily basis. I recently visited FutureCare Cherrywood. I was so impressed with the cleanliness and the level of professionalism and customer service. From the minute I arrived I was greeted by a very professionally organized lady at the front receptionist desk. I was directed to a nursing floor where I was graciously greeted and directed to a patients room. I needed additional information from the charge nurse, dietician, social worker and director of rehab. All who went out of their way to communicate and answer the questions that were critical to my visit there. I would most definitely recommend FutureCare Cherrywood to anyone who is needing Skilled Rehabilitation or long term care. 5 star rating!!!!

excellent impression

When i came to the facility for the first time there was this really nice young lady who escorted me form the reception area all the way to my friends room upstairs. My review may be somewhat biased based on my first impression but that's all it takes sometimes. When i came the other day they had some entertainer playing music and it was packed with residents. If it wasn't free i might have paid a few bucks to watch it was so good.

This is probably the cleanest facility I’ve ever been to. People are friendly and you can just tell that the people who reside here are heard.

Great facility!

I don't remember exactly how long I've been here, but it's definitely been a while and I can say that compared to the other, similar facilities that I've been too, this one is much much better. The activities are great, and I personally love the food. They offer a lot of options and they listen when you suggest other choices. Also the staff is very accommodating to my needs. I would highly recommend other people in need of this type of care, stay here at FutureCare Cherrywood.

FC Cherrywood Review

I have been here for more than three years and most of the time it's really excellent. I try to participate in whatever activities I am able to, and I enjoy the other people who live here. It's more enjoyable when you can try and make some friends. [Name removed], [name removed], [name removed], and [name removed] are great as well.

super experience

I could not have had a better experience. to piggy back on some other reviews, the hospital stay was not all that pleasant and we really didn't want to go to a rehab. cherry wood was not what we expected a rehab to be like. it was a truly amazing experience and we will be forever grateful.

Good care at Cherrywood

My wife & I were totally pleased with the Cherrywood facility, and the staff who took such good care of my mother during The time she was there. I feel that her needs were all met and not neglected. She was fed, got her meds, her sheets were changed & always clean on a regular basis. In general, my wife and I were very happy with the care that was given to my mom. I would also like to mention a few people who were particularly close to my mom. [Name removed], [name removed], [name removed], [name removed]. [name removed] thanks to them and everyone at that station for there catering.

Thanks to all !!!

I could write pages about the wonderful care my mother received at Cherrywood after her CVA. The nursing staff on unit 3 ( skilled unit) exhibited everything you envision when thinking about what a nurse should be. The staff was always happy, laughing and joking. My mom's aides would sing and dance to boost her moral and make her laugh. Her nurses were knowledgeable , hardworking and compassionate. [Name removed], her physical therapist was excellent and mom learned a lot from him. He was always encouraging and worked her hard. Her left leg is weak but now she can stand , pivot and turn. A big thanks to all of the nursing and rehab team at Cherrywood for helping mom mentally and physically.

Breathing Strong

I was admitted to the pulmonary program at Futurecare Cherrywood. The Pulmonary Breathe Strong Program is excellent! I received excellent care from therapists, nursing staff ,physician and PA. I came to the facility short of breathe and unable to walk. I am off oxygen and can now walk over 200 ft . I learned many breathing strategies and how to conserve my energy. The pulmonary classes were educational and fun. A wonderful group of professionals who helped to give me back my life. I have made many life style changes including joining Planet fitness . Cherrywood staff gets a 10 star review from me. Thank you unit 3.

mile high

I have a really close friend who had a terrible experience at another local nursing home. The friend was eventually transferred to cherrywood on recommendation from some social workers back at the hospital. The difference between cherrywood and that other place is night and day. the service, care, food, activities is just a mile above whatever else I've seen. I really appreciate the fact that from the receptionist to the staff on the floor they all treat me like family when I come.

Knee surgery patient

I recently had knee surgery in early March, and spent three weeks rehabbing at Futurecare Cherrywood. I must say how impressed I was with everyone who works there, how well they work together, and their concern and care for each person at the facility. A special recognition to both the Physical and occupational therapists for building both my strength and confidence, and helping me transition back to my home.

Thank you to the wonderful staff who took care of me at Futurecare Cherrywood from open heart surgery to discharge. Everyone made my stay so comfortable . I was truly pampered . The nursing and rehab staff were phenomenal . Five star rating across the board . Food was delicious despite being on a low sodium diet. I thoroughly enjoyed playing bingo and hangman with the activities staff. I met a lot of wonderful, compassionate people at Cherrywood and I will be forever greatful for their care.

An unacceptable experience

I’ve Been in here for 2 weeks getting rehab after open heart surgery. I’ve over looked several things but tonight the aide changed me and was talking so loudly to her mom on her phone that she was obviously distracted and for she told me she was going for a gown over 2 hours ago and had not come back yet. She also forgot to tell the nurse that I wanted a soda to help settle my stomach. Forget your phone when you’re supposed to be on the job!


Very nice facility. New renovations have kept the building modern. Staff cares a lot for the residents.

A place we can count on

We have lived in relative close proximity to this facility for many years now. I finally had the opportunity to see this establishment when our family member was being taken care of after a short stint at a local hospital. What an eloquent job by the staff and leadership. I was truly impressed that when we requested something from staff (even if the staff were from another department) they always followed through.

Great place when considering rehabilitation or long-term care. The staff is very professional and caring. The overall setting of the building is beautiful.

Future Care Cherrywood

My family & I have been very pleased with Future Care Cherrywood. I would highly recommend this facility. The staff is amazing.


I've been to MANY long-term care facilities and I can say that FutureCare Cherrywood definitely ranks #1. The building is always clean, very rarely is an odor detected and the staff are very friendly. I will always use FutureCare for my rehab and LTC needs.

new(found) lease on life

I was led to this facility via online reviews. It was mentioned to our Aunt in passing, but there were so many other places to choose from as well. Being new to this arena we decided to check out some of the contenders online and the reviews really played a role in which facilities I decided to visit for my Aunt. All the good reviews that we read online didn't even come near to the great experience that I encountered upon visiting this futurecare facility. Sometimes you just get this vibe that you know something is the right move even if you are not positive why that would be at that point and time. The friendliness, communication, and professionalism of the management team really sold me on this facility. Once my Aunt was transferred there form the Hospital my vibe became very clear. The staff are really attentive and the care that my Aunt received could not have been duplicated anywhere. I felt that she was in safe hands during her stay and even got to take a weekend vacation during that time knowing that we had nothing to worry about. Thank you Cherrywood for giving my Aunt (and us) a new lease on life.

Always believe

We are ecstatic and gracious to the compassionate care that our Uncle had at cherrywood. it was a really special experience. A special thank you to [Removed] for always being there for us.

trend setters

Thank you for changing the way I look at nursing centers. Please keep up the amazing work you do for our aging population.


I've been in the healthcare business for years and trust me when I tell you this is not an easy operation to run. Customers/patients are sick and there to recover. It can be a difficult clientele to work with. However, the way they treat me and others here at cherry wood you would never know how much stress they are under. What a job the staff do! Please continue to set an example for the industry.


I brought my children here to volunteer just so they could see how a facility should be run. great job futurecare.

decor galore

We have spent much time visiting some old time friends from our neighborhood over the past few years. The decor of the place and demeanor of staff has us convinced this is the Gold standard. We really hope to only be here to visit, but wouldn't think twice about recommending this great place.

home away from home

My husband and i have had multiple relatives and friends here over the years. I cannot say enough good about the service and care. I wish they did outpatient therapy as well as their therapy team is the best anywhere. We've had some relatives that only spoke Russian and this place has multiple employees and residents that are fluent in Russian. This is definitely the place to go if you need excellent rehabilitation. We also have two former neighbors that are there for long term care and it is always a pleasure visiting them.

I am so very pleased with the wonderful care that my mother-in-law is receiving at Futurecare Cherrywood. She has been a resident there for the past two years and is very happy there. There are many activities to participate in. The staff is wonderful and very professional. Thank you FuturecareCherrywood for taking such good care of my mother-in-law!

Cherrywood Cares!!

This is a quality facility providing outstanding care with a commitment to the physical and mental wellbeing of the patient. Dad is a tough patient. He willingly participated in the PT and OT program, enjoyed the food and established caring relationships with the nursing and professionals teams. Our entire family would highly recommend Cherrywood for a loved one.

Everyone is so friendly!

Everyone is so friendly. It is an amazing work environment! Highly recommend!

Not a good place.

There would be aides assigned to take care of the residents. I would show up in the afternoon and she would still be in bed, dirty, with feces in the bed. They would send in an aide and it would be a male to bathe her, I would have to tell them that was not okay, even though she made it clear it was uncomfortable for her. The director of nursing would never return my calls, and they wanted 9,000$ a month! I was not happy with them.

From the Community

FutureCare Cherrywood is conveniently located in Reisterstown, just off I-795. The facility offers short-stay rehabilitation and long-term care options to accommodate patients with a wide range of medical needs.

Committed to continuous growth and improvement, FutureCare Cherrywood recently opened a new occupational therapy gym, quadrupling the space dedicated for its rehabilitation program. The expanded unit features a full kitchen, laundry area and other functional spaces to help residents incorporate day-to-day tasks into their therapy and recovery plan.

Additionally, Cherrywood is one of two FutureCare facilities offering a short-stay pulmonary rehabilitation program. Clinical oversight is provided by an interdisciplinary team of professionals, comprised of a pulmonologist, respiratory therapists, nurse practitioner, attending physicians, nurses and therapists. This team specializes in the treatment of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and other lung diseases. FutureCare Cherrywood also provides clinical expertise in wound care, IV therapy, stroke recovery, bariatric care, pain management and hospice services.