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Uneducated staff all around. Doctors only want to get paid and don’t care about residents
Place should be shut down by State!!!!

Caring Place

I have missed living outside on my own, believe me, but being at Watertown Health center has done a lot of good. My daughter has been able to visit me with the help of their Uber Car Service, as [Removed] was nice enough to explain and help us with. The rehab staff has been here almost every single day, and their staff even comes in on the weekends to help with your rehab. It has been lovely being here, and it means a lot to me the care that I received while I was here. Everyone, from [Removed] and [Removed], my nurses, to the rest of the staff, [Removed], [Removed], and all others in between. I have both been able to get healthy and enjoy my short time here. Thank you to everyone that helped me.

Thank You to All of the Staff

There are too many to name, an I do not want to forget anyone that made us feel safe, clean and liked. I am writing to thank each of you for the dignity you helped him to keep.

The last month was so very hard for us, as his health continued to decline. He tried so hard to be positive, but his health would just not allow it.

The staff of nurses and CNAs all were so compassionate and did their best to keep the family strong through the process.

Excellent Care

When I needed rehab at the hospital, I was given a choice of a few places that I could go. I am extremely happy with the decision that I made, to come to Watertown Health Center. Jenna and Lori are two of the sweetest people you could meet. The rehab team at Watertown is excellent, and I even won the First Annual Ring Toss in the rehab gym. But, the staff also knows when to let you, be you. They try their hardest to get you active and in rehab every single day, but the truth is, some days you don’t feel up to it. But, the rehab staff is so nice and genuine, that you do it for them as much as they do what they for you.


I have been here for almost a year and a half, and have been through a lot. But, there is one staff member who has always been there for me, and I can ask them to do anything for me. His name is John. He has, is and will be there for me when I need him. He is always looking to do more for everyone, staff, patients and family members included. Sometimes you do need to wait your turn, since he is wanted to be seen by everyone, but once he comes and sees you, he will make your day bright.

Excellent Care

When I first arrived to Watertown Health Center, I was stunned by the amount of time that I had to wait for the elevator, but then I noticed everyone coming off and going to the beautiful dining room to enjoy their lunch. I got up the floor, and was almost immediately greeted with a smile from several staff members, who were more than happy to help me get to my room. It was such a nice way to enter the building. It was a great first night, and continued its greatness from then on out. The rehab team worked with me as often as they could to make sure I could walk the stairs for me to get home. Fernando came upstairs to hand me my menus, and was such a gentleman. Jeanine came in to check in on me when she had the chance, making sure that everything was taken care of, and for her, no job was too small. But, my favorite staff members of them all were Lupita, a nurse’s aide on the 5th Floor, and my nurses. Lupita took care of me the great majority of the time that I was a patient at Watertown Health Center. She helped me in more ways than she knows. Overall, my stay here was wonderful, and I know for a fact that when I have my other surgeries, than Watertown Health Center will be the place that I want to go, and it will feel close to home.

I have been here for a few months now, I feel like this is starting to feel like home. The people here are so helpful, and always try to give me what is best for me.

There are some staff members that I would like to take a minute and say some great things about. The activities staff is always thinking of things to do, and they have activities 7 days a week, which is very kind. They play bingo, and watch movies every week, which keeps us all entertained.

John is one of the nicest people around. He comes in every single day and chats with you, seeing if there is anything that he can do for you. No task is too big, and no task is too small for him to accomplish.

Wonderful People, Wonderful Place

My experience at this facility has been nothing short of wonderful. The entire staff has been kind, excellent and gracious during my entire stay here. The nurses on my floor, Vanessa, Felix, Tristan, Lori and Emma have all been so spectacular. They have been completely aware of everything happening in their surroundings, continuously monitoring the environment to see if anything needed to be changed.

The rehab gym and the rehab staff have been outstanding as well. When I first arrived, I was not sleeping well due to the pain that I was in, but the rehab team helped me turn the corner, and got me to where I am now. They have been very responsive to my needs.

The food was delicious. I had a pork dinner a few nights ago which was out of this world. I enjoyed eating in the dining room, seeing all of the kitchen staff help anyone with anything that they needed help with.

My expectations of this place were of a place of good help, and I hoped to be looked after while I was here, but the staff and the facility have gone way above and beyond my expectations. I would not hesitate in the least to refer someone who needed help to this facility. I wish I had the words to say what I really want to say, but the best way that I can describe it is that this is a sacred place.

Both my mom and I have stayed here. I like to go visit as many people as I possibly can, as the more people I talk to, the more fun I have. Everyone is so nice here, and they are always friendly. I really like to draw and color to decorate my room whenever I can. My family lives in Watertown, and they come and visit me whenever they can.

I really enjoy being a resident here. The dining room is great, and I love coming down to eat there every day. It is much better than eating in your room every night. The food is great too!

I really enjoy being a resident here. The dining room is great, and I love coming down to eat there every day. It is much better than eating in your room every night. The food is great too!

My time here has been great! I love the staff, and everything that they do for us while we are here is excellent!

I very much enjoy being a resident here. The dining room is great! I love coming down to eat here every day for lunch and dinner. It is much better than eating in your room for every meal. The food is great too!