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Customer Reviews

Disgraceful, Unacceptable, Unforgiving Care for your Loved One

ROOMS: Extremely small. A curtain separates other person from your loved one. You can pay the extra fee for private room. One chair only in room for loved ones half of room.Heating system has issues. Rooms are either over the top boiling hot or very cold. Again, no one cares, told to open a window. IF your loved one takes a turn for the worst, the roommate gets to experience the pain and suffering, perhaps for days, from all of their family members in their room. Only exception is a long term resident who belongs in the room. The dying person would be moved somewhere else.

CARE: If your loved one is very ill, think carefully before considering BHCC. The staffing, nor are they equipped, to assist with your loved one. On the first floor, there are so many bedridden elderly who need care. If patient is in pull ups, they stay in urine for hours. It is a leisurely pace for care, and no one medical situation is going to move them along. Quality care is not delivered with compassion and dignity/respect.

EMPLOYEES: Staffing appears to be at a bare minimum. I had observed several employees not being friendly to a long term resident. They are busy/cannot be located in emergencies, nor do they have a sense of urgency about the emergency. Dealing with their staff is emotionally draining, as most of the time you may find yourself running down hallways looking for help. Early morning, walking down hallway past rooms, horrible stench of bowel movements permeates the air.

DYING: As stated, this is not your place for a loved one with any possibility of compromised health. They will follow doctors orders on administering meds, BUT ONLY top level admin staff seem to care. Their workers are hardened by all the elderly barely existing in their beds. You will be experiencing your loved ones journey by yourself. Even if your need palliative care in a hospice center, don't make the mistake of trusting BHCC.

FOOD: Not nutritional, white bread used for sandwiches. If you expect your loved one to get stronger on healthier meals, it won't happen here.

CLEANLINESS: Unacceptable. Pads used to support my loved one, had poop smeared on them from someone else. As with everything else, the bare minimum staff (probably allowed by law) is around. The grounds are cleaned and have a few benches around. Wheel chair of roommate was used to toss urine soaked pull ups/blankets/sheets. Left for hours, resident was unable to move or use their wheel chair. After bringing to several staff members attention, nothing was done. I finally tossed everything off into hallway so roommate could use his wheelchair.

I stayed with my vulnerable loved one around the clock for three days. My loved ones roommate was a very kind, considerate person. He went for help when my loved one experienced problems. No one came. He went several times and finally started swearing to get attention. The roommate was admonished for swearing AND my loved one got needed help at least an hour later. Had it not been for his attention, the end would have come sooner with unbearable suffering. Again, do not allow someone you love who has health issues into BHCC. Personally, I would not trust my dog to their care because my dog is special and would require special care and will become just "another animal". Sad but true. My Dad went through a four day journey into dying. The staff was cold, nasty and uncaring. With his last breath, I had to run down hallway for someone to help me. They were busy and refused to help me. After yelling, they went into Dad's room and screamed, "He's DEAD"" and ran out, no hug, no I'm sorry, zero. Dad had been too weak to move to hospice. At one point, I asked for them to take Dad's oxygen level. I was told only hospice does it.

Do not let your parent suffer here

This is a terrible place. My dementia mother entered care on medicaid for the first 20 days. She had a shared room and we sent a private duty aide with her. She was basically placed in a bed, served disgusting white bread meals at bedside and the PT was not very sympathetic to a 91 year old. Once the 20 days were up, Bethel Health care charged us full list price for the service at $610.00 a day. A cruise is cheaper. They did not do any medical treatment and did not serve her for rehab. Avoid this home at all cost.