Fritz Reuter Lifecare Retirement Community - North Bergen, NJ

Fritz Reuter Lifecare Retirement Community - North Bergen, NJ has yet not published prices.

From the Office

Total Continuous Care for life is available under one roof. Our facility has been in existence since 1897 and has always been a retirement home with a skilled nursing wing. It is a charitable not–for–profit organization supported by tax deductible donations, etc.There are 3 levels of care: Total Independent Apartments, Residential care and Skilled Nursing care.

Customer Reviews

Depressing Place

Please do NOT leave your loved one here. The nursing unit is horrible. It's a very, very depressing place. Nothing cheery about it. NOTHING.

Minimum 2 year stay at the moment at $330 a day. We are looking for short term. They state that in 8-9 months they will be considering short term care patients. For now this establishment is not an option for us. My rating is solely based on how prompt [Removed] was in getting back to us. She seems very helpful

my mother, virginia auld

my mom entered FR's about 6 years ago, and has recently passed in february. my mom was my heart, as well as my family's. we are all at peace that her broken down body has set her soul free, but all miss her terribly.
it was a slow demise for my mom after my dad died, 10 years pre-deceasing her, and my mom went thru soooooo many losses / changes. moves from one facility to another etc etc etc.
we struck gold with FR's. gretatest caring staff...she died with love.

My review- Shop around

My Mother in Law was here in both the assisted living area and the nursing home area. The nursing home area is like a dungeon- old and dark- Stay Home- You're better off- staff sits on their cell phones when no one is looking- which is all the time- Not enough activities- Not too clean either

Don't let the articles in the newspaper fool you!!

virginia auld

i find it impossible to have read any of the negative revies about fritz reuter's that i just have. my mom just passed away 2 weeks there after spending 5 years there, and as a daughter that went EVERY DAY to visit my mom, coupled with 3 siblings who went once a week, every week, we should know the real deal over there.
the place was always spotless, and the nurses who took care of my mom actually loved her. it was so obvious.
they knocked themselves with "activities", indoors and out. how "active" can a freaking nursing home be??
let's call it what it is. nursing homes deal with [removed]. ya can't get life where this none.
so if that trade-off is love, care and the best of a bad situation, which old age is, what more can one possibly hope for?
i got my own personal "hope" for my mom....she passed. her years leading up to that innevitable phase of life were as good as they could be at FR's.

Quite good compared to other retirement communities

Don't understand previous posters. Staff speaks English. Everyone is super friendly, patient, helpful and always responds when help is requested. Residents are smiling. Food is great. Relaxed atmosphere. Safe and comforting environment. The only thing that should improve is: more activities.


The elevator in the mail building should be sent to the Smithsonian. It is a joke- How do they expect the elderly to get in and out. seriously-
The staff- Does anyone speak English!! Are there any RN's- what do they take 3 week classes because it's a joke-
Activities?? Lot's of stuff written on the board but it never actually happens-


This place is horrific! They provide barely any activities for the senior citizens, and take poor care of them as well. It's super depressing, and the staff is there to do the bare minimum and could care less about the people who live there. In addition, they only have LPN's and no RN's.


I would, in good honesty, be careful with this location. It is not what it was and has gone down. The nursing staff is questionable and don't take valuables with you. Things disappear, but all will deny this. There are more and more people who come in that should not be in assisted living, they should be in hospital care, but it's all about money.