Abington Court - Hamilton, ON

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Customer Reviews

What a amazing place. I could see my Mom here. Very impressed. We desired on Abington. We loved the friendly staff and the amazing features.

What a amazing place. I could see my Mom here. Very impressed.

hurry before they book up you don't want to miss this one.

My dad + l met with [Removed] who showed us around. we were there around supper so managed to see the dinning room in action. All the residents we met seemed very happy to be there + appeared to enjoy the meal. The rooms where all clean + fresh smelling. The back courtyard was surprisingly large + the layout well planned to accommodate both those walking + those on scooters. The price was the best we saw for 2 people. The inclusion of a doctor for the residence as well as the new medical scanning abilities would have made this our choice of home had it not been for my dad's shock of going from a full house to 1 room only. There are plenty of nice cozy sitting areas to use to get out of your room + if he was down sizing from an apartment l think this would work out well. They have plenty of underground parking for residents + said guest could use it too when visiting. There is also the possibility for guests to rent the respite suite, if it is not already booked , for out of town family visiting. Also visiting family can for a fee eat with the residents or arrange to use the private dinning area for parties.

We loved this place newly renovated and very clean. We liked the many common meeting areas and back courtyard was very well lit and bright.

Excellent tour. Impressive except for the odor at the entrance. Interested. Need measurements of the Waterford unit available on the 2nd or 3rd floor.

This community was in an area my parents were not familiar with. They use underground parking which I thought would be difficult. The grounds were lovely but the room was very small. The person who showed us around was lovely but we didn't connect. It seemed like she was not interested in what my parent needed and wanted. I thought she was inexperienced.

Couldn't find a better Assisted Living Facility anywhere.

When the need arose for me to find a suitable Assisted Living Facility for a dear friend of mine, I checked all of these Facilities in the Hamilton area that I could find. Abbington Court stood way out in first place. First of all, the gal who showed me around was great and the General Manager was also great - in making sure a room for my friend would be ready by the next day. I was visiting form the other side of Canada and was on a bit of a time crunch. I then showed my friend the Facility and he liked it very much. He is now all moved in and is being well cared for. Before leaving Ontario, I could already see a difference in my friend, just from having regular meals and being cared for. He is still very active and goes for long walks. I might mention also that the grounds at Abington Court Hamilton, are wonderful - - just like a park. When I asked my friend how he was doing, he said "I feel like a King." I am very pleased with this whole experience and am so happy that my friend is being well cared for.