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Westerville Sr Living Checked More Boxes

My husband and I care for his elderly parents living close by in their own home. She has dementia (but believes that she is as capable as she ever was) and he is legally blind (but remains physically active; is fiercely self-reliant; and is anxious about having to learn new ways and faces due to his vision deficit). Because of their declining health, independent living is no longer an option. And should my MIL live long enough she may need memory care services.

After investigating area retirement communities for the last few years, my husband and I had selected the top contenders and convinced my in-laws to visit one. My FIL voiced several concerns - and I knew that it was not the best fit - yes, it was a fine community - but it was not the right/best fit.

When I met with [name removed] in the Westerville Senior Living sales office and learned about WSL's soon-to-open facility, I knew that I had found what I had been looking for. WSL checked more boxes than their competitors. No, it does not offer skilled care or rehab care..but my in-laws don't need those services. They need the best fit - for right now - and WSL is it. And here is why:

* It's pet-friendly...the dog can move with them.

* Assisted living 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom (with walk-in showers) units are hard to come by and my in-laws like their own space. WSL's apartment is spacious and beautifully appointed with high-end finishes. It has LARGE CLOSETS with adjustable rods; is flooded with natural light; has plenty of COUNTER TOP SPACE in the bathrooms; AND has a STACKED WASHER AND DRYER IN THE APARTMENT! There is NO STOVE in the kitchenette (which is perfect for my in-laws). The refrigerator/freezer is not full-size but not dorm-size - it's just the right size.

* My FIL can continue to garden - year-round - because WSL has a GREEN HOUSE and raised flower beds on the sky deck.

* WSL has a simple floor plan and ISN'T TOO BIG which will make it easier for my FIL to learn his way around, even with his vision problem.

* If my in-laws make friends with residents living in the independent-living apartments, they will BE ALLOWED TO EAT WITH THEM.

* There is a bistro, OPEN 24/7, giving my in-laws every opportunity to eat when they want to eat.

* The MOVIE THEATER will be a hit with my MIL.

* An on-premise salon (every AL facility I checked into had one) will be a huge convenience.

* The exterior is beautifully landscaped and offers lots of paved sidewalks for walking and places for sitting.

For me, what I personally like most:

* How price-competitive WSL is - their pricing beat or was comparable to others.

* Its convenient location (and so close to St. Ann's Hospital).

* ALL the residents will be new (no cliques).

* Everything is new, thoughtfully designed, and handsomely appointed.
Yes, function is everything, but isn't it nice to be both functional AND beautiful?

* On-site memory care is available.

Shortly after meeting [name removed], executive director [name removed] reached out to me. And then she offered to review my in-laws' LTC insurance policy. Over the 4 years that I have been investigating senior living options for my in-laws, I do not recall anyone ever offering to review their LTC insurance policy. And wouldn't it be lovely to maximize the benefits of that expensive policy? I was impressed that WSL was sensitive to this.

I believe that Westerville Senior Living is not only the best fit for my in-laws, but is also a wonderful addition to the Westerville community.

If you are considering independent living, assisted living, or memory care for yourself or your loved one/s, I encourage you to investigate Westerville Senior Living.

Will not take aggressive behavior. Beautiful place tho. And [name removed] was very helpful!