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Customer Reviews

Recently redecorate but needs better ventilation

I was not impressed with the food. Rather high carb when older people need protein to maintain muscle mass. The staff seems friendly and professional. Air quality definitely needs improvement. It often smelled like an older nursing home the further back in the hallways you go.

Old Building, Great Care and Staff

Therapy wise it was very good and the staff was very good. I thought the facility was kind of old. I mean, they kept it up but the used boring colors and things like that. The care they provided was really good. My mother didn't seem too thrilled about the food there but she though very highly of the staff and she seemed to recover quickly

More of a nursing home feel

He grew up there so he did get to know some of the people and they recognized his name. I thought at first it would be nice because he grew up there but the drive got to be too much. It was more of a nursing home type place, when he ate his meals he was put with 3 other people and I think most of the time they were women and I think a lot of them were worse off than him. He was kind of taking care of him and that was the only thing I didnt enjoy when I ate with him a couple of times. It was good and I didn't have too many complaints, the only thing there is that he shared a bathroom with 3 other guys and that part I didn't like, I think he had a little refridgerator there and it was okay.

From the Community

Rehabilitation therapy is a strong part of Cedar Ridge's homeward bound program. Our team of physical, occupational, and speech therapists design, monitor, and evaluate individualized therapy programs that mimic everyday household tasks. Our program motivates long-term residents, improves their functional abilities, and enhances their quality of life. For short-term residents, our homeward bound program helps speed the recovery process, enabling residents to return home.

Cedar Ridge's physical therapists provide ongoing evaluation and treatment to restore function and mobility. Physical Therapy assists residents in regaining walking and transferring skills and improves overall strength. Cedar Ridge's occupational therapists evaluate and treat residents whose ability to care for themselves is limited. Occupational Therapy increases ones independence in everyday tasks such as dressing, cooking, eating, and bathing. Our speech therapists evaluate and treat swallowing and communication disorders. Speech Therapy promotes increased memory, reasoning ability, and social communication skills.

Medicare often covers skilled services after a recent hospitalization. Please contact us for more information on our therapy and nursing services.