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Customer Reviews

Definitely a NO GO!

Please do not send your loved ones here or to any one of the other two under the same management! It is nothing but a money grab. The furniture is something I would leave by the side of the road for garbage. They seem to operate just the bare minimum to meet the requirements of the RHRA. All of the food is barely edible, eg. powdered milk, drink crystals only. The cheapest canned fruit (3 pieces of canned pears (served on the same plate as a meal) might represent daily Vitamin C or 2 wedges of orange. All the meat is usually boiled first or not cooked properly and too tough to chew. Vegetables are meagre and most likely lukewarm. If there are eggs for breakfast on the weekend, they are made at 3:00, and then reheated in the microwave for the 6-8 breakfast seating.
You could bounce the eggs off the floor, and the bacon is nothing but a congealed mess of grease. They only seem to know 2 kinds of sandwiches, ham or bologna and cheese with mayo, no butter. The homemade water soups have a layer of fat on top but they do alright with the regular canned ones like tomato or mushroom. There is a weekly menu posted which is too tiny and high up for me to read but they refuse to give me a copy so I can choose which meals I want to skip. Laundry is done once a week and they managed to destroy 3 of my best tops (and underwear) in the laundry and refuse to reimburse me for them.

Currently there are leaks in the roof and the front door is broken. A majority of the residents are disabled and there is not even an automatic door so I have to fight with it every day just to get in or out.

There are always fights and arguments between residents and staff or amongst residents. The only activities are a monthly or perhaps bi-monthly bingo game on no particular day or particular time. There is one television and one living room (40 residents) and one remote only. Often the TV will be stuck on one channel for 12-15 hours because no one know how to change it except a few.

Most of the staff are friendly however there are a few who do nothing but complain about how awful it is to work there... They have no response when I tell them to get a job somewhere else.....

I could go on and on with an entire laundry list of issues but there wouldn't be enough room. So keep your loved ones out of there!