Harmony Lodge at Jackson - Jackson, NJ

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Customer Reviews

Harmony lodge gives great care

Harmony lodge - memory care unit -is very very clean. The residents are all kept very clean and are well cared for physically. The meals ( what I have seen - usually lunch) are quite good.
The Harmony Lodge is comparable in price to another local memory care where my family member had previously stayed. I find the staff to be very friendly and helpful; the nursing staff & aides are friendly and are well trained to deal with dementia patients.
The activities are quite good also and varied. The residents really enjoy the outside entertainers and art person who do come into harmony. I gave the activity section a four star only for these two reasons. The activity people are wonderful and really deserve 5 stars. The reason for the 4 stars is more regarding Care One policy for Harmony Lodge in two activity areas. 1. Harmony residents hardly ever are able to go out to see the outside entertainment that is offered in the Care One main activity room. 2. My hope is that Care one will purchase their own small bus with a lift ( which was mentioned to me months ago) to take out unit B and unit C Harmony residents much more often. Right now Harmony residents like mine are only able to go out on an excursion once or maybe twice a year which is pretty sad. I try to take my family member out myself for a ride or lunch every few weeks but it is quite difficult as they are wheelchair bound. Most other local care places have their own bus and take 8 or 10 members out with activity person & an aide once or even twice a week or more for at least an hour ride. The rehab in personnel Harmony are also wonderful: five star but there was no section to evaluate this.
So far I am very satisfied with Harmony Lodge rooms, care & staff. My only wish would be for just a little quicker food service to residents . I realize that the aides all work very hard and have to wait for delivery of the food to Harmony plus they also must clear all tables before serving dessert. Many times some residents get impatient waiting for their meals and the dessert. Possibly using the tv with a short video or a cartoon might help ( just an idea).. or something to entertain them while they are waiting??? Otherwise I have no complaints at all about the Harmony staff or unit care.

I took one look and loved it here

This place is very nice and I’m very comfortable with my Mom being here. I feel like she’s getting really good care and it seems like she is being kept busy with things that are appropriate to the level of Dementia that she has. She’s definitely active and well cared for and there’s always someone there ready to take care of her. If anything happens, I get a phone call right away so I really feel like I’m a part of what’s going on there as well. The community sends out flyers to our family to let us know about what events and activities they have going on so we can participate if we want to. For Thanksgiving we were even invited to the facility to have dinner with everyone. I would absolutely recommend them for others and in fact I already have.

Memory care unit is great

My Mother-in-law, who has dementia, is here currently and so far the people at CareOne have been amazing. They just know how to handle her and deal with her and they just seem to be unfazed with the outbursts she sometimes can have. The staff is patient, kind, understanding, and they just seem devoted to helping the residents the best way they can. From the director down to every member of the staff, everybody just seems to know how to handle the residents. My Mother-in-law is on a Kosher diet so she doesn’t eat the food that they provide, though they try to do their best to accommodate. However, it does look good anytime I’ve seen it. They have, however, been able to give us a fridge and a small kitchenette so we can provide the food for her. The facility seems to be very clean and every time I’ve come to visit, it looks well kept. There’s always something going on activities wise – games, group discussions, and arts. I’m sure there are more, but my Mother-in-law doesn’t always take part in them. Overall, the whole place looks very nice. I can’t speak to the other levels of care that are here but I would recommend this facility to others who have specific memory care needs.


My husband stayed at CareOne for respite care, and overall, I feel that it was an alright experience. The Administrators are informative, tried to answer all of our questions, and worked to prepare us for our visit. I found the place to be very clean with new furniture, but everything is gray. It isn’t very bright and cherry. They really didn’t have much going on by way of activities either and I wish they would have done more with him. They did rehab daily, but I feel his progress may have regressed under their care. If I had to do this again, I’d probably keep him home with an aide.