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Customer Reviews

Memory Care Home?

The design of the residence has walkers and wanders in mind, which was the main draw when looking for a home for my mother. But monitoring of walkers is not staffed specifically, and Evolve’s care plan requires that a resident be located only after a full 2 hours have passed.
In addition, the levels of care outline only personal care and habits of daily living, but do not at all address levels of management for Dementia behaviors. Likewise, activities are planned for gathering all residents at once, and no side activities are made readily available for residents who do not prefer the group activity or whose attention wanders.

Shawn Torrey

Local Representative

Good afternoon, Brita, I hope your day is going well. My name is Shawn, and I work at the Milestone Support Center (located in Vancouver, WA). I want to apologize for the experience you have had at this community. We strive to provide the best care and service to our residents and families. This review has been shared with the community and regional leadership team for further review. I hope I can help address some of the concerns you brought up. The design of our community is a large circle. This allows any member of our staff team to view the residents at any time. This design also lets residents roam the building while interacting with any staff or residents throughout the community. We also encourage residents to join in on the activities in one of the two living rooms. If they don’t want to, they can also spend time in one of the common areas. The two hours that you described is our bathroom checks. With this community being small and intimate, residents are checked on every few minutes. This community has three levels of care that do focus on personal care. The behavioral side of Alzheimer’s and Dementia can be incorporated into these care levels, but this community is not a skilled nursing facility that is equipped to deal with more extreme behaviors resulting from Alzheimer’s and Dementia. You are correct that the activities could be improved. Milestone has managed this community since February of this year, and in that short time, many improvements have been made. We had the National Director of Memory Support Operations come to the community for specific training regarding scheduling activities for the residents. We also now have a full-time Activity Director to create new and different activities that residents can enjoy. We are always looking to improve our activities based on the changing populations and are always happy to discuss any programming concerns with families. If you wish to provide any additional details about your experience, please send a private Facebook message to this community. I can then forward it over to our regional leadership team. Thank you again, Brita, and have a great rest of your day. Shawn – Digital Marketing

Evolve is a warm friendly community. Bright, immaculate, updated and welcoming. I liked the circular structure of the building that surrounded a courtyard. In the courtyard were raised gardens, beautiful sculpture and big weather proof wicker seating. French doors opened to this courtyard. Why do I describe this. Residents freely can go in and out of the building from all sides. Some residents are not tucked away in their own "secure" neighborhood, meaning locked in. At 92, my mother with dementia, Alzheimer type, is still highly physically functional. She would know she is locked away from the rest of the community. This is why Evolve's architecture impressed me. The Incoming residents can bring their own furniture.
More important the residents no matter their depth of journey were interacting with the staff, who smiled to say hello to me.

Transitioning my mother into a memory care community is likely the hardest journey for me. As I walked through the building I noticed family members coming and going and this was near to lunch-time. I told they come to have lunch with a resident. I felt a sense of peace in this place. Evolve in a nutshell, is like walking into a home not an institution.

A safe,secure & loving home for my dear friend

My dear friend has been a resident at Sanctuary Care in Rye NH for almost two years. When my dear friends husband had to make the very difficult decision, to place her in a home, I am so grateful that Sanctuary Care became his choice. I look forward to my visits with her as it does my heart good to see the love & compassion that surrounds her. Alzheimers, dementia is a horrible disease and it takes such a toll on the whole family. Knowing your loved one is being treated with dignity and is being cared for with loving, compassionate, caring hands will certainly help to put your mind at ease. I wish this disease did not exist and there wasn't such a need for facilities like this. But unfortunately, there is, and for that I am so grateful for Sanctuary Care.

Very Happy With Sanctuary Care

My wife has been a resident at Sanctuary Care for almost two years. At the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016, the problems at this facility were so significant that I began searching for other accommodations for my wife. Any reviews of one star during that time period are being generous. There appeared to be a toxic work environment with constant turnover and understaffing problems, along with numerous other issues. In early 2016, The former director was let go, and new management began to make an immediate impact. I had placed a deposit with another Alzheimer’s unit that would finish construction in four months. Fortunately, that four month period gave me a chance to see that a majority of my major concerns were being corrected. I placed moving plans on hold, and I am so glad that I did.

The turnaround that I have witnessed is nothing short of incredible. Any issues that I may voice to management are addressed immediately. There is a feeling of love and caring that is impossible for them to hide. As I am writing this, I can see the faces of all the people that are responsible for these improvements. It is from top to bottom.

The kitchen turnaround has also been remarkable. The new chef has changed more the just the menu. The kitchen staff is out interacting with the residents on a regular basis. If you are visiting at mealtime, you will always be offered a meal at no extra charge. Mealtime is now a wonderful shared experience, in addition to the food being great!!! Last but not least , the LNA’s. They are angels. I have recently learned that a number of them have a very lengthy commuting distance. They most certainly have similar job opportunities that are closer to home, but they choose Sanctuary Care because they tell me that they like it here. That speaks volumes.

If you are reading these reviews there is a good chance that you are in the middle of a very difficult decision. I am comfortable offering my positive comments on Sanctuary Care and believe that they are worthy of serious consideration. I feel fortunate to have them caring for my wife.

Sanctuary Care is a Jewel on our Seacoast! We're so lucky to have a community like this in our backyard!

We are so very lucky to have a memory-care community with a staff of dedicated, hard-working, caring, loving, committed, respectful and beautiful people right here on the Seacoast who have established, fostered and brought to maturity the jewel that is Sanctuary Care! ... My husband has Younger Onset Alzheimer's Disease. He's lived at Sanctuary Care for more than three-and-a-half years. In the past year, since [Removed], our Executive Director, stepped into the role and other well qualified and experienced people have taken on leadership/director roles in their areas of expertise, Sanctuary Care has become a premier memory-care community (I would disregard reviews prior to [Removed] direction and question anonymous reviews). The dedication and commitment of [Removed] and the Sanctuary Care family to their standards of care and understanding of memory loss and memory care, assistance with living, nursing, activities, dining and aging is beyond reproach. The atmosphere is pleasant, homey and very comfortable. The community is clean. The food is delicious. My husband is safe, happy, clean, cared for, engaged and loved more than I could have hoped for. His needs are met on every level. His quality of life is greater than I could have imagined - and frankly, more than I could have provided at home. He is treated with great dignity. The LNAs, nurses, activities, kitchen/dining staff and other support staff have some of the biggest hearts I've ever seen. They're angels! ... Seeing how loved, well cared for and happy my husband was, my sister and I made the decision to move our 90-year-old mother into Sanctuary Care last fall, as well. And while my husband's and mother's needs are very different, she, too, receives the same kind of loving care as my husband. Her needs are met where she is, just as my husband's needs are met where he is. Our mother is safe and secure (she's not alone anymore), content, stimulated, cared for, cared about, happy, treated with dignity and is an integral part of the community! ... I have been caring for my husband and mother for more than 12 years between the two of them. My standards and expectations are very high. We would never have considered moving our beloved mother into a community that didn't meet those standards and expectations. My sister and I discuss daily how delighted and grateful we are to the Sanctuary Care family and community for the care they give to our two precious family members in this season of their lives. ... As an aside, I recently spoke with a hospice nurse of 25 years who travels throughout New Hampshire. She said Sanctuary Care is the best community she visits and that the culture stood out to her on her first visit. She recognized that the care is truly resident centered and that the staff genuinely cares and loves their residents. That is a ringing endorsement! ... A musical entertainment group was recently performing, and they commented on how they had played in six different communities in the past week but they had not seen the kind of care, compassion and engagement they observed at Sanctuary Care. Another wonderful endorsement. ... I am also an Alzheimer's advocate. I received the 2016 Alzheimer's Association's Impact Movement Advocate of the Year Award in Washington, DC, last spring. I'm very involved with the Alzheimer's and related dementia community at large, and I wholeheartedly and fully endorse Sanctuary Care, their team, their community and the love and resident centered care they provide. That is saying a lot as I am now my husband's and my mother's care advocate, and I take their well-being and the care surrounding this stage of their lives VERY seriously and personally! ... My review is current, and unlike anonymous reviews, I am happy to leave my name and phone number if anyone should have any questions about this special community. Brenda Bouchard, [removed]

Very Unhappy!

We are very unhappy with Sanctuary Care. The high turnover of staff is unacceptable. They lock the patients in their rooms at night, the aides hide in closets because they are afraid of some of the residents. At our family meeting we all decided that it was necessary to bring in a hospital bed. It took 2 months to finally have a bed brought in - unacceptable. They don't have enough staff. Many families are very disappointed not only our family. Dementia is a very sad disease and this facility only makes it harder for the residents and families. We have to barely give 1 star.

My mother has been at Sanctuary for almost 2 years. The last 6 months have brought wonderful changes to the community. The focus is, and continues to be, improvement in all areas. A new Food Director and a new Activities Manager, to mention a few, are bringing new and wonderful ideas to the home. My mother is extremely well cared for, and treated so lovingly, by everyone from the caregivers to the nurses to the administrative staff. My father, who visits daily, is made to feel very welcome, like a family member.
The changes over the last 6 months under the leadership of the new Director have been very positive. I would confidently recommend Sanctuary Care to anyone who is in the process of transitioning their loved one to a community for people living with Alzheimer's.

Doing Much Better, My Mother is Being Cared For Well Here

It is still a bit of a transitional process for my mother here at this community. I know she is safe and being cared for well overall. She is doing better each day. They have a very good staff. They have been very helpful and friendly. They do a good job with keeping the community and her room well-kept. The location is very convenient for our families to travel too. Everything is working out very well, and I would recommend this community.

Terrible experience!

The experience that we had a Sanctuary Care was terrible. The staff turnover is extremely high. They have gone through three executive directors. The food is terrible. Residents only receive water or watered down juice. The residents are locked in their rooms at night since they don't have enough staff during the evenings. Please don't let the outside fool you. These poor residents are not taken care of properly, with the turnover so high, they do not know the residents! Residents sit in urine soaked clothes, lie in beds for hours. Evening activities are sitting in front of a tv with no staff member close by.

Linda Bresnahan

Local Representative

We are sorry your past experience was unpleasant. However, in the last six month's Sanctuary Care has undergone a renovation in staffing. Our current management team and nursing directors are dedicated to resident care. Staffing levels rise above memory care recomendations for assisted living. We are proud of our staff and the loving care they provide. Please stop by our community to take a second look at our community. We would love to see you pleasantly surprised!

Linda Bresnahan
Executive Director

My mom was at Sanctuary Care for a little over two years when she took a turn and started spiraling downward. I would like to share our family's experience of the "end of life" process. From the first sign, the nursing staff was on top of things. The staff Dr. was brought in to examine her (with my permission). By the way, he is wonderful. When she was taken to her bed and hospice was called in our vigil was begun. For five full days she was lovingly cared for, sat with and given appropriate medication to keep her calm and comfortable. Although she was mostly unresponsive, she was continuously changed, moved and cleaned. All the staff went out of their way to keep family members comfortable with food and drinks that never ended for five days. I really can't say enough about this staff. They made my mom's last days as peaceful and pain free as humanly possible. Their compassion and professionalism is top shelf. All of them, including the kitchen and maintenance staff were wonderful and respectful. At any given time there were upward of 13 family members there at all hours of the day and night and every one of them were highly impressed with staff at Sanctuary Care and the care given. Thank you Sanctuary Care.

"Mimi's Place"

​It has been seven month since Mimi first walked through the doors at Sanctuary Care. We now call it "Mimi's Place" describing not only her location but also her state of mind. She vacillates between being alert and cognitively aware of everything around her and being confused and lacking orderly thoughts. I visit daily and feel totally welcomed by this staff. They are empathic and understand the needs of memory compromised individuals at varying stages. The staff are knowledgeable, patient, positive and masters at redirecting Mimi. I see and appreciate the care she receives and how they try to engage her with a robust set of activities. The internet Family Care Portal keeps my extended family involved in Mimi's daily routines. The staff, no matter what their position, knows the needs of each resident and work together with compassion to provide for their optimum care here at "Mimi's Place"

Not my experience at all.

Not much in those negative reviews make sense to me. My Mother has been in Sanctuary Care since it opened and has been very happy. This is a community and family should become part of the solution when possible instead of hypercritical. I read the negative reviews to my husband and he thought something was a little fishy too. Tour the facility and meet with the staff before making your decision. It helps to try to walk in the shoes of the caregivers. Extremely difficult job which sadly I could not do myself. I admire anyone that is in the profession of caring for elderly and especially persons with dementia. I am not that strong a person and I know it but I can be helpful and supportive of those taking that are doing what I cannot for my mother.

Not my experience at all.

Not much in those negative reviews make sense to me. My Mother has been in Sanctuary Care since it opened and has been very happy. This is a community and family should become part of the solution when possible instead of hypercritical. I read the negative reviews to my husband and he thought something was a little fishy too. Tour the facility and meet with the staff before making your decision. It helps to try to walk in the shoes of the caregivers. Extremely difficult job which sadly I could not do myself. I admire anyone that is in the profession of caring for elderly and especially persons with dementia. I am not that strong a person and I know it but I can be helpful and supportive of those taking that are doing what I cannot for my mother.

I advise anyone who is thinking of placing their loved one here to do your research. It is an absolutely beautiful place and is designed with those with memory problems. However, watching residents not receiving the care they need because there is just not enough staff is to concerning to overlook. The staffing or lack of has been a constant. And the staff they have are untrained and uneducated to care for those with memory issues and especially at end of life.

Linda Bresnahan

Local Representative

We are sorry your past experience was unpleasant. However, in the last six month's Sanctuary Care has undergone a renovation in staffing. Our current management team and nursing directors are dedicated to resident care. Staffing levels are above the recommendations for memory care assisted living. We are proud of our staff and the loving care they provide. Please stop by our community to take a second look . We would love to see you pleasantly surprised!

Linda Bresnahan
Executive Director

Wonderful care

My mother moved from a rehabilitation center to Sanctuary Care one year ago. There have been many changes within that year, always with the focus on ongoing improvement as well as growth of every department and function at Sanctuary. My mother has always received wonderful, loving care from each and every staff member and on the rare occasion we have had questions or concerns about my mother or about the facility, I have received immediate support and honest answers. The facility and grounds are beautiful and well maintained, making for a very home like environment.
I would highly recommend Sanctuary Care to anyone looking for a home for their parents.

concerned son

Huge staff turnover. Always short staffed. Have been hearing for months with the new management it is going to change. Trying to set-up a meeting with the director is nearly impossible as she does a great job of avoidance.

Worried daughter

I chose Sanctuary Care because " how they are memory care." My mother has been there over a year now and what a difference I have seen in this change of management regarding education of staff. How can you having a nursing director with no dementia experience? A few people with knowledge of dementia doesn't make the facility memory care. You might have a building designed for it, but the people make the building. It absolutely makes my stomach turn how I have witnessed staff interaction and not knowing how to interact with someone with this illness. I have questioned staff about their training and they all state their isn't any specific dementia training. Really???? Please research memory care specifics before deciding on a facility, my mother will be joining a new community this spring that truly specializes in memory care.

Wonderful Caregivers

I have a close relative who resides at Sanctuary Care and she loves living there where she has been for more than a year. Every time I visit, I can tell both by her wonderful surroundings, the great staff, and most importantly by the smile on her face that she is well cared for.

Dealing with memory loss of someone close to you isn't easy. There is a lot of emotion involved and, frankly, caring for them is a difficult task. The last thing you need is to be worried or concerned about how they are being cared for. With Sanctuary Care, there is no need to worry.

Laurie [removed], who runs Sanctuary Care, has always been very responsive to any requests or questions I have. She's dedicated her life to caring for people with memory loss and it shows and is also reflected in the care given by her staff.

What I really like about Sanctuary Care is that it feels like a home environment and it reminds me of when I use to visit my aunt at her home. She seems to be just as settled and happy there.

There are always 2 sides.....

My mom has been at Sanctuary Care in Rye, NH since late spring of 2015. I have to say, reading these grossly negative reviews caused me to wonder if there was another facility with the same name as I personally have not experienced any of the things mentioned in these reviews. Prior to Sanctuary Care my mom had a very lengthy hospital stay followed by many weeks in a rehab facility. I know only all too well what incompetent, poorly run facilities are all about. My mom and I lived that nightmare and the experience literally almost took my mom’s life. So I feel a responsibility to share our experience with Sanctuary Care so anyone looking for a place for their loved one will have information from a more positive perspective to help make the best decision they can for their loved one. Whenever I have had questions or concerns (and they have been few and far between) I have requested a face to face meeting with the Director and have always received a timely response with suggestions about appointment times and have always been able to meet within a day or 2 of my request. I am well aware of staffing challenges too, but after speaking with the Director I am also aware of how diligently they are working to hire and retain additional good people. I have been associated with the health care industry for over 20 years in the Seacoast area and Sanctuary Care is not an anomaly with regard to staffing. It’s difficult at best. My mom is well taken care of, happy and treated with respect. I visit at all different times of the day and night and have never felt that my mom is neglected or not safe. I inquired…..Sanctuary Care meets and in many cases, exceeds state and federal safety and health standards. I am my mom’s only advocate, her only voice and if I felt that she was in a place as described in these reviews….I would not hesitate for one minute to find another more suitable facility. I looked at many places over the course of several months and they all had their pros and cons. But Sanctuary Care is where my mom belongs. I knew it the moment I arrived to check it out. I do agree there were some hiccups during the transition this past summer and I heard the rumors, but I chose to sit down and talk with the Director and hear both sides of the stories and draw my own conclusions. I can’t speak for any other families, but I can tell you how heartwarming it is to see my mom part of a caring community where everyone knows her name (and she’s the quiet type). Finding Sanctuary Care allowed me to fulfill a promise I made to my mom some time ago when we realized with great sadness, that dementia/Alzheimer’s were going to be a part of her aging journey…. that she would be well cared for, safe and treated with the dignity that she so deserves.

Not even worth 1 star!

Don't let the beautiful building fool you!!! At first Sanctuary Care was a good fit for my parent (and they were there over 1 1/2 years). They seemed happy and well cared for in the beginning. That all changed June of 2015 when a new management team was brought in and everything started to go down hill. First the director started firing all the good staff, or they were quitting because of the way some residents were being treated . In August the director of Nursing was fired and that is when everything starting to go down hill fast. Other nurses and LNAs started to quit and soon they were very understaffed. In Sept/Oct families were all brought in to meetings with the Director, Laurie [Removed] and told prices were increasing, with no written notice which violated the signed contract each family had with Sanctuary Care. My loved ones price was raised dramatically, thousands of dollars! Then they started charging families for incontinence supplies which had previously been included in the care cost. We felt trapped and didn't know what to do and Sanctuary Care assured us that my parent would get excellent care for the new very high price we were paying. More and more every time I would go in my parent was not clean, pants were wet, was left to sleep until noon and missing meals, started loosing weight and the bedroom was not being cleaned or vacuumed very much. It broke my heart because I felt like I was wasting my parent's hard earned money and they weren't even getting half of the care that they were paying for. By December our family had had enough and we moved our loved one. It's my understanding this place is now under investigation. If you are considering this place or any place for that matter, please call the NH ombudsman to find out if you can get more information on Sanctuary Care. I would not recommend this place to ANYONE!!!! Horrible, I only gave it 1/2 a star because I had to give it something, but Sanctuary Care deserves zero stars!!!!

Nightmare at Rye

My parent has been a resident there for some time. We have had to endlessly request/beg them to bath her, wash her hair, cut her nails, and provide very basic hygiene. There are endless excuses for this not being done - shortage of staff, staff not trained, lack of knowledge that this was a problem. My parent has had feces on the bed linens, furniture, clothes, under the nails - none noted by staff. Residents are now required to wear expensive incontinent products that will retain moisture for many hours so that staff does not need to attend to their toileting. There is massive staff turnover, rarely does staff last longer than weeks. None of the staff knows the resident's quirks or medical conditions - this is critical for dementia care. The only reason why some residents are still there is because of how difficult it is for dementia patients to adapt to change. But now that we realize how bad conditions are and how ill equipped they are to handle medical problems, families are seeking placement elsewhere.

avoid this place.staff turnover extremely high, they are not what they claim to be

First hand experience..residents not bathed on a regular basis,Very little observation of residents especially from 7 pm until morning. Medications not being given as doctors orders state. Pain medication being denied.Non medical staff advising on medications and nursing issues. Residence often go without meals , lack of staff keeps many residents in bed until 11 am or longer. Extreme high turnover of staff, lack of training or state mandated background checks of staff.Continued increase in fees without providing basic services. Nutritional value of food has declined significantly. NO consulting of family doctor when medical issues arise. Transported to hospital with no representative or family notification. No medical records sent with resident including DNR and or living will information.Imagine your loved one with dementia being brought to a hospital unable to communicate. No activities in evening when sundowners is of greatest concern. They are not trained or equipped to handle residents with medical problems beyond early dementia.
A beautiful newer facility however they are unable to care properly for residents. We, along with 7+ families are moving our loved ones out.

Pretty outside, neglectful inside.

What started off as a wonderful experience turned into a nightmare. Image seeing your loved one unattended in the evenings and nights. Imagine circling around the facility 3 times without finding an employee. Imagine finding your mom unattended in the dining room at 7pm without supervision, sitting in a wheelchair in urine soaked pants! Did I mention that my mom has strong legs and can walk? Did I mention she can ask to use the bathroom? Do you wonder what happens when a resident needs meds at night? Hmmm, I wonder too. What started off as a facility having a day and night RN has turned into a facility with only 2 LNA's at night and no RN. Did I mention the "All Hands On Board" announcement? That means there isn't enough nursing staff available to get the residents to the dining room. So all staff, yes that means even maintenance, is too help escort all residents to their seats. Is your parent diabetic? Mine is, but no one seems to understand that! When I asked the LNA if she was aware the reason mom couldn't always get up in the morning was because her blood sugar might be way too low, she didn't have any knowledge about the diabetes. Medical information isn't shared with them! I asked night shift what they would do if they found mom passed out on the floor, would they realize she might experiencing low blood sugar and need sugar? No, medical info isn't shared with night shift either! They don't even have an RN on the property at night, so who knows the medical conditions? Now lets talk about the "incontinence policy" there. All of a sudden we are being charged an unrealistic fee for Disposables. What does that mean? It means that we are suddenly being charged with an "anticipated monthly expense" of $171.82 per month (others were charged much more) for the following products: Qty of 155= Stay Dry Ultra Underwear for $72,12, Qty of 31 Overnight Underwear for $24.07, Qty of 62 Topliner booster pads for $16.31, Qty of 372 Exam Gloves for $11.92, Qty of 4 tubes of Periguard Ointment for $21.70, Qty of 248 wash clothes for $14.32, and Qty of 31 Under Pads for $11.38. So it is now costing us a grand total of $171.82 to keep my mom in disposable underwear and I guess she no longer needs to be toileted! Imagine that in your worst nightmares. So after finding mom in a soaked condition and having missed several breakfasts because she couldn't be roused out of bed and always finding her in the wheelchair that I complained about constantly, I decided to transfer her to a nursing home. I tried to talk to the director, Laurie [removed], but she was always in a meeting. So after several days of leaving word with the front desk, I finally texted her my intent to take mom out because it was not medically or mentally safe for her to stay there. Unfortunately, when I called about getting a refund of the $6,471.82 I had paid on Dec. 1, I was informed that I was required to give 30 days notice, so I would need to pay through Jan 4! In July we paid $4738.52, Aug we paid $5,300, Sept we paid $5,300, Oct. was $5,800, Nov was $6,300 and we paid Dec $6,471.82.
So make up your own mind. I'm not satisfied.

admin admin

Local Representative

I am sorry your experience has not matched that of most of our residents and their families. We strive every day to provide the very best in resident care. Until very recently we believed you to be happy with the services we’ve delivered to your loved one. The email you sent just a month earlier on 12/4/15 reads as follows: “…They will let me know on Monday if [my parent] is accepted to transfer. If [my parent] is accepted, I understand the move would be quick. I just had a meeting there today, or I would have notified you sooner. This is no reflection on your care. You know I love all the employees...” I know that dealing with a parent in need of care is a tough situation – emotionally and financially. I am sorry that fulfilling your contractual obligations with Sanctuary Care changed your opinion of our care but I hope you understand that a 30-day transition period is necessary to provide quality care to all of our residents. Sanctuary Care at Rye has met state health and safety standards and we welcome any and all scrutiny of our facility operations, which we consider to be among the best in memory care. Despite a nation-wide shortage of caregivers, we are ecstatic we recently met our staff to resident ratio, one of the highest in the state!

Where did the night Nurses go?

Why have they dropped their night nursing staff?

So Far, So Good

Well my loved one has not been at the Sanctuary Care facility for very long, but so far it has been very good. The main thing we liked about the place is it is very bright and the residents can have a semi-private room.

Going well so far!

Our experience with Sanctuary Care at Rye has only been a short one, but so far we are pleased! The facility has seemed clean and well kept every time I have visited, and all of the staff I have met have been friendly. It took a bit to get my loved one completely settled in (TV working, etc), but now that that is all worked out things are going well.

Beautiful community!

We toured this community while looking into care options for a loved one. Sanctuary Care at Rye is an absolutely beautiful community, I would give them 5 stars across the board! Everyone we met during the tour was friendly and professional, and the residents looked well cared for.

1 Year Anniversary

In the first year one would expect a certain amount of staff turnover. Sanctuary Care had more than we expected. It seems to have leveled off which makes it much easier on the residents.

Very nice looking memory care community

My loved one lived here for a brief time, and from what we experienced they do an excellent job here. The level of care just wasn't entirely appropriate for my loved one, which is why we moved him. He was not quite at the level of memory care that Sanctuary provides for, and was feeling out of place. But for those who need that level of assistance this looked like a wonderful place. The staff were all very friendly, the facility itself was clean and attractive, and the care they provided looked very good.

Nice place

We were generally very satisfied with the services my loved one received at Sanctuary Care at Rye. The staff were all very friendly, and did their best to keep the place looking clean and well kept. Many of the residents were at the point in their dementia where they were not entirely aware of their actions and wandered in and out of other patients rooms, but from what I saw the management and care staff did their best to guide the residents, and were always patient and kind.
Overall, however, they did a good job. They provided the care my loved one needed, it was always clean, and the food wasn't bad.

Referred by Elaine from A place for Mom

First of all, Elaine was very understanding, knowledgable, & caring. She followed through efficintly and called me to check on our progress. She called and referred us to Denise at Sanctuary who was so accomodating and fleible about our need for immediate placement. She bent over backward to give us a tour and come in on her time off to get paperwork done. She handled my Mom expertly and kindly.
All the staff members (front desk, aides, recreation dept., memory care person) are friendly, caring, respectful and try very hard to please both family and resident. Even the chef cares and makes accommodations as needed with fresh homemade meals. The nurses & physical therapy are equally professional, knowledgeable and caring. They are able to make adjustments and suggestions for improvements, as needed.
During a recent hospitalization for my Mom, the staff sent teh appropriate medical records wiht her, kept in touch with me and other family members as well as visiting my Mom in hte hospital for evaluation. I couldn't have found a better place for my Mom and as a medical provider, I am very picky. Plus the place is beautiful and well laid out.

From the Community

Evolve at Rye Senior Living offers the best memory care available and our “serving heart” caregivers provide residents independence, nurturing, and loving care so they can live their lives with dignity in a safe, secure, and peaceful setting.

Coastal architecture in a beautiful setting; spacious and accommodating residences; and pleasing decor give Evolve at Rye Senior Living a “home-like” environment. Add to that individualized loving care and countless amenities and our residents experience all the comforts of home…and then some.

Because memory care is our primary mission, every element of the Evolve at Rye Senior Living home environment—from the residences to common areas to care management and staff training—is designed specifically to provide specialized care for the body, mind, and spirit of each resident. We recognize the challenges and opportunities of memory impairment and treat each resident with love, respect, and understanding to bring joy to their lives.