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Customer Reviews

Keep up the great work, Rosslyn!

My mother is a resident at the Rosslyn Residence.
Since day one she has received excellent care from all of the staff. They have looked after her needs and have gone over and above when she has had difficult times. The management staff have answered any issues she has had with professional and polite communication.
My mother's room is always kept neat and tidy. The staff always attend to her personal needs when necessary. Our family is very happy with her care given at the Rosslyn.


Not impressed. Over charged monthly rent and moved out the person I was caring for after 2 months. He found bed bugs after 5 weeks and brought the bug down to their attention to be identified and confirmed. They immediately sprayed the room. Nothing was reported back to me.

The Rosslyn Retirement Home

I'm looking for a home for my 90 year old dad and I just had a tour of The Rosslyn which I found lovely, the room was spacious and bright with a very nice clean bathroom, the dining room was lively with activities and I had the opportunity to speak to several people that have resided there for many years and they were so friendly and happy which tells me they are very well looked after and this would be the environment I would want my father to be in.
[Name removed] gave us a tour of the whole place, answered all our questions and took her time to explain everything, we were not rushed she understood our needs and the stress that goes with looking for a home for our loved ones which made the process much much easier.
Thank you [name removed] for taking your time with us very much appreciated.

Home for Dad

Our Dad has been at the Rosslyn for 6 months. we are extremely pleased with his "new home."
He enjoys the meals, occasionally he asks for something other then what is being offered. He is happy to have his choice provided.
The staff are kind and always helpful. Dad enjoys playfully teasing them.
Other then the standard services, the Home offers many additional services that are from the community. They offer in house doctor, Hearing Specialists, and Professional Foot Care and Dad's favorite, a great Dental service.
My dad has settled in and seems very comfortable.
The Home is older but has a very comfy homey atmosphere.
It was a big decision for us as a family to have dad move into a "Home."
We are very satisfied and happy with Dad's care.
Thanks Rosslyn!

Exactly what we were looking for!

My husband and I were urgently looking for a Home for his Mom that offered dementia care.

We live an hour away from The Rosslyn and could only tour on Sunday. The staff was very accommodating and met us on our time. We were very grateful as we need to make a decision right away.

Homes in our area providing the care and supervision Mom needs are beyond her budget so we were happy to tour The Rosslyn.

We made our decision the same day! Everything we saw and were told about was what we needed.

Staff couldn't have been kinder and the residents went out of their way to stop and chat.

We look forward to moving Mom into this comfortable and safe home where she will have the care she needs.

For services offered fair price. But atmosphere and food was poor. And the home was dark as well

Keep up the great work, Rosslyn!

I am a specialist that weekly visits the Rosslyn. I have always found the staff to be very helpful and if required, things are always done in a timely manner. I would say that the overall cleanliness of the home is good. Residents are attended to whenever needed. Often, I have visited the home and there are always fun and creative activities that have been organized by the Rosslyn staff. The staff are always working hard to make sure that the residents are getting involved and kept busy and entertained. In my 3 years at the Rosslyn, I have not heard any complaints about the retirement home. If anyone is considering the Rosslyn for their family members, I would definitely recommend it. Keep up the good work staff!!

Great place for Retirement

My aunt moved into the Rosslyn June 2018. At first we were a bit hesitant with moving our aunt into a retirement home, but after just a couple weeks, our aunt adjusted nicely. The Staff were so amazing with helping her to make new friends and adjust to her new home. Though the home is a bit dated, it's the wonderful care that our aunt received that mattered most. She enjoys the meals and the activities and speaks highly of the staff. I'm so happy and pleased at how well she had adjusted and so quickly. The Rosslyn made the move go much smoother than we anticipated. We love our aunt and love to go and visit with her and seeing her so content. We would recommend this home to our family and friends.

Worst Experience Ever

Overall, the Rosslyn was the worst experience for my Mom. When really all my Mom required was respite care to get through an accident, we ended up with more to deal with than just her physical health.
For starters, the room that was set aside for my Mom was not ready when it was needed.
After the first night it was discovered that the room was full of bed-bugs. My Mom was now covered in small bites all over her body (most noticeable on her arms). The administration of the Rosslyn was sympathetic but wished to deal with it in their own time. Where the Rosslyn thought they could bring in the pest control in a day or 2, our expectation was that it should have been fixed immediately.
Even after the room was cleaned my Mom is now totally uneasy about everything associated to that room. She now would not sleep in her bed, but slept in a chair that we brought in for her (a lazy-boy).

The "comedy-of-errors" continued and would be laughable, except this is my Mom!!

My Mom was on the 3rd floor and the elevator stopped functioning. The staff had to bring meals to the residents via the stairs. I thank God that there was no emergency during that time.

This was to be my Mom's first experience with a retirement home and, as her children, we expected the best so that my Mom would be OK with moving to a home in the near future. This was the worst experience and now we, as her children, must discover an alternative arrangement as it will take some doing to "un-do" the experience.

Trying to get out of there ASAP

The security is terrible. On Labour Day someone broke into residents rooms, rummaged around while some were in their beds and stole the cash from their wallets. No security cameras and the front desk is not manned most of the time so anyone can just walk right in. Nothing has been done since to make residents more secure.
PSW's and nurses are often fighting publicly. Severe under staffing.
Building is older and they do not spend money to improve or fix issues. You pay enough, but repairs take a long time or just don't happen.
Call buttons often don't work or are ignored by staff.
Diana, their activities co-ordinator is good and tries to make residents happy, but has such limited funds to work with.

we Love the Rosslyn!

We've recently moved our mother into the Rosslyn Retirement Residence. At first we were unsure how well mom would adjust because she didn't like the thought of leaving her home of 40+ years. She is settling quite well.
The staff are very caring and compassionate, always willing to go above and beyond.
I feel good knowing that my mom is getting the care she requires. I would recommend this home to anyone looking for a place for their loved one.
[Name removed]

Rosslyn Home is like Home.

We moved our Mother into the Rosslyn 3 months ago. At first we were hesitant as to how our mother would adjust in the home, but the staff made her feel at home almost immediately. It was very comforting to watch staff throughout the months treat our mother like family. Our mother has expressed how wonderful the staff is, attentive t her needs and genuinely caring. The staff works very hard to ensure that all of her needs are met. Mom enjoys the meals, and has developed friendships throughout. They provide various interactive activities daily. I myself have witnessed many of the Residents actively participating and clearly engaged and enjoying being actively involved. The facility is well kept, kitchen staff works hard to provide nutritious meals, monitors food intake and goes the extra mile. The Nursing/PSW staff are amazing and well experienced. Administration staff helps us so much with everything mom needs, we simply couldn't do it without them. Mom is happy, safe and well. We feel very blessed and grateful to have mom in such a wonderful home.

Bed Bugs

My family and I choose the Rosslyn for our mother through a referral service as a result of a health crisis. The initial intake was fine. We were aware that the Home's decor was very dated but this did not matter to our mother. She was able to move some of her own furniture into her room which made her feel more comfortable. The care she received from the nursing staff was very good. However, four months into her tenancy, she was severely traumatized by bed bug bites. She required medical treatment for the damage to her skin. As a result of the beg bug bites, her mental well-being deteriorated. She was not sleeping for fear of continued bed bug bites. The management accused her of bringing the insects into the unit but we pointed out that the biting started four months after she moved in. Needless to say, we immediately removed our mother from the Home. The Home has previous non-compliant insect control reports from the RHRA which we discovered only after moving our mother out. As well, there have been complaints to Hamilton Public Health over bed bugs. Her double bed was thrown out by Home staff and replaced by the Home with a twin bed which also became infected with bed bugs with days. We left the rest of her furniture in the unit as we had no means of treating the bed bugs and had no confidence in the treatment the Home provided.
The management of the Home failed to disclose that there was a history of bed bugs at the time of the initial intake. In our opinion, management failed to effectively act to prevent the spread of the insects. Professional pest control personnel where called in only after we removed our mother from the home.
Although the nursing staff are considerate and compassionate, we cannot recommend this facility.

Our father loves the Rosslyn!

Our father recently moved into the Rosslyn.
We weren't sure just how well our father would adjust after leaving his home of 50+ years with our mother.
So far there has been such a huge positive change in his mood and behavior and has adjusted quite well.
The staff are great and very compassionate.
Thanks Rosslyn for all you do for our loved one.

Never Again

I recently placed my husband who is palliative in the Rosslyn for 3 days to allow me some time away. The tour was really good and I liked the rooms I did see at the time. However, when I took my husband there for the actual stay the room was not up to the standards I expected but I asked my husband if he still wanted to stay and he said it was fine. When I returned he said he really enjoyed it and the staff and food was good. However, he did have bites on his body. I contacted them immediately and they have been very apologetic and have compensated me for expenses. I understand these things can happen anywhere and they have assured me this was not something that has happened before. I will give them another try because I feel they were exceptional in the care and welfare of my husband.

Great area , disappointing tour

I took my dad to tour this home + it was sort disappointing. There was a general air of dowdiness about the place. The elevator we used when [Removed] showed us the rooms was very small in the old section. The old room was ok but had a large ink spot in the carpet just inside the door which she said would be cleaned somehow. The room in the newer section was nicer but cost a full thousand more per month. Although the residents were around watching TV no one seemed noticeably happy . The courtyard was small + not very inviting , there was no one there. The parking was only about a dozen spots between the sidewalk + the building. The brochure was very disappointing, very simple but not very helpful. The location is great for my dad as it really close to Gage park + he loves to walk.

This is home did not meet any requirements. The carpets were stained, rips in the furniture, dead flies on the window sills. And for the money $4k for a room, there is a whole lot better out there. Touring it was a waste of time

excellent retirement home

Hello this place is very well looked after I would not hasitate to recommend rosslyn retired home my dad lives there and he loves it.

Review of The Rosslyn Retirement Home

Staff are very friendly and quick with a smile or if needed a hug. Food is Ok if hungry just ask for seconds.They will provide as long as all have gotten theirs first. Entertainment is nice and residents are encouraged to share what they like or talents they may have.

Was a nice place the person who spoke to us was very knowledable but we liked Abbington Court a little better.

Mixed Bag

Our experience with Rosslyn Retirement Home has been somewhat of a mixed bag, there have been ups and downs. The people here seem very nice, but the facility itself is on the older side and we've had some problems with maintenance issues. My loved one also says the meals are a bit bland. However, she is settled in and seems comfortable here, so that's not to say it's a bad place. It's not high end, but it is reasonably priced and they do an adequate job.


Things are going awesome at Rosslyn Retirement Home. We are very pleased so far.

The staff is great at The Rosslyn

The staff is great at The Rosslyn. They are attentive and always there to help. The facility itself is clean and cozy and we think we made the right choice.

There was definitely some adjusting

There was definitely some adjusting but things seem to have stabilized now. The elevator was down for a few days. We had a lot of moving around in the beginning. We did end up with a satisfactory room. We also had some issues trying to accommodate a specific diet. Beyond that the medical care is excellent. They have definitely gotten her diabetes under control, so that is good.

Initial tour was selling feature.

Upon first entering the rosslyn, my aunt & I were graciously met by the administrator and the manager who were very courteous and kind. We were taken on a tour of the facility during which time my aunt voiced her pleasure at what she was witnessing---activities such as flower arranging, chatter, lots of laughing and caring. What really touched my aunt was seeing a worker gently brushing a resident's hair while singing, "You are my sunshine" and encouraging the surrounding residents to join in.
I know my aunt will be glad she choose the rosslyn and I will be so happy knowing she will be well cared for.

A great home

My elderly mother has been a resident at The Rosslyn for about a month now. She seems very happy and content.
Always smiling faces when we visit my mother. The staff are very friendly and helpful, and the home is always clean and bright. Keep up the good work rosslyn!

Friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

My sister and I recently toured the Rosslyn for our elderly father. The home was clean and bright. Residents were playing activities and one resident was playing the piano. Staff were friendly and welcoming. A lot of smiling faces. We were very pleased with the home. Our father will be moving into the rosslyn at the end of April.


I will never recommend this place for your elderly. A lot of bedbugs. My mom complaints about the poor quality and quantity of food. The worst was when a PSW gave my mom a wrong medication for two times. They need to call the ambulance and they call me as well.
I was so frustrated because we trusted this people to takes care of our elderly and this is what happened.
One PSW named [Removed] said that this happens many times with their residents.
I have to transfer my mom to another place. I f something had happened to my mom, I will surely see them in court!


Although my Mom has only been there for a couple of weeks she seems to be doing really well. Everyone seems very friendly and have been very helpful.
The home seems clean and tidy. Mom hasn't said anything about the food, so I guess it is good as well.

Home was clean, open spaces lots of comfy furniture, nice kitchen and dining room, elevators, outdoor space. My sisters and I (3) were quite impressed but more importantly our dad was. He was the one who sad he was ready to move into there. We thought he would fight us big time on a move that would not accommodate all his 'stuff' but he is. Looking forward to him being with others and eating proper meals. Hearing lots of good things from others too on the Roslyn.

The Rosslyn supports families

The Rosslyn was supportive of our family and even though it took us a month to get my aunt to move they kept a space open and when we requested a larger room they were able to accommodate us

We went though The Rosslyn twice once with an appointment and once without. What stood out for me was the interaction you could have with all the residence we came across. If you said hello they would look at you and respond, this was with everyone we came across. So many smiling faces, women playing catch with a large soft ball, joking and smiling. This to speaks so highly of the staff. Obviously someone is listening to these people and dealing with any issues that arise. I also noticed other simple thing like puzzles that someone put together were framed and hung along the hallways. What simple things that make us feel welcome and are encouraging. This is not a new building but I say a lot of love and patience and caring that the staff must have for these people to feel so happy and at home. [Removed] I rate it at 4 1/2

Keep looking

Thankfully my mother was only a resident for a couple of months. My first visit the place smelled really bad. I think someone had an accident in the elevator. I could also smell smoke. I had a bad feeling about the place from the start. It also isn't a secure facility for seniors who wander.

While the majority of the staff were friendly I did encounter a server who was very rude. She didn't even ask my mother if she wanted tea or coffee with her meal. When I spoke up she gave me a dirty look.

On the last Friday before my mother was leaving for her new home, I had a very unfortunate incident with another resident. She pushed my mother's walker across the livingroom floor because she was upset that we were sitting in her spot! Her behaviour was not corrected and instead the director walked over and made my mother and I move! The other residents spoke up and said this woman gets away with this all the time. Clearly the staff are allowing certain residents to bully others because they are not experienced enough to deal with the behaviours of certain individuals!

This place looks like a rundown motel that needs updating. I would not recommend it to anyone.

My brother James D’Costa currently resides at The Rosslyn, and has been here for the past three months. He seems to have settled into his new residence comfortably, with approximately 63 other residents.

The Rosslyn, under the care and management of [Removed], is an organized and well run establishment with sufficient staff to provide all residents the opportunity of living in comfort and safety. This is a 24 hour care facility, and residents are provided with clean, private accommodations with individual climate control, full meal service, medication supervision, laundry, housekeeping, Cable TV, library, games, and on-site visits by a doctor, among other things. There are common lounges for residents to enjoy social time, with elevators to other floors and even a chapel for Sunday services.

Each resident has an urgent call system in their room, for emergencies. If a resident does not show up for a meal, one of the Personal Social Worker’s (PSW) will go to the residents room and escort them to the dining-room or at least recommend them joining their friends for a meal. At day’s end, the doors are closed for everyone’s safety and peace of mind, with a door bell for those needing to re-enter.

My brother James, now retired, worked as a professional musician and entertainer for most of his career. He now enjoys occasionally entertaining the residents and staff at the Rosslyn. [Removed] has often expressed much appreciation for James’ entertainment and for providing some get-togethers and musical relief during the day. There seems to be a good sense of camaraderie and belonging here.

The services provided by the Rosslyn have given us, as a family, much peace of mind, knowing that James is well taken care of. On my visits to the Retirement Home, I have only encountered friendliness, courtesy, concern, help and a professional attitude from [Removed] and her staff. It is a big comfort to know that we can contact the Rosslyn at any time with our concerns. Annette gets personally involved in ensuring our satisfaction.

We thank [Removed] and her staff for ensuring a great level of comfort, security and peace of mind to all residents and their families.

With best wishes and kind regards to all at the Rosslyn

So happy he is there!!!

This is a beautiful place that used to be a church. I know my brother is safe and cared for at this community. They encourage him to entertain the other residents and that has been good for him. They have nurses on call day and night and a doctor that comes in every Wednesday. They dispense the medication to the residents. The staff listen to the family and are very gracious. The director, manager and entire staff work well together. He is enjoying the food. I would highly recommend this community.