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Our Mistake

Avoid. Facility cannot retain staff which is poorly trained and always in transition. Family cannot get in or out of memory care as there is no staff to be found frequently. Communication is non-existent. With three years experience at this facility, I can only say it is poorly run and staffed by persons who are either chatting with one another or playing with their phones. The residents go without. AVOID.

Highly Recommend!

I had a brief stay at Cedarbrook of Bloomfield Hills in the skilled nursing neighborhood following a knee replacement surgery, and I can sincerely say, the care I received was outstanding. I especially appreciated the convenience of having a wellness/rehabilitation center right onsite, so I was able to receive my necessary daily physical therapy without the stress of having to leave the community.

Cedarbrook Affirmations for memory care

Cedarbrook was a great place for Memory Care for my mom. We loved the facility, with their large garden to stroll during the afternoon. The nursing director of Affirmations was attentive to the residents, to the smallest detail. She often would help residents personally! The care providers went the extra mile for our mom and our family. My mother passed away at Cedarbrook, and during the last hours they provided our family with a tray of nourishment. They had a variety of activities for residents and the daily food was prepared with every need a resident may require. Please consider Cedarbrook for your family member, I doubt you will be disappointed.

great care fro my mom

we moved my mom to Cedarbrook, from another facility in Bloomfield Hills, and were so Happy we did, the care she received there was exemplary, the staff engaged with her, kept included in group activities and exercises. the staff was always respectful and kind. the facility was always clean and every-time we visited there were activities going on. was very thankful we moved her to Cedarbrook.

Not worth the high price tag! Caregivers that could care-less!

My mother has been a resident of Cedar Brook for the past 21 months. I am actively looking for a place to move mom. It would take too long. In this review to list all of the extreme incompetence at Cedar Brook. Let me start by saying the positives. The facility is beautiful, and it is fairly well maintained. It is a newer facility and has a lot of beautiful features about it. The problems come from the people that work at Cedar Brook. While some of the aides seemed friendly, they are overall incompetent. They often make mistakes with medications, and when you ask them about it, they regularly will lie or blame somebody else. The turnover is incredible, and therefore, it is tough to have any accountability. There have been many occasions where my mom has been left unclean, and ignored. On a regular basis. They forget to take her to activities, or encourage her to do anything. Therefore, mom often ends up just sleeping all day. My mom is 78 years old, and has some early signs of dementia, but she is still very aware of what's going on. She simply needs assistance. Assistance that she is not receiving at Cedar Brook. I highly recommend you look elsewhere for your loved ones. This place is not worth the high price tag. . I often believe you get what you pay for, that is not the case here! This place is a ripoff.

Could not be happier with Cedarbrook

We moved my mother-in-law to the memory care unit of Cedarbrook in January 2018. Her former care facility was pretty average. Since moving her to Cedarbrook, we have been so impressed with the level of care. The staff is both kind and respectful to their clients (as well as family members). My mother-in-law in more a part of the community than she ever was at her last residence. The facilities are gorgeous and well cared for, it has always been spotless and my MIL’s personal care/hygiene has been impeccable.

Between three different family members, I have been spent quite a bit of time in various long term rehab, independent living, assisted living and memory care units in the metro Detroit area. This is by far the best any of my loved ones have experienced as far as care and facilities.

Unsanitary Practices

In [date removed] I filed an official complaint with the Michigan Department of Health against Cedarbrook Senior Living of Bloomfield Hills. This case is documented with a case number and was investigated by the Department of Health in [date removed]. Months earlier the staff in Assisted Living was instructed by Head Nurse [name removed] to suspend the hygienic use of flushable wipes while assisting residents in the bathroom, and use the residents personal washcloths to clean feces matter, rinse the washcloths in their bathroom sink and hang the cloth on the safety bar in the residents shower. Residents, and family members, were not advised of this practice. I became aware of the situation by staff in early April. My father used these fecal infected washcloths for daily bathing and by January developed a rash that resulted in several appointments at Henry Ford, where the dermatologist was unable to identify the origin. He was put on an antibiotic, 2 times a day starting on January [date removed]. When I became aware of this completely unsanitary practice I had a conversation with [name removed] and Executive Director [name removed] who graciously suspended this policy for my parents, and wipes were again provided for assistance in fecal clean up. At the end of May my Dad's rash was completely cleared and he was taken off the antibiotic. I cannot prove that this disgusting, unsanitary practice caused the rash, but I don't think that is the point of the story. I would be more than willing to provide the Michigan Department of Health case number if anyone would like to read the report. If you are planning to place your loved one in this facility I would ask if this is still the practice in Assisted Living.

Cedarbrook Senior Living of Bloomfield Hills Assisted Living Review

[date removed] ·

The head Nurse at Cedarbrook Senior Living of Bloomfield Hills, [name removed] literally admitted to me today that my Dad was not given a prescribed medication from May [date removed] to June [date removed]. In this time he was unable to function at anything near normal levels and sustained a serious fall. There was an investigation by this head nurse and is a matter of record at the facility. Do not, under and circumstances, place your loved one in assisted living at this facility. I am moving my parents from there and am looking forward to ending what has been 2 years of, putting it lightly, seriously incompetent care. Share this with your friends.

Negative review of Cedarbrook Senior Living of Bloomfield Hills

My parents had been residents of Cedarbrook Senior Living of Bloomfield Hills, in Assisted Living, from May [date removed]-July [name removed]. My Mother is wheelchair bound, and in hospice. My Dad is 89, on a walker and suffers from Parkinson's disease. Last week I moved them out of the facility because of 2 years of consistently incompetent care. Safety concerns for my Mother, unsanitary, dirty living conditions, and 5 very serious mishandling of medications for both of my parents from the day we moved them in to the day we moved them out. In 2 years the Executive Director, the Head of Nursing, 2 Assistant Nurses in Assisted Living have all been fired, The head of Maintenance has changed 4 times, the housekeeping staff 5 times, the dining facility is inconsistent at best and the service is beyond incompetent. The Executive Director will tell you that they are making changes and things are getting better. The breaking point came when, most recently, my Dad was not administered prescribed medication for 6 weeks and the staff was completely unaware of their error. The staff does not monitor or act upon physical or mental changes in their residents. In addition to the high cost of the facility I employ a caregiver that takes care of my parents 5 days a week. If it were not for her care and dedication to my parents well being they would not be with us today. I wish you and your parent good luck if you choose this facility. You're going to need it.

Very nice and clean facility. They have a good schedule of activities. Most of the residents appeared to be in the later phase of assisted living.