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Go as often as you can no matter how hard it can be!

As in any nursing home my advise is to come when they do not think your coming. And go as much as you can. My advice would also have them daily print out a medication list for you.By law they are to inform you of any medication
changes My Mom was put on two that I was never told about. The only way I found out was I could tell she was not acting like herself, so I asked to see what medications she was on and one of them was something she had tried before and had a bad reaction. And I was not called . She was also put on a medication that a Neurologist should diagnose. When I found out I said I wanted her off of it and the physician told the nurses that she was on it when she came there. I got her records and that was a lie. They put her on it, I know because I have a copy.So the first time you sense something is wrong just get them out ASAP! I am this persons daughter and I loved the nurses but the management were always in meetings and leave them short staffed quite often. Everywhere you go you will probably run into some aids that are not what they appear to be. And the sad thing is if your loved one has any type of dementia they will take their word over your loved one. So if your gut is telling you that something is not right do not let them talk you into keeping them there, trust me you will regret it!

Generally Pleased

We have only visited him two or three times there, sometimes it seems good and sometimes it seems not so good. I think a lot of that is what is going on with him and the kind of patients they have. They have a much tougher situation to handle. As far as where my brother is mentally and emotionally, I think it's as good as we're going to get. I'm generally pleased with Burlington. Most of the residents receive Medicaid, although not all of them.