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Customer Reviews


Fantastic experience with this hospice. All nurses aides were fantastic...especially [name removed]! [Name removed] went above and beyond to make sure myself and my family were taken care of when my grandmother was dying. Rn ([name removed]) was amazing and took great care of my grandmother and was an excellent communicator throughout the process. Shout out to [name removed] who just had a special way about him. He is gentle, kind, helpful and goes above and beyond.

Could be better

Other than minimal support as we thought was standard, about volunteers, we became more dissatisfied. The nurses changed the chaplain was quick to leave so us taking time away wasn’t available. The strength was the aide service, we liked the care provided; baths and cleaning mom up. Social worker helped answer questions but validated that sitter support that was free wouldn’t happen because of “weak department” few older friends who utilized other program had more than enough support in this area, we felt slighted. Please invest in this area.

Medical director issue

The nursing staff, social workers, CNAs and pastoral care were excellent. My complaint lies with the medical director who did not sign the death certificate in a timely manner. Unacceptable. I have been a Director of Nursing with an out of state hospice and this should never happen. Very disappointing. This is a privately owned company. I will be filing a complaint with Medicare.

Improve care

My friend referred this company to me few years ago for my loving wife, and wasn’t good experience. The aide was competent and the receptionist when we contacted office for help. Spoke with social services endlessly to get more support from volunteers but didn’t have any. The social services assigned was not bad. We switched companies to ncr had way more support and since have referred a ton of older friends to for few spouses. There are more supportive hospices and more qualified staff out there and I volunteer for ncr now because of the processes in place. I’d also recommend more accurate education to be offered to families because I understand this great service now so much more. Also recall the nurses saying had too much to do and it’s why they were late to see my wife. Good people helping reflect great reputation.


Not so good. Poor care to dad, no volunteer support or sitting service ever available. The nurse was sub par in helping us but chaplain was very very very very helpful

Hospice is great, but NOT our experience

In the beginning appreciated the all around education and support provided to our dad. The nurses and those who gave care was so helpful. We weren’t able to receive volunteer sitter support which was most needed we were told there was just none. The pastor support for my dad was also positive and allowed us to take care of our other not so important but time consuming responsibilities like jobs and family. We needed a few hours more a week for support and when the social services lady tried to help staff that, it was apparent she was frustrated as well, understandably. She advocated to the team (we heard her on phone calling the office for help) our continued frustration and definitely continued to inform us, like a broken record, that the gentleman in charge of getting us sitters would do so - but not once did that happen. Our church provided 3 hours a week help with volunteers to sit with our dad, thankfully.
Finally, our eventual challenge with reaching anyone by phone became so frustrating and the follow through declined and declined, minus the social services lady. A church member who hired another company had support she spoke of, that it actually had us kids feeling shamed and embarrassed at times, listening to what she was able to provide to her mom through that company. We had to believe we were doing our best and continued to believe he’ll eould step up but it didn’t. We also felt the nurses and sitter coordinator were avoiding us/our requests. Our family did verbalize this when dad passed but our complaints seemed to not be a priority, because we requested a manager contact us near the end to offer our suggestions of more support, and no one called us back after he passed, as we requested. We now understand better the philosophy of hospice but certainly was not impressed by this company, we will not refer to anyone. We have reported our dissatisfaction to appropriate authorities and learned our official survey results are soon to be available on line.

Capital City is amazing.

I cannot thank the nurses at Cap City enough for the care that they gave my mom in her final days. The compassion and love was so far beyond typical nursing care. From [name removed] explaining everything, contacting me daily and answering all of my questions, to [name removed], [name removed] and [name removed] and their exceptional nursing care and [name removed] the social worker who looked after all of our needs. We are beyond thankful to have gone through this transition with them by our side.

Do better

The hospice nurses and staff did nothing to advocate for my brothers care and well being. They placated his power of attorney and made sure she was cared for better than him. They did bring equipment such as oxygen concentrator and hospital bed but never plugged in or used.

Hats Off to Capital City Hospice

Capital City Hospice provided unbelievable care to my dad in the final week of his life. They were compassionate and supportive and went above and beyond in their care.

Wonderful staff

We were very fortunate that The Inn was able to arrange for my dad's hospice care with Capital City Hospice while he was there. They were so very helpful and kind and they helped my mother and myself as well as my dad. I would definitely recommend them