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Customer Reviews

Bright, Open Community

I really like Copper Creek Inn. I toured here fro my loved one, and really appreciated the openness of the community. It's bright, open place. However, I saw that they did not offer any outings for the residents. I really wanted that to be part of my loved one's lifestyle, so I decided to go with another community.

Koelsch Communities

Local Representative

Thank you for touring Copper Creek Inn Memory Care Community. We agree the openness of our community stems from the walking path and interior courtyard; both are ideal for catching the sun. I will follow up with our Active Living Director as our schedule of outings should be prominently located and discussed at our morning meetings. We hope you found the perfect place for your loved one. If we can serve you in any way, we would be grateful if you would call Lisa, our Executive Director.

In the heart of medical area so felt like it was more industrial surroundings. Looking for further east and spread out.

Koelsch Communities

Local Representative

Thank you for touring Copper Creek Inn Memory Care Community. Our location to medical facilities is a positive for many of our family members, but sometimes their architecture leaves a lot to be desired. We hope you found the perfect place for your loved one. If we can serve you in any way, we would be grateful if you would call Lisa, our Executive Director.

Not Very Personable

My family was looking for Respite options for my Mother-in-Law, and we toured Copper Creek Inn among some other places. Copper Creek Inn was a very nice-looking community, and we liked it, but it just wasn’t a personable as we would have liked. We wanted to connect my Mother-in-law with a caring, attentive staff, lots of activities, and good care. Copper Creek just did not satisfy all of our needs, so we ultimately chose another community for her care.

Koelsch Communities

Local Representative

We appreciate that you took the time to write a review for Copper Creek Inn Memory Care Community. I am sorry that our team did not come across very personable, as our priority is providing outstanding care and support to our residents and their family members. I will follow up with our staff. If we can serve you in any way, we would be grateful if you would call Lisa, our Executive Director.

Not the Best Fit

We had visited this community and mostly was concern if they could care for my wife. We seen a lot of places and some were less expensive. I had a tour with them and learned that they could not handle my wife.

Koelsch Communities

Local Representative

Thank you for touring and writing this review for Copper Creek Inn Memory Care Community. Touring as many communities as possible is the best approach. While we would love to care for everyone, we also must be honest with the services that we provide. I hope your wife is receiving the care she truly deserves. If we can serve you in any way, we would be grateful if you would call Lisa, our Executive Director.

Care for mom

I toured this community for the care needed for my family member. We liked the community for being clean and a nice environment. The community had a lot to offer including the meals and the activities that would have been offered for the care that is needed We would recommend this community for the care and the value of a loved one.

Koelsch Communities

Local Representative

Thank you for touring and recommending Copper Creek Inn Memory Care Community. We will pass along your compliments to our teams. Both our mealtime and activity options help distinguish Copper Creek from other communities and happy that you noticed. If we can serve you in any way, we would be grateful if you would call Lisa our Executive Director.

Such a disappointment in the staff and director.

This weekend we had to remove my mother in-law from Copper Creek Inn in Chandler, AZ. She had been there about 3 weeks. She didn't need help to the bathroom, getting dressed, or eating and can carry on a conversation. Basically she is pretty low maintenance. She is sweet and non combative. The only thing we asked was please keep here door locked. This is not standard policy at Copper Creek Inn. One evening we took her out to dinner , when we came back her room had been ransacked by a dementia patient. We never received an apology from staff or director. Another week later staff left her room unlocked again. A man with dementia entered her room, urinated on her bathroom floor and then set on her bed next to her and tried to get a hug. Needless to say, mother in law was traumatized. We moved here out the next morning. Again neither the staff or the director apologized or showed any sympathy to my mother in law. The fact is they became very defensive. We were completely disappointed with their service, care and compassion. I would not recommend this facility to anyone.

Koelsch Communities

Local Representative

Steve, thank you for writing a Copper Creek Inn Memory Care Community review. I am sorry and on behalf of everyone here for you and your mother in-law’s experiences. We do have a fairly strict policy on locking doors, but we also have alternative options and work around that might have alleviated the already stressful situation of moving in and adapting to a new place. Communication is important to our team, and we appreciate the feedback and explanation. I hope your mother in-law is doing well and her care is fantastic. If we can serve you in any way, we would be grateful if you would call Lisa our Executive Director.

Daycare Comfort

We like this community. The staff are caring and attentive. The variety of activities that are offered. The meals are good. She was happy with the music and some of the parties.. We would recomend this for good day care for a loved one and a good value for the care that is received for loved ones.

Koelsch Communities

Local Representative

Thank you for writing this review and recommending Copper Creek Inn Memory Care Community. We are glad that you liked it and had your loved use our Hourly Care/Respite program. Our Director of Activities ensures that our residents have a variety of events and engaging opportunities, and we will share with our staff your thoughts on their caring and attentive behaviors. If you have any additional questions, please contact our Executive Director.

The person that conducted our tour of Copper Creek Inn was nice and knowledgable!

This community offers a lot of activities. The community looked clean. They do offer respite stays. They do offer transportation at a cost. They have a beauty salon and television lounge.

Koelsch Communities

Local Representative

Thank you for spending a few moments writing this review for Copper Creek Inn Memory Care Community. Our Director of Activities ensures that our residents have a variety of events and engaging opportunities. The Respite Program is very popular with our newer families, and our bus allows for us to transport our residents safely. If you have any additional questions, please contact our Executive Director.

Excellent option for respite care for memory patients

We were so happy to find Copper Creek for respite care. Mom seemed to be well cared for. I don't think there were too many activities going on, but she was only there 3.5 days. We would use them again.

really good facility

Copper Creek Inn is a really good facility. She is happy there. She would like more choices in food but the food is fine. She is adjusting to having a roommate. Otherwise it is pretty good. She is mixed in with care levels 1-4. She doesn't like being with some of the higher level care patients. Those are just some of her complaints though. It is really a nice place. This facility is better than what we have seen anywhere else.


They are excellent at Copper Creek inn. The staff are really good here. We are very happy with them. It has been a wonderful experience at this facility. We are really pleased. The facility is very clean and the staff are quite friendly.

Overall it's a pretty good place.

It's taken quite a bit of oversight on our part to make sure things that are supposed to be happening, are actually getting done. Overall it's a pretty good place, though. They are always quick to respond if we bring anything up. The challenge with activities, is that it's a memory care facility and there are different levels of functioning. They have a lot of the same things everyday, and they aren't particularly things my loved one is interested in. It's clean but there has been some difficulty getting all the laundry back, as is true with a lot of communities. Everyone is very friendly, though there is a bit of a language barrier with a lot of the caregivers.

Koelsch Communities

Local Representative

Thank you for your review. Our staff at Copper Creek desires to be aware of residents’ needs ahead of time and we are happy to know that you have had a good experience communicating with them. It can be a challenge to provide activities for varying levels of cognitive abilities so we try to incorporate predictable planning when arranging activities to help our residents with memory loss. Although some residents are very social and others prefer to be alone, our Activity Director and other staff are eager to help assist a resident to participate if the family is concerned with their activity levels. Our housekeeping team tells us that the secret to laundry success are labels on all the clothing, and to be sure to let us know if something is missing, as we can often track it down. We have a diverse compassionate group of caregivers and staff that are eager to go above and beyond to make sure our residents feel safe, happy and welcome at Copper Creek. Thank you for entrusting your family member with us.

very very very great place client I would recommend highly. The staff is wonderful and my family loves the place! The place said it is very clean. This place deserves a 5 star rating as well for the cleanliness. The staff is very nice and helpful! The community is definitely a 5 star community.

Going well so far!

We're using Copper Creek Inn for day care services, and so far our experience has been a good one! The facility itself is clean and well kept, and the staff have all been easy to work with. They're approachable, friendly, have been pretty consistent in terms of the care that they provide.

wonderful place

My Mom was at copper Creek for over two years and I could not have asked for a better place for her to spend the last two years of her life. The staff, nurses and kitchen staff were all so caring for everyone there.

Facility has greatly declined

My mother was at this facility for almost 2 years. I moved her out yesterday. As a nurse, safety and quality of care are my biggest concerns. My mother broke her toilet due to throwing things she shouldn't in it. The follow up to repair was poor as they do not have on site maintenance. Sewage was coming up threw the shower and they left it in her room on two separate occasions. Many caregivers saw this filthy sewerage in her room and did nothing. Her option was to use a bathroom at the desk which was often locked with no care givers available to open it when needed. One one occasional there was water all over the floor and I was told by a caregiver we had to wait until housekeeping arrived to clean it. I did it myself and was glad i arrived when I did or she would have slipped on the floor and broken a hip. The apathy was very apparent. In the days prior to our leaving, a caregiver was asleep at the desk. I was able to go around the desk and let myself out of a locked community as she never woke up despite my trying to get her attention. When I reported this, the response was also apathetic. This was about safety of the residents. There are some great RN's but they are tied up with giving medications all day so caregivers do the majority of the care and they turn over constantly. The majority of the care is focused on the residents with higher acuity. Higher cognitive residents receive less attention. It's a beautiful place and there are a handful of wonderful people for this difficult work. There's a reason they are not keeping their staff and it's not accountability for substandard care. I visited my mom daily because I was concerned she was being neglected. Moving her out was an excellent decision.

Koelsch Communities

Local Representative

We, at Copper Creek are deeply sorry for this unfortunate situation and any hardship it has caused both your mother and your family. We recognize the difficulty and heartbreak that family members experience when a loved one suffers from memory loss and the health challenges that go along with this disease. We understand the disappointment that you must feel. Our staff is passionate about helping residents feel comfortable in their surroundings as well as committed to meeting the special care needs that memory loss presents while maintaining dignity, continuity and as little interruption as possible for our residents. Although we do have full-time maintenance on staff, and have specific protocol in place to handle issues that may arise when they are out of the building, we regret that the response to your situation was not handled up to Copper Creek standards. We express our sincere apologies for any inconvenience that the family has experienced and have taken proper action with staff at the community.

It’s just a very nice place,

It’s just a very nice place, just like I rated it. It’s very clean. The staff is very friendly. I think it’s a great value. The care services and the activities are excellent. Our mom is happy as can be. We are about to have lunch today and I trust that it will be excellent.

Extremely accomodating and great day care that dad wants to go to

My dad is just a day stay but he's comfortable there, he says the staff is very friendly and they're very knoweldgeable and attentive to the people there. They have multiple activities, even though he's not particiapting in a lot the activities director has been giving him little things to do and sometimes he thinks he volunteers there; he's just warming up but he's more than welcome to go to the activities they have and there's no additional fee, but there's lots of things going on. I love that its not a typical day care situation, I can take him whenever I want to take him and they even said if I had an emergency I could even drop him off in the middle of the night, I've been really fortunate. I definitely don't have a problem leaving him there and he's comfortable and asks to go. It's a difficult situation to put your parent in kind of a day care but its made it easier for me, easier for him and its nice to know there's a place he can go.

From the Community

Copper Creek Inn a Koelsch Senior Community is exclusively designed and meticulously planned for those with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementias. Selecting a home for your loved one with memory loss is one of the most important decisions you and your family will ever make.

At Copper Creek Inn we form a supportive partnership with each family to provide the level of care, compassion, and attention your loved one deserves. To facilitate this, we look for guidance from family members regarding your loved one's needs and preferences. With our Personal Touch Program we use this information to create meaningful interactions and foster relationships with each resident. We invite families to bring personal furnishings to create a familiar atmosphere for your loved one.

Our 24 hour on-site licensed nurses provide around-the-clock nursing services seven days a week. While some communities use nursing assistants or med-techs, we have Licensed Nurses providing medication and treatment management. Nurses are on-site 24 hours a day to make key decisions in emergency situations and recognize changes in a resident's condition.

With our local partnerships additional services include therapists, audiologists, and Hospice supporting residents through end of life, podiatrist, and others.

Our Short Stay Respite and Hourly Care Programs allow family caregivers time away for personal appointments or vacations. Respite Care may also be helpful for medication management, temporary supportive care, and to introduce the services and amenities offered at Copper Creek Inn.

Koelsch Senior Communities has been serving seniors for over 50 years with the simple philosophy, "Treat all people with the respect they deserve and the special attention they need".